Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love the Vikings

So, just in case you are a first-time or simply casual reader I will clear the air right now. Any one who knows anything about me or my sports/interest, or has read much of my work on TSF knows that I hate the Vikings. So when I title a post, "I Love the Vikings". Please don't get the wrong idea.

I love the Vikings because of how pathetic they are. To be quite honest the Vikings scare me. The last 3 seasons they have entered into the season with a pretty scary-looking team. I love them because they almost always choke or underachieve. They have a great window of opportunity here with a star-studded defense and the best young RB in the league in his prime. As a life-long Packers fan this scares me. It is common knowledge to NFL fans everywhere that the Vikings are a QB and a upper-tier WR away from being insanely good. In fact, with a new QB and WR I would almost guarantee the Vikes to be favorites to at least go to the Superbowl.

So, when I saw on ESPN's front page headlines, "Report: Vikings Near Deal for Texans QB" I got scared. I thought maybe someone struck some sense into Mr. Wilf/Mr. Childress. I thought the Vikings realized their window was closing and they were making a play at Matt Schaub. Then I clicked on the link and had all my thoughts on the Vikings reaffirmed. Nope, they were going after SAGE ROSENFELS! I immediately had a vision of him diving for that 1st down against the Colts with the lead last year and fumbling away the game (PICTURED ABOVE). I literally laughed out loud.

Granted he may be a small upgrade because Jackson is complete dogcrap and Ferotte is old and injury prone, and not good at headbutting. But if you're going to upgrade why not truly upgrade!? Sage Rosenfels is basically a younger version of Ferotte and a lifelong back-up. Hell, he's even backed-up Ferotte before! He might be a small upgrade but he is certainly not the answer and as a Packers fan I find it so entertaining to watch the Vikings chase after the answers to their problems in such a ridiculous way. I also love when my friends who are Viking's fans can't stand their own team and their way of doing things. So go ahead Minnesota. Use that 4th Round pick on Sage Rosenfels so you can have 3 2nd-string QBs on your roster and we'll watch you underachieve again next season.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bracket Talk: 2/23

We're gonna talk some bracketology today and some thoughts about NCAA Tournament teams.

Final Four Projections (As of today):

Pittsburgh Panthers
Why they'll make it:
They're coming off an impressive road win vs. UConn. They play strong, physical defense. They have depth and experience to go along with solid guard play with DeJuan Blair and Sam Young in the frontcourt.

Why they won't make it:
Every single Final Four team ever, has been a strong 3-point shooting team. Pittsburgh isn't very consistent from deep. When they're on from the outside, they are a damn good team. When they're not, they can be exposed. If they're not hitting their threes against a top power conference team in the Big Dance, they'll be done for.

North Carolina Tar Heels
Why they'll make it:
UNC is dangerous. They have a lot of talent and good experience. This team made it to last years Final Four and that should help with this years tourney run. They have the best frontcourt depth in the nation now with Tyler Zeller back. Ty Lawson is arguably the best PG in the country and Wayne Ellington is their strike-dead shooter. Depth is lacking, but they have enough to get over the hump.

Why they won't make it:
UNC's overall depth will be tested deep in the tournament. It isn't nearly as deep as last years team, but once they run into an equally talented team with better quality depth (Like Kansas in the Final Four last year) they'll lose. Defense is a concern as well. Perimeter defense needs to be shored up.

Connecticut Huskies
Why they'll make it
They're extremely talented and have great depth. One of the best defenses in the country and they pose match-up problems for a lot of teams; not many can bang down low with Hasheem Thabeet, Jeff Adrien is long and physical, and AJ Price is a quick and great decision-making point man. They won't give you many extra scoring opportunities because they're the best rebounding team out there.

Why they won't make it:
The loss of Jerome Dyson. UConn looked destined for the Final Four before Dyson went down with a torn MCL. Now they'll need Kemba Walker and Craig Austrie to step up and provide some scoring help. This hurt their depth quite a bit and it may have screwed up their scheme.

Memphis Tigers
Why they'll make it
Memphis is talented and experienced. Plus, they play exceptional defense. They're physical and they'll get in your face. Tyreke Evans is not your typical PG.; He can dominate you at any time. Their frontcourt can play with anybody with Shawn Taggart and Robert Dozier. Experience will help them as well.

Why they won't make it:
Offense can be stagnant at times. Once they go up against a team that is just as strong defensively and match-up with them individually, they could have some trouble putting up points. Also, as in every year, lack of competition in C-USA will hurt them.

Final Four Sleepers:
Watch out for the Wildcats. They're experienced and have some good guard depth. Dante Cunningham is the most improved big in the nation. Plus, they can shoot it from deep and make you pay for your mistakes.

Another team with great guard play. Their guards have been around awhile and they can shoot as well. They're not very big, but their defense and quickness will help make up for that.

Arizona St.
Don't sleep on the Sun Devils. They may not be very deep, but they have a stellar 1-2 punch with James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph. Plus, the defense is pretty strong.

Michigan St.
If Raymar Morgan stays healthy and can regain his oldself, the Spartans will be dangerous. Izzo always gets the best out of his teams in March.

The Boilermakers haven't done much without Robbie Hummel, but if he can stay healthy they're a real threat. They nearly made the Elite 8 last year with virtually the same squad. They're talented, versatile, long, and athletic.

