Sunday, September 30, 2007

Favre 4ever

Not much else to say. Today is all about you Brett. You

played great, we won, and you broke the record. I feel like even this record doesn't do enough to bring attention and respect to you as a player and as a father, husband, and person. Here's to you Brett, next to my father, the man I look up to most.

I also want to thank Vikings fans on behalf of Packers and Favre fans everywhere. You handled that situation with the utmost class and respect. I love that and respect you infinitely more than I did yesterday. Thank you.

A Letter To: Vikings Fans Everywhere

Dear Vikings fans both friends and mostly foes,

In my opinion, it's not really a matter of if Brett Favre breaks Dan Marino's all-time TD record against you. It's more of a when he breaks the record against you this Sunday. I really wanted to see Favre break the record, however, to see him do it in the Metrodome will be strangely awesome.

I'm also a little afraid. I ask you to reach down underneath that itchy, ugly, purple jersey you're wearing and dig deep down into your heart Sunday. I ask you that you please not boo Brett Favre when he breaks the record. While I don't see how anyone who loves football could not love Brett Favre, I however (living in ND) understand that Vikings' fans are particularly unfond of number 4.

Please break the mold this weekend. I've always thought of Vikings fans to be rather rude, bitter, and nonclassy. Maybe that's because of personal experience, maybe it's because I'm a Packers fan. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

What I do know, however, is that Brett Favre is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of football. When it is all said and done, he may be regarded as the best ever. I ask you to show a little class this weekend and stand up and clap when he breaks the record. Try your best to be happy that you had the honor to see this man play the great game that we all love. I don't see how anyone can not respect Brett Favre. If you try your best, which I ask you to, I think you can find it in your football-loving hearts to find some respect for him to. Even if it's just for that moment.

Thank you for your time,

A Lifelong Packers fan, and a boy who's looked up to Brett Favre all his Life

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Live Blog: Two Minute Drill - Oklahoma vs. Colorado

-4th Quarter - 1:23 to play...
The Oklahoma Sooners are in a tight one right now with the Colorado Buffaloes. The score is tied at 24 with 1:23 left in the 4th quarter. The Buffs returned a punt earlier to the OU 50.

-37 seconds left
Colorado has been running the ball very well and are now inside OU's 30 yard line.

-2 Seconds left
4th and 3 now for Colorado at the OU 37. Colorado now set to kick a potential game winning FG. OU calls a timeout.

Doesn't appear OU will use it's final timeout; the snap, the hold, the kick, it's GOOD. COLORADO Upsets number 4 ranked OKLAHOMA SOONERS 27-24. What an upset.

Sorry for starting the live blog late. This is something new we have started. Look for a more comprehensive and interactive live blog next time. In case you're wondering, TSF has started a new Live Blog called "Two Minute Drill", where if a big upset is in the potential we will live blog the final two minutes of the game right here at TSF.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

I'm ready for some College Football. Last week I went a horrible 3-4.

West Virginia at South Florida
This is one of the Big East games of the year. South Florida is on a roll after big wins against Auburn and North Carolina. West Virginia's Defense needs to step up and prove they can contend for a National Title against a pretty good South Florida Offense, lead by QB Matt Grothe. I expect this to be a great game, but WVA's Offense should not have too much trouble moving the ball and scoring.

The Pick: West Virginia

USC at Washington
Washington should be a good test for USC, especially with the game being played in Seattle. USC has been very impressive and I believe they are the most balanced team in the country. This could be a good game, but the Huskies must be able to put up points if they want any part of the Trojans.

The Pick: USC

Auburn at Florida
The Gators look to get revenge after their collapse last season at Auburn; but again I guess it wasn't that big of a deal anyways. (National Champs). Tim Tebow has been amazing thus far and should put up more impressive numbers on the Tigers' D. This is a must win for both teams since both have 3 other big conference road games later on in the season.

The Pick: Florida

Michigan St. at Wisconsin
Michigan t. has looked somewhat good this season and Wisconsin has looked pretty mediocre so far. I wouldn't be surprised if Michigan St. pulled off the upset here (Complete Sports thinks so), Wisconsin has been God-awful and I am very surprised they haven't lost yet. But good thing the game is at Camp Randall.

The Pick: Wisconsin

Alabama at Florida St.
This is a very interesting match up. Two good coaches and historic programs will face off for the first time in nearly 33 years. Bama struggled early and late last week vs. Georgia and FSU hasn't had an impressive win yet.

The Pick: Alabama

Upset of the Week
Georgia Tech over Clemson
I know Georgia Tech has struggled lately, but Clemson hasn't really had an impressive win yet. Their offense has been pretty productive and I really love their rushing attack. But I think Tashard Choice and Jonathan Dwyer should be able to do some spectacular things against the Tigers' D.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
Delaware St. at Hampton
Big MEAC game here as the winner will have an inside shot at the conference title and an FCS Playoff berth. Hampton QB T.J. Mitchell has been solid this season with 773 yards passing and 9 TD.

The Pick: Hampton

Game of the Week
California at Oregon
Two high-powered Pac 10 Offense's will battle it out this Saturday in a key conference showdown. This is basically an elimination game as the winner will likely battle with USC and UCLA for the 1, 2, and 3 spots. Both QB's have put up some gaudy numbers and I expect it to be a slugfest in Eugene.

