Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup Semifinal Predictions

Netherlands vs. Uruguay

If somebody told you a month ago that these were two of the teams to meet in the semi's would you have believed them?  I wouldn't have.  Although I am not too surprised by Uruguay because of their lighter path, I am by the Netherlands. They're a very good squad but Brazil is so dominant.  I expect this to be a close match-up.  Netherlands hasn't really played well until their upset over the Brazilians.  I think Uruguay has some great talent as well and can send the cup back to South American soil.

Prediction: Uruguay 1-0 (Extra Time)

Spain vs. Germany

Two powerhouses clash.  Germany has been the more consistent team in this WC.  Spain has been just merely getting by.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Germany kinda stack their back line and force Spain to win it.  Spain needs to be on it's game from the get go because as Argentina saw, if you don't come out on top of your game right away they will blow you away.

Prediction: Germany 2-1

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick NBA Free Agency Predictions

Lebron James
James is looking for the perfect mix of a big market and a chance to win. Could he stay in Cleveland purely for money and loyalty? Yes he could, but I do not see that happening at all. I see Lebron joining young stars Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah in this win-now situation; as he tries to take on Chi-town and the legend of Jordan.

Predicted Destination: Chicago Bulls

Chris Bosh
There were rumors of the Heat acquiring Bosh in a sign-and-trade before the FA period began. Whether it happens in a sign-and-trade of just Free Agency, I feel confident that Bosh will be playing in Miami next year. Think of Bosh as Beasley, only taller, proven, mature, reliable, and much better offensively.

Predicted Destination: Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade
I have never really considered D-Wade a threat to leave Miami. All he has ever wanted is a supporting cast and if my predictions are correct he is going to get it! Flash isn't going anywhere!
Predicted Destination: Miami Heat

Amare Stoudemire
Other than Chris Bosh, Amare is the best FA power-forward available. Obviously the Nets want LeBron, but what team doesn't? The way I see it James will choose Chicago and the Nets will end up with Stoudemire.

Predicted Destination: NJ Nets

Joe Johnson
ESPN is reporting that Johnson is almost surely to take a max deal from the Hawks, and why not?! He would be foolish to not accept that deal.

Predicted Destination: Atlanta Hawks

Dirk Nowitzki
I see Dirk as likely to leave Dallas as Dwyane Wade leaving Miami. I just do not see it happening, especially given his age. If I had to pick somewhere else for him to go I could see him going to the Suns. But I'm going with Dallas all the way on this one.

Predicted Destination: Dallas Mavericks

Carlos Boozer
Boozer would be top priority for Miami if Bosh went elsewhere. However, sticking with my picks thus far I figure the Knicks have to get someone here right? Boozer plays good defense and he fits the Knicks' pick-and-roll offensive style well. He's not what the Knicks want, but I say he's the best they will be able to get.

Predicted Destination: NY Knicks

What do you think about my predictions? Let me know where you see everybody ending up when it all shakes down!