Saturday, February 20, 2010

Count On It/Don't Count On It

We have a new addition to the blog titled: "Count on It/Don't Count on It". Today I'll be talking about the NCAA Tournament.

Gonzaga plays in it's backyard of Spokane

With no teams playing better on the West Coast than Gonzaga and the Pac 10 down this year, will Gonzaga be playing with the hometown crowd on hand?

Count On It

Kansas and Missouri meet up in the Elite 8 in St. Louis
How epic would this be? One of the most heated rivalries in the game and there's a chance they both could meet up in St. Louis. If Missouri finishes the season strong and Kansas holds on to the overall number one seed there's a chance. But...

Don't Count On It

BYU plays in Salt Lake City
Nobody wants to face BYU in Salt Lake City. If they finish the season strong the tournament committee could give them the benefit of the doubt. Of course they'd have to win their first two games to get there but you know they'd play with extra motivation.

Count On It

Purdue plays in Indy for the Final Four
Can the Boilers be this years Michigan State? Can they play in Indianapolis like the Spartans did in Detroit last season? The Final Four is wide open as ever this season and if they get in to the Syracuse bracket, watch out.

Count On It

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

College Basketball Talk: 2/17

Hey guys. Long time no blogging. We've been lagging behind on updating TSF but we're promising to get things going again especially with March Madness coming up. Here's a few thoughts on the NCAA Tournament and College Hoops in general.

Tourney Sleepers

Ohio State
They're peaking at the right time. Evan Turner should be Big Ten player of the year. They have a solid starting five. Turner is a tough match-up, Jon Diebler is a deadly shooter, David Light is finally coming into his own and Dallas Lauderdale is tough down low.

The Bulldogs haven't lost a game since December. They match-up well with a lot of power conference teams. Gordon Hayward and Matt Howard down low is one of the best one-two front court punches in the nation.

The Spiders have a good back court lead by Kevin Anderson. They have great size at each position. They're also battle tested, playing a tough non-conference schedule which included: Mississippi State, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, and Wake Forest.

Nobody should want to play the Bears in the tourney. They're extremely athletic and have great guard play. They'll be a tough match up for just about anybody.

Kansas State
This team has played well on the road and on neutral courts. That's always a good indicator of a great team. They have two quality guards in Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen. The front court isn't terrible either.

They have tremendous size and a great scorer in Jimmer Fredette. This is a team that could make a huge run if they get into the Salt Lake City Bracket.


Texas will probably not make it past the Sweet 16. Especially if they're not in the Houston bracket. They have no true point guard. Dogus Balbay makes mistakes and is afraid to shoot. Plus they rely too heavily on their 3 frosh.

Once they play a more athletic team they'll struggle. They also struggle on the road. They're 4-4 playing away from Cameron. The front court is improved from past seasons, but the Devils will once again fail to make another Final Four.

Georgia Tech
Tech has arguably the best talent in the country. But talent only gets you so far. They're point guard play has been lackluster and Derrick Favors is very limited offensively. Plus, they're young. They remind me of last years Wake Forest team; a lot of talent, little experience. They'll bow out early in the tourney.

My Final Four as of now:
Michigan State