The Pick: California

Playoff Talk with %'s and NFL Week 4 Picks

So, tomorrow will be Ming's College Football Weekend Preview, and it's family weekend up here at UND so I won't have much time to post my Week 4 picks on Saturday. Therefore, I just wanted to come chime in on baseball and give you quickpicks for next week.

-The Milton Bradley ordeal is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time. I actually kind of feel sorry for him.

-The Yankees are in the playoffs....Awesome! Now if the Brewers don't make it, I can always watch to cheer for whoever they're playing!

-The NL Playoff race is enough to make your head spin!

-Regardless of who comes out of the NL, the AL teams will be a head above them all.

-Although all of these messy scenarios are possible, Baseball Prospective Playoff Odds reports playoff chances as follows:
1. Mets - 86% (77/8)
2. Diamondbacks - 83% (62/21)
3. Padres - 57% (22/35)
4. Phillies - 42% (22/19)
5. Rockies - 32% (15/17)

-I won't give up on the BrewCrew until it's over.

-There is a 32.3% chance of an outright wild card win for somebody, a 44.1% chance of a two-way tie, a 17.5% chance of a three-way tie, a5.3% chance of a four-way tie, and a 0.8% chance of a five-way tie!

-MLB fans everywhere better hold on to their hats!!

-Last week I went 8-7...not good. I'm looking to improve this week. Here we go.

Texans over Falcons

Bills over Jets

Ravens over Browns

Raiders over Dolphins

Cowboys over Rams

Lions over Bears - I feel it

Packers over Vikings

49ers over Seahawks

Colts over Broncos

Panthers over Bucs

Steelers over Cardinals

Chargers over Chiefs

Eagles over Giants

Pats over Bengals

I'm a little busy today so these are just quickpicks. If you wanna talk my rhyme and reasoning, drop a comment and we'll talk.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TSF Top 20 College Football Poll

Here we go our weekly TSF Top 20 Poll:

1. USC-PR- 1
The Trojans did it again, demolishing this time the Washington St. Cougars. John David Booty was solid again with 279 yards passing and 4 TD. The running game is definitely one of the best in the country. The defense continues to show their arguably the best in the country. They have a big test at Washington this week.

2. LSU- PR- 2
LSU had a good win vs. South Carolina. As you've read before I'm going to continue to praise the defense, it's really tough to score on their D, but once they play another team who is more balanced on both sides of the ball (ahem... Florida) we may see the Tigers fall.

3. Florida- PR- 3
Florida struggled this past week, but it was the first road game for their young defense. Tim Tebow has been nearly unstoppable with 1096 yards passing and 10 TD. The defense has made some big strides so far. Big home game vs. Auburn this week, I am expecting a win, it's just one more game to get that young D ready for LSU.

4. Oklahoma- PR-5
OU continues to put up big points game after game. It will be interesting to see how they do now that they start their Big 12 schedule.

5. West Virginia- PR- 4
I have WVA at 4, but Joe picked OU at 3 so it averaged out this way. WVA's prolific offense has been outstanding and they just might have the best offense in the country. Tough road game at South Florida this week, winner has inside track at Big East Title.

6. California- PR- 6
Cali has not put up less than 34 points this season. They have play makers all over the field and could very well give USC a run for their money when they come to town. Huge game this Saturday @ Oregon for the Golden Bears.

7. Texas- Pr- 7
Texas's Offense finally came together putting up 58 vs. Rice. Colt McCoy looked cool in the pocket. It should help now that Billy Pittman is back from his 4 game suspension, which will force KSU to leave Limas Sweed in single coverage.

8. Wisconsin- PR- 8
Ohio St. is creeping up on the Badgers, Wisconsin is very reluctant to beat Iowa. I still cannot believe this team hasn't lost yet with the way they've struggled drastically this season.

9. Ohio St.- PR- 9
OSU's Offense looked unstoppable vs. Northwestern and the Defense has been very stout. With the Big Ten sucking it up again so far this season, I doubt they'll be giving up many points for the rest of the year.

10. Rutgers- PR- 11
Rutgers has a very intriguing match up vs. Maryland this weekend. Their offense has been pretty efficient, especially Ray Rice at tailback. Expect this team to go undefeated and possibly move up in the rankings until they meet South Florida on Oct. 18.

11. Boston College- PR- 13
Matt Ryan should be in Heisman Trophy contention with his Peyton Manning like (almost) numbers with 1341 passing yards and 10 TD. BC better not look past # 2 ranked FCS squad - UMass, because so far this season, the top FCS teams have had the FBS' number.

12. Oregon- PR- 14
Oregon is another Pac 10 team with a high-powered offense. The defense has been shaky at times and they need to pick it up this week vs. California.

13. Clemson- PR- 15
Decent win vs. NC St., big game this week at Georgia Tech, I guess we'll see how the Tigers really stack up this weekend.

14. Kentucky- PR- NR
Kentucky jumps into TSFs Top 20 with huge wins vs. Louisville and at Arkansas. Kentucky football is on the rise and Andre Woodson is one of the premier QBs in the nation. Who knows how they will turn out they have a tough conference schedule, next significant match up is in two weeks when they visit South Carolina.