This team has been there done that. They made it to the Elite 8 last year and the 2nd round two years ago. They have 3 starters back from those two teams and the depth is even better.

Overall Sleepers
They have everybody back from last years 2nd round team. They'll be dangerous after playing a tough schedule.

The Jays are a well-known squad and they play in a good enough league to give them some competition for the tourney. They shoot the 3-ball well and they also defend well too.

The Rebs have been inconsistent lately, but they're experienced. Wink Adams may be one of the most underappreciated guards out there. They're a well-coached squad and their top players have been there before.

West Virginia
WVA returns a lot of players from last years Elite 8 team. Bob Huggins is a terrific coach and WVA always seems to give match-up problems to teams in the tournament. This team is battle-tested and they can hang with anybody.

South Carolina
SC could sneak up on some people. They're one of the fastest teams in the country and they like to get out and run when they can. Devan Downey is a top-notch guard and has the ability to catch fire from the outside.

Stephen F. Austin
This is a well-balanced team overall. They have scorers and play tough, physical defense.

North Dakota State
This is probably the most experienced team in the country with 4 fifth-year senior starters. They've played in some big games and have gotten some big wins. They can score and they rank pretty high in some offensive statistics nationally. Ben Woodside is a very good guard for them.

Western Kentucky
They play in a formidable league and they lost in the Sweet 16 last season. Some of those players are back, including AJ Slaughter. This team is dangerous from the outside.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A-Rod truly is A-Fraud

I don't know if anyone else caught A-Rod's press conference yesterday but it had to have been the biggest crock of crap I've ever seen. The man read off of a piece of paper for crying out loud! About the only thing he had going for him was the fact that he didn't look Orange this time...Watch this in case you missed it:

Like I said the guy read off of a piece of paper, which was probably prepared by his crisis management specialist. And there weren't even follow-up questions allowed. WHAT A JOKE!

A-Roid constantly mentions that he was so young and naive and etc. This is such a joke. Does he really expect us to believe that he let his cousin inject him with something he didn't even know what it was!? Injecting himself with a mystery substance that he didn't know the effects it would have or even how exactly to use it? He's stupid, but not that stupid. I also really liked how he said the reason why he didn't disclose on his cousin right away was that he first called him and talked about it. Yeah that's called deciding on the story they were going to tell. Just seems wrong to me.

And how about that address to his teammates? That horrendous 37 second pause was nearly unbearable. I would almost guarantee that he practiced that act in front of the mirror for the last couple days. This man is the T.O. of Major League Baseball. He wants us to judge his legacy from this day forward. All i have to say is good luck with that because I am not impressed and I don't think that many people bought into what A-Roid said in the interview.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duke-UNC Week

It's that time again. One of the weeks that I look forward to most (other than March Madness) in College Basketball. I'm not a big fan of either team, but I love it when these two meet on the hardwood. It is always a battle and this is the best rivalry in ALL of sports.


1998: #2 UNC vs. #1 Duke



I like UNC over Duke in this one. Duke does not have an answer down low for Tyler Hansborough. UNC will be one for this game, but they need to step up their defense, especially their perimeter defense and not let Dukes' shooters go off. But in the end I think UNC has a little too ,uch fire power. Danny Green, Wayne Ellington, and Tyler Hansbrough will be the difference.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here Come the Bison

After an 18-5 start in their first season eligible in Division 1, the North Dakota State Bison are looking to do the unthinkable.

It was back in the fall of 2004, where four scrawny freshmen showed up on the campus of NDSU in Fargo. They all decided to come play basketball for the school, who had just decided the season before that it would make a jump to Division 1.

Tim Miles, the coach for the Bison at the time, encouraged the four frosh to redshirt; suggesting that they would get one shot at glory in their 5th-year seasons, a shot at the NCAA Tournament.

A lot of people thought Mr. Miles was crazy, but now four years later the Bison are leading the Summit Conference with a 12-1 record and 18-5 overall.

They also could become the first team to make the Big Dance in their first season eligible as Division 1 members in nearly three decades.

NDSU is lead by a small 5-11 point guard in Ben Woodside. Some experts go as far as to say that he is one of the best PGs in the country. He has a knack for getting to the rim and is currently 9th in the nation in scoring, averaging 23 ppg. Not to mention he is also 5th in assists, with 7 apg.

Woodside gained national attention after scoring 60 points in a game on December 12 vs. Stephen F. Austin University. He tied the NCAA record for most free throws made in one game with 30, which was previously held by "Pistol" Pete Maravich.

Not to mention Ben scored 49 of his points in a 23 minute span. Quite impressive.

The Bison have won 10 games in a row, including 12 of their last 13. They've looked impressive in late January and here in February with quality wins over Summit Conference stalwarts Oakland 81-71 and IUPUI 91-69.

NDSU is also lead by two of their other 5th-year seniors in Brett Winkelman and Mike Nelson. Winkelman, is an undersized post player at 6-6, who leads the team in rebounding with 7.3 rpg and at one point this season was averaging a double-double.

Nelson, meanwhile is their shooting specialist. He has a knack for hitting down 3 point shots and is also their best defender.

NDSU is primed to make a run at the NCAA Tournament, starting with the Summit Conference tournament in nearby Sioux Falls, SD (March 7-10). The Bison will be bringing loads of fans to the Sioux Falls Arena and will be hungry for 3 wins that can get them to where many other teams have been dreaming of for years.