15. South Carolina- PR- 12
SC's Offense looked pretty stagnant vs. LSU. LSU made the Gamecocks look silly on Saturday. The score was only 28-16 but the d-line of LSU made Blake Mitchell look uncomfortable in the pocket forcing him to make bad decisions and throws.

16. Georgia- PR- NR
17. Virginia Tech- PR- 17
18. Hawaii- PR- 18
19. South Florida- PR- NR
20. Missouri- PR- NR

More Rankings: Complete Sports

Monday, September 24, 2007

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Cheesehead!

I wasn't expecting it. You weren't expecting it. Not even the omnipotent Brett Favre was expecting it, but the Green Bay Packers, the youngest team in the NFL are 3-0. With all 3 wins against 2006 playoff teams, they've got me super excited right now and I just wanted to bask in their glory for 5 minutes before I head off to class. Favre's got us (Packers fans) thinking playoffs and about a serious run at the NFC North Championship.

I really wish he could have beat the record at home, but that's ok. Now, if they could figure out how to run the ball a little better we could be even better. Favre looked so sharp the last two weeks that I'm beginning to think that he's STILL not ready to retire. If he keeps this up and they go deep in to the playoffs, he isn't gunna want to leave!

My second favorite team is whoever is playing the Vikings, so all in all I had a pretty good Sunday! Brett looked like the Brett of old and he head me jumping up and down and screaming. Bring on those lowly, purple-wearing, QB-less Vikings baby!
Judging by what you've seen so far, what are my Packers' chances of making the playoffs?....OK I have to change and go to class now bye.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

NFL Picks: Week 3

I hope you took much viewing pleasure in the college football action today. I don't meant to cover up Ming's weekend preview but we both came home this weekend and will be busy traveling and studying tomorrow so I better give you something NFL-related to chew on for tomorrow!

NOTE: These are not against the spread. I'm not that fancy. If that's what you're looking for then go

Arizona Cardinals over Baltimore Ravens
This is a bit of an upset pick here but the Cardinals are coming off a great win last week and I have a hunch that Leinert and Co. will be clicking this weekend.

Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons
I just can't pick the Falcons. They have to show me something in order for me to be physically able to pick them to win a game this year.

Washington Redskins over New York Giants
The Giants suck and I think the Redskins could be a playoff team this year. I didn't think so before the season but Jason Campbell has really showing me that he is for real right now. I thought he was a year away but he might be ready!

St. Louis Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I just can't see the Rams starting off the season 0-3. Bulger, Holt, Jackson, and an improved D should equal wins this year! I think they get their first here.

San Diego Chargers over Green Bay Packers
This is tough for me to do but I'm concerned about GB's ability (or inability) to run the ball. The Packers D will keep this one close but I'm not confident enough to pick my Packers and I don't wanna be a Homer.

Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions
I feel like the Eagles aren't a 0-3 team and the Lions aren't a 3-0 team

Cleveland Browns over Oakland Raiders
This pick is easy now that the Derek Anderson is the best QB in the NFL...ok not really but that 51-pt. explosion last week is enough to convince me in this one.

New York Jets over Miami Dolphins
This will probably be a crappy game but NY is at home and they're not as bad as the horrible Dolphins.

Pittsburgh Steelers over San Francisco 49ers
This game is going to be really close. I think it will be a lot closer than most people think. I really would love to be able to pick the 9ers as an upset special but I'm not confident enough. The Steelers have looked too good thus far.

New England Patriots over Buffalo Bills

Kansas City Chiefs over Minnesota Vikings
I'm not confident enough in the Vikings QB (whoever it's going to be) to pick them. They could probably hand the ball off 45-60 times and keep it close, but you have to keep defenses honest and I'm not sure they can really do that. Plus, if anyone can exploit a really good defense, it's gotta be Larry Johnson.

Indianapolis Colts over Houston Texans
The Texans have been amazing this year, and I think they will be a good team this season. However, they're not Indianapolis- good yet. The dream doesn't end, it just stalls here.

New Orleans Saints over Tennesse Titans
I don't think Brees and Bush will disappoint again. I think the Saints beat the Titans here in a close one filled with excitement and big plays

Dallas Cowboys over Chicago Bears
Grossman < Romo. That's my reasoning.
Denver Broncos over Jacksonville Jaguars
This will be really close. I don't actually have a favorite pick here, I'm just going with my gut because I view it as a toss-up.

Comments? Picks? Pre and Post-game Smack talk?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

Time for some predictions and analysis. Last week I was 5-3. Just bare with me here with a rather lackluster weekend of College Football.

Iowa at Wisconsin
Wisconsin has struggled lately and Iowa could knock them off here. Iowa did lose to Iowa St. last week, but I do expect them to bounce back and give the Badgers a good fight. P.J. Hill will carry a heavy load in this game.

The Pick: Wisconsin

Penn St. at Michigan
The Nittany Lions Defense has been pretty solid so far and the offense has been impressive as well. Michigan looked good last week against Notre Dame, but who knows how they will play this weekend; plus it doesn't help that Chad Henne is still out. They can't afford another loss in the Big House. PSU is one of the favorites for the Big Ten Title and a win here vs. Michigan would be huge, which is something they haven't done in 11 years.

The Pick: Penn St.

Georgia at Alabama
One of the better games of the week. Georgia struggled two weeks ago against a pretty good defense in South Carolina. Alabama's Defense isn't bad but their offense has flourished with John Parker Wilson throwing for 666 yards and 4 TD, while DJ Hall has 291 yards receiving and 2 TD. Should be a close game the whole way.

The Pick: Alabama

Kentucky at Arkansas
This should be a high-scoring affair with both defenses being sub-par. The offenses can no doubt put up points. Arkansas will have a hard time containing Andre Woodson, but Kentucky has to put up with the best running back duo in the country in Darren McFadden and Felix Jones.

The Pick: Arkansas

Upset of the Week
North Dakota St. over Central Michigan
I may have rose colored glasses, but this one just makes the most sense. NDSU can put up points all day on CMU's D. But I am concerned about NDSU's Secondary, who has given up numerous big plays thus far. Rhett Bomar tore them apart last week and with CMU's big WRs and good QB it will probably be the same. I don't think CMU will be able to run on NDSU's front seven though. Joe Mays, Ramon Humber, and Matt Maresh are probably the best LB unit in the FCS. It's going to be a close game. But this is a similar situation to before NDSU's game vs. Minnesota last year. They weren't supposed to line up with the Gophers. They were supposed to tear the Bison apart and NDSU smacked them right in the mouth the entire game; they didn't win, but NDSU showed they can play with 1-A competition. CMU better not be looking ahead to N. Illinois, or else they'll be looking back to Sept. 22 for the rest of the season.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
Appalachian St. at Wofford
App. St. is no doubt the best FCS team, but Wofford could give them some fits. Woffords Offense has put up some respectable points, blowing out Charleston Southern and put up 353 total yards vs. NC St. Other than Michigan, this could be the Mountaineers biggest test of the regular season.

The Pick: Appalachian St.

Game of the Week
South Carolina at LSU
SC could actually give LSU a test in Baton Rouge. Their defense has been solid and their offense is averaging 27.3 PPG. Steve Spurrier finally has this team where he wants them and their sneaking up on people. But LSU on the other hand does indeed have the best defense in the country; it looks like Matt Flynn will be out again, but SC will need to be perfect in order to top LSU.

The Pick: LSU

More Predictions: Complete Sports

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quick MLB Predictions

Since the dawn of the football season that's basically all we've talked about. So, with the little free-time that I have I want to throw out so MLB Predictions as we approach the end of the regular season.

East Winner= Mets hold off Phillies
Central Winner= Brewers hold off Cubs and I get $5 from twins15! - PS It would be against my code to pick otherwise

West Winner= Padres over-take Arizona with great pitching down the stretch
Wildcard Winner= Arizona Diamondbacks
MVP Winner= Prince Fielder, MIL
Cy Yound Winner= Jake Peavey, SD

East Winner= Boston hold off the Evil Empire
Central Winner= The Indians
West Winner= The Angels...Duh!
Wildcard Winner= The Evil Empire (NY Yankees for all you non-baseball fans out there)
MVP Winner= Alex Rodriguez, NYY
Cy Young Winner= Josh Beckett, BOS

What do you think about these predictions? What are yours?...Back with more orgasmic college football posts later in the week!

Monday, September 17, 2007

TSF Top 20 College Football Poll

Here's TSF's Week 3 - Top 20 College Football Poll. We've decided to make it more of a power poll to comment about each team instead of just a regular poll.

1. USC- PR- 1
The Trojans looked impressive with a 49-31 win over Nebraska. The score isn't as close as it indicates. The offense was very balanced. John David Booty was impressive and the rushing game looked great with 4 runners getting 40+ yards. But it was the defense that looked even more impressive.

2. LSU-PR- 2
LSU has the best defense in the country and they stomped all over Middle Tennessee 44-0 without starting QB Matt Flynn and star WR Early Doucet. The Tigers could finally get tested by a very good South Carolina team next week.

3. Florida- PR- 4
Florida moves ahead of WVA because of their impressive win over Tennessee. Florida's Offense can score on anyone and the defense is continuing to improve. In my mind, the young D will only get better as the season progresses. Two more games at Ole Miss and vs. Auburn to get more experience under their belts before their big October 6 match up with LSU.

4. West Virginia- PR- 3
WVA needs their Defense to pick it up before they get upset. The offense is still one of the best in the country though. They looked unstoppable late against Maryland.

5. Oklahoma- PR- 5
OU has been racking up a lot of points lately but a lot of teams would do the same if they played North Texas and Utah St. OU has two road games before they play Texas, so they better not be looking too far ahead.

6. California- PR- 9
Cal jumps up 3 spots after Louisville being upset by Kentucky and both Texas and Wisconsin struggling. The Golden Bears Offense has been very impressive. I am looking forward to their match up at Oregon in two weeks.

7. Texas- PR- 7
Texas did indeed have a big win two Saturdays ago vs. TCU, but barely beat UCF by 3? Come on now, some people had this team ranked as high as 2 in their pre-season polls. Colt McCoy has kind of struggled thus far and as of right now, I am kind of regretting picking them to win the Big XII.

8. Wisconsin- PR- 6
Wisconsin has struggled so far but I still think they're the team to beat in the Big Ten. Look for P.J. Hill to carry a heavy load this week vs. Iowa.

9. Ohio St.- PR- 11
OSU had a big win against upset minded Washington on Saturday. The Buckeyes' Defense is very, very good; which leads me to believe they'll be in every game and be in the Big Ten Title hunt for the rest of the season.

10. Penn St.- PR- 12
Penn St. looked a little iffy at times vs. Buffalo. Derrick Williams is one of the most explosive players in the country. Big in-conference game this week vs. Michigan. I am sure Michigan will want this one real bad.

11. Rutgers- PR- 13
Ray Rice has been doing nothing but producing yard after yard, something that I proclaimed in my Heisman Hopefuls article a month back. Their next two games should be interesting to see where they really stack up, against Maryland and upstart Cincinnati.

12. South Carolina- PR- 17
I think SC is an under the radar team and could sneak up on some SEC teams. Steve Spurrier finally has this team where he wants it; the Defense has been making great plays and some big stops, and QB Blake Mitchell has been getting it done in the air.

13. Boston College- PR- 19
BC jumps all the way up to 13 after a bunch of teams losing on Saturday. They beat a pretty good Georgia Tech team. Matt Ryan continues to show he is one of the best QBs in the nation. They have a very easy schedule playing Army, UMass, Bowling Green, and Notre Dame until their big conference game with Virginia Tech on October 25.

14. Oregon- PR- NR
Oregon moves into the rankings after previously being unranked. Dennis Dixon has been putting up some big numbers, including 276 yards on the ground along with 3 rushing TDs.

15. Clemson- PR- 20
Clemson jumps ahead quite a few spots too with some teams falling. Their rushing game is one of the best in the country with James Davis and C.J. Spiller, and new Jr. QB Cullen Harper has been smooth in the pocket. They haven't really played a quality opponent yet, but I guess we'll see where they stand in two-three weeks with games against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.

16. Louisville- PR- 6
17. Virginia Tech- PR- 18
18. Alabama- PR- NR
19. Texas A&M- PR- NR
20. Hawaii- PR- NR

I just thought that this picture looked funny...
(Courtesy of EDSBS)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My World In Sports: What a Weekend!

Both Stefan and I have been super busy this weekend with our football/college lives. While we do apologize for the lack of posting we hope you enjoyed this weekend's games! I'm gonna get a quick post in now before church and one of us will get back at you a little later.

I saw some absolutely amazing football in person on Saturday
Saturday morning I woke up and ordered some Deek's Pizza (amazing) and set out for the Alerus Center to watch UND take on Central Washington. The game was a lot closer than I figured with the Sioux winning 35-28. Sophomore Ryan Chappell had a historic day setting UND's single-game rushing record at 306 yards! He also went for a couple TDs along with that. It was really fun to watch him do that. It is worth mentioning that he went out with 5 mins left in the 4th quarter with leg cramps, otherwise he would have had even more yards rushing!

After that game I promptly got in the car and drove down to Fargo to see the Sam Houston State Fighting Rhett Bomar's take on the NDSU Bison. This was the best college football game I've ever been to! It didn't take long to realize that Rhett Bomar is still very good and he is basically their whole team. Ming was very right in saying that this was the D1-AA (FCS) game of the week! When NDSU scored the go-ahead TD with 7 sec. left the whole Fargodome went absolutely nuts....I love it. (Rhett Bomar could probably play in the NFL someday)

When Brett Favre Retires from the NFL I Will Retire From Life
Today really reminded me why I love Brett Favre. The game wasn't on FOX because they're retarded and aired ALIAS instead. However, I was able to watch the gamecast online, catch highlights, and listen to it on the radio. Favre was Favre again today. He was putting the ball in places where only his guys could catch it and the Pack really laid it on the Giants at home. IF my calculations are correct (I'm too lazy to look) but I believe he needs 3 TDs to tie and 4 to take the all-time record. He passed Elway today as the all-time winningest QB. I love the Packers Defense and more importantly I love Brett Favre.

Sorry if this disappoints but I need to go to church now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

College Football is upon us again and it's time for some more analysis and predictions. Last week I went 6-4.

USC at Nebraska
USC looked mediocre at best against Idaho in week 1. But expect the Trojans to look like their old selves again. USC is still the best team in the country. They should be a 14 point favorite. Nebraska looked iffy for awhile to beat Nevada and last week squeaked out a win at Wake Forest. Since the game is in Lincoln, they definitely can play with USC and make it a game, at least till the 4th quarter, but that last quarter will be the difference.

The Pick: USC

Louisvile at Kentucky
This should be a shootout with two high octane offenses and okay defenses going at it. Two of the best QBs in the nation will square off in Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson. Louisville's defense is a cause for a concern giving up 42 disheartening points to Middle Tennessee. Kentucky is very capable of pulling off an upset and in order for the Cards to win they need their defense to make some stops.

The Pick: Louisville

Ohio St. at Washington
Washington is a better team then I expected thus far. Ohio St. looked okay their first two games. But sometimes it does take sometime for an offense to adjust with a new QB. I particularly like Washington's upset over Boise St., here's another chance for the Huskies to strut their stuff with the toughest schedule in the nation. But OSU is better coached and just has more play makers.

The Picks: Ohio St.

Boston College at Georgia Tech
BC's offense hasn't had any trouble putting up points. I expect this game to be in the 30's. Tashard Choice is an underrated RB and shouldn't have any trouble producing against BC's Defense. Georgia Tech has had no trouble putting up points either but they have yet to play a quality opponent. Let's see how they fare against a ranked conference foe.

The Pick: Georgia Tech

Arkansas at Alabama
The Crimson Tide will look to get revenge on Arkansas after a heart breaking loss to them last season. Bama will need to contain Darren McFadden, the best RB in the country. Bama is sitting pretty nicely right now because the Razorbacks have quite a few key players out with injuries in this game. This should be a great game once again.

The Pick: Alabama

Upset of the Week
UNLV over Hawaii
UNLV took a very good Wisconsin Badgers team down to the wire. Hawaii's Defense is mediocre and UNLV's isn't bad and could possibly hold down Colt Brennan and Hawaii's Offense. Also, Hawaii had to go into O.T. last week to beat a bad Louisiana Tech team.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
Sam Houston St. at North Dakota St.
Two of the best FCS QBs will take the field as the 14th ranked FCS team takes on the 4th ranked FCS team. (I will be in attendance as will grittysquirrels). NDSU did struggle in the opener vs. Stephen F. Austin, but 5 turnovers didn't help their cause, which included 4 INTs by NDSU's Steve Walker (he had 4 all of '06). Also, LB Ramon Humber will be back after missing last weeks game due to a suspension. But Sam Houston St. didn't look too good either in their opener with a 17-13 win over D-2 Angelo St. As for NDSU, last week was only their first game and most coaches will tell you that teams make their best stride between the 1st and 2nd game of the season.

The Pick: NDSU

Game of the Week
Tennessee at Florida
Another game that I am pumped up for is the annual showdown between the rivals of Tennessee and Florida. Tennessee didn't impress me much against Cal and they looked okay against Southern Mississippi. Erik Ainge doesn't have anyone to throw to and the defense has struggled so far; and now they're playing against one of the best offenses in the country in Florida. There's no doubt in my mind Florida will be able to put up a boat load of points against the Vols' D, but can their young defense make some stops and keep them out of the game? Good thing the game is in the Swamp.

The Pick: Florida

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Surfing the Blogosphere: Links

Joe (grittysquirrels) and I have been pretty swamped lately with homework and gearing up for Saturday's FCS showdown between the 4th ranked NDSU Bison and 14th ranked Sam Houston St. Bearkats; in a match up of arguably the two best QBs in the FCS.

The Summit League has been re-vamped and the NDSU Bison are looking to win the regular season conference title... (ESPN)

USC is still the team to beat... (Complete Sports)

Guns don't kill people, Adam Dunn kills people... (Diamond Hoggers)

Bye Bye Blog... (Just Call Me Juice)

A Helpful Guide for Tennessee fans coming to Florida... (Orange and Blue Hue)

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Super Bowl Buzz Kill... (The Hater Nation)

The Cubs have issues... (Windy City Sports Blog)

Hope you enjoyed the links. I'll be back tomorrow night with my weekly College Football Weekend Preview.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My World In Sports: Football is Awesome

Right now my sports life is almost completely dominated by football right now. What else do you expect me to talk about? I've been taking a lot of notes this week so I'm goin' bullet format tonight.

College Football
  • Michigan's sucks and their only hope is winning the Big10.
  • Hawaii's schedule might not be easy enough!
  • Matt Flynn might be able to manage his way to the national championship game
  • Virginia Tech shows that Offense wins games and... victories lead to championships?
  • If Appalatian State goes undefeated (they will) they could crack the top 25.
  • Oregon -along with the Pac10 in general- is overrated
  • Jake Locker is a stud on the field and will bring Washington back to the promise land (plus he's 6'3" and runs a 4.5 40 yrd. dash - that's nearly Reggie Bush-esque)
  • I hope USC vs. Nebraska is a close game
  • Notre Dame vs. Michigan will be a highly contested suck-fest

My Weekend
I'm pretty pumped about my weekend. First I'm getting up and going to watch the Central Washington Wildcats take on my UND Fighting Sioux at home. As soon as the game is over, me and some friends are driving down to Fargo to meet Ming and go watch the NDSU vs. Sam Houston State game. I'm pretty pumped to see Rhett Bomar play in the Fargodome (never thought I'd be saying that). I think UND will dominate C. Washington but NDSU vs. Sam Houston State should be a good game I think!....I also can't wait until UND is D1 next season.


  • There is going to be a lot of defense in the NFC North this season (and lack of offense)
  • Mason Crosby is going to be a great kicker in the NFL (he's got leg)
  • I'm praying for Kevin Everett and his family - that injury was/is one of the nastiest I've seen
  • Jamarcus Russel is a greedy bastard. Atleast we can stop talking about it!
  • I was truly disappointed by Saints vs. Colts
  • Veteran star RBs struggled while some young rookies showed up (Lynch, Peterson)
  • The Patriots will win this year's Superbowl
  • Randy Moss is going to have the second best season of his career this year
  • Too many key and striking important injuries to individually name (other than Everett)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

TSF Top 20 College Football Poll

Here's TSF's first regular season Top 20 poll. We'll be doing a poll after every week till the end of the season.

1. USC- Idle
Next week: at Nebraska

2. LSU- Beat Virginia Tech 48-7
Next week: vs. Middle Tennessee St.

3. West Virginia- Beat Marshall 48-23
Next week: at Maryland

4. Florida- Beat Troy 59-31
Next week: vs. Tennessee

5. Oklahoma- Beat Miami (Fla.) 51-13
Next week: vs. Utah St.

6. Wisconsin- Beat UNLV 20-13
Next week: vs. The Citadel

7. Texas- Beat TCU 34-13
Next week: at Central Florida

8. Louisville- Beat Middle Tennessee St. 58-42
Next week: at Kentucky

9. California- Beat Colorado St. 34-28
Next week: vs. Louisiana Tech

10. UCLA- Beat BYU 27-17
Next week: at Utah

11. Ohio St.- Beat Akron 20-2
Next week: at Washington

12. Penn St.- Beat Notre Dame 31-10
Next week: vs. Buffalo

13. Rutgers- Beat Navy 41-24
Next week: vs. Norfolk St.

14. Georgia Tech- Beat Samford 69-14
Next week: vs. Boston College

15. Nebraska- Beat Wake Forest
Next week: vs. USC

16. Arkansas- Idle
Next week: at Alabama

17. South Carolina- Beat Georgia 16-12
Next week: vs. South Carolina St.

18. Virginia Tech- Loss to LSU 48-7
Next week: vs. Ohio

19. Boston College- Beat NC St. 37-17
Next week: at Georgia Tech

20. Clemson- Beat Louisiana-Monroe 49-26
Next week: vs. Furman

Thursday, September 6, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

Time for some analysis and predictions.

Miami at Oklahoma
This game will be closer then one might think. Miami's Defense will keep them in the game. The difference maker will be how both of the QBs perform. OU's Sam Bradford was pretty impressive last week vs. N. Texas, but this week he will be facing one of the best defenses in the country. Bradford must make good decisions and keep his turnovers and mistakes to a minimum in order for OU to win. OU's Defense is pretty underrated and Miami's freshmen QB Kirby Freshmen needs to be almost perfect for Miami to win this one.

The Pick: Oklahoma

Nebraska at Wake Forest
Nebraska's offense looked pretty stagnant at times last week vs. Nevada. But towards the end of the game they finally got it together. Wake is still a team to be reckoned with, no one should take them lightly; they are very well coached, and have a lot of play makers. This should be a very good game. Wake's D gave up some big plays to BC last week and will need to step up in order to top Nebraska's offense.

The Pick: Nebraska

Oregon at Michigan
It will be interesting to see how Michigan bounces back after their embarrassing loss to Appalachian St. Oregon believes they can play right with Michigan and provide some problems for them. Michigan's Defense made way too many mistakes last week and they can't afford the same vs. Oregon. This is a must win for Lloyd Carr.

The Pick: Michigan

Notre Dame at Penn St.
Notre Dame looked horrible last week vs. Georgia Tech. Jimmy Clausen will get a chance to strut his stuff vs. a talented Nittany Lions team. Penn St. looked impressive last weekend, but then again they were playing Florida International, arguably the worst team in the the FBS (1-A).

The Pick: Penn St.

South Florida at Auburn
South Florida has a very good chance at knocking off Auburn. But last week they struggled vs. FCS - Elon. Auburn didn't impress me either vs. Kansas St., but KSU is a much improved team. I think Auburn is a little overrated this year. Should be a good close game.

The Pick: Auburn

BYU is a good team with a tough defense. They took it to Pac 10 foe Arizona last week. UCLA has a lot of experience back but they didn't necessarily impress me last week vs. Stanford. This should be a defensive battle with not a lot of TDs, expect a FG to determine the outcome.

The Pick: UCLA

South Carolina at Georgia
The winner has an inside shot at winning the SEC East, this is a big game for both teams. Georgia looked pretty impressive vs. Oklahoma St. Matthew Stafford is a good QB and his WRs made some plays last Saturday. Oklahoma St. looked mediocre at best and I thought they would have given UGA a better fight. I guess we'll find out more about Georgia after this game.

The Pick: Georgia

Upset of the Week
TCU over Texas
Texas struggled against Arkansas St. and definitely didn't look like the number 4 team in the country according to the Associated Press. This will a good hard-fought game and whoevers defense performs better will win this game. I like TCU's Defense in this one.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
South Dakota St. vs. Youngstown St.
Both teams are coming off tough losses. SDSU has a very good defense but Youngstown St.'s Offense is very explosive. I still see this being a high scoring game.

The Pick: Youngstown St.

Game of the Week
Virginia Tech at LSU
V-Tech struggled last week vs. ECU, but LSU shouldn't view that game as a measuring stick. The Hokies are still just as talented as LSU. LSU's Defense was very impressive in the season opener last week and in my opinion is the best defense in the country. The offense was okay and didn't impress me at all, the reason they scored so much was because of their D and they also were playing Mississippi St. Expect this to be a relatively low scoring game with arguably the nations two best defenses clashing in Baton Rouge Saturday night.

The Pick: LSU

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2007 NFC Predictions

Oh my god, the NFL season starts tomorrow! I guess I better hit you fools with this...

1. Eagles
The Eagles have McNabb coming back and Brian Westbrook will always give you a shot at winning the division. Not to mention that they have above-average receiver depth and a stellar defense. I like the Eagles this long as McNabb can stay healthy.

2. Cowboys
I thought the Cowboys were heading in the right direction under Parcells for a while...then they stalled. Romo will be the outright starter and they are very deep in offensive skill positions (mainly WR and RB). I think they are a abover-average team defensively. They have some really good players but their secondary is a bit of a weak spot. Throw in a new headcoach and I just don't think they have enough to surpass the Eagles.

3. Redskins
They are still a work in progress. Jason Campbell is improving and I think one day he'll be their guy, but as a whole they are just not ready....heading in the right direction though.

4. Giants
Giants fans are going to gain an extreme appreciation for Tiki Barber this season (or an extreme hatred maybe). Pressure is on Eli now and i don't think he can handle it. Expect to see a lot of that near-tears baby face that he frequents when he throws an INT. I'm callin' it: It will be the end of Coughlin in NY.


1. Bears
I have questions about Rex (just like everyone) and Benson's ability to be a full-time back but they have by far and away the most talent in the North. Their defense is a little good too. Plus, how can you not love Lovie. I think he's a great coach.

2. Packers
Favre is getting older but he is still definitely in the top 1/3 of QBs in my mind and he'll be more of a game-manager this year (with a cannon in his back pocket of course). I worry about the running game but I think Morency and Jackson will be a decent tandem and they have great receiver depth. The defense I think will be really great. I'm a little bummed that I won't get to go to a game this year since I'm in school now, but I think they'll have a good year.

3. Vikings
Running game will be very good, but Tarvaris Jackson has to be able to keep defenses honest. I have serious doubts as to whether he can do that with his arm, legs maybe. I just feel like he's not ready yet. Their D will be good as well. Basically they are a lot like the Packers only their problem will be passing instead of running, and due to my life creed I have to pick the Packers above them.

4. Lions
Offense is getting a lot better. They could really do for a good young QB to wait in the wings of Kitna. Their defense is still too horrible for them to climb out of the bottom.

1. Saints
I love Drew Brees and the Saints' offense. Their defense is a question mark but I think, like last season, they'll be fine in that department. I just don't see what's not to like about the Saints in comparison to the rest of the South.

2. Panthers
They're going to be good. They have the potential to win the division but I'm not high on Delhomme or Carr and I see them in a tight race with Seattle for the Wild Card this season

3. Buccaneers
They have a lot of QBs but I'm not sure they have the right guy. Their defense is also getting old and their offensive talent isn't that good that it will be able to pull the rest of the team.

4. Falcons
I don't envy Bobby Petrino. He's inherited what looked like a good job that actually ended up being a nightmare. I just hope he gets his fair shot to rebuild the team. I hope he doesn't get judged by the results of this season because I don't think it will be good.

1. Rams
Bulger and Jackson are both extremely underrated in my mind. They have super depth at WR and I think their defense is on the upswing. They are going to score a lot of points and will now have enough "D" to hold most teams off. I really like the Rams this year.

2. Seahawks
The Seahawks have hit a plateau. They're not getting any better, just slowly less good. They'll look a lot the same but I think the Rams are just that much improved that they won't be able to finish ahead of them. They'll be frontrunners in the wildcard race though.

3. 49ers
Moving in the right direction. Depending on the play of Alex Smith I think they could finish higher than the Seahawks, but I'm not gunna predict it. They're young and good and will only get better under Mike Nolan, who in my mind is a great up-and-coming coach in the league.

4. Cardinals
They have amazing skill players, below-average coaching staff, horrible Oline, and a horrible defense. You can't win with that, but they're pointed in the right direction and they'll score points this season.

NFC Title Game
Eagles over Bears

Super Bowl
Patriots over Eagles

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2007 AFC Predictions

With the NFL Season only two days away, it seems proper to do some predictions.

1. Patriots
Definitely the most talented team and best coached team in NFL. The WR corps will be very solid after adding Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, and Wes Walker. Now that Corey Dillon is gone, I believe Laurence Maroney will be one of the top rushers in the AFC and should get plenty of carries and yards if he can stay healthy. The Defense is one of the best in the league which includes the best defensive front along with new addition at LB in Roosevelt Colvin.

2. Jets
The Jets are primed to show everyone that last year was no fluke. The Jets have plenty of question marks. Who knows who the starting QB will be by the end of the season. Chad Pennington is just too inconsistent, I see Kelly Clemens starting not before long. Thomas Jones was a great off-season pickup, it seems Jets' RBs always accumulate a ton of yards so Jones should put up some good numbers if he stays healthy. The defense is mediocre and young and will have a hard time stopping the run.

3. Bills
I still think the Bills are another year away from contending for the top spot. The offense should produce and be able to put up some impressive numbers; J.P. Losman looks like a true QB, Lee Evans is a great WR, and Marshawn Lynch will be a great back with his strength and speed. The defense will be holding them back after losing Nate Clements, London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes

4. Dolphins
The Dolphins have too many issues. Trent Green? Come on now. That alone speaks for itself...

1. Bengals
I truly think this is the Bengals' year to win the north. The offense is no doubt one of the best in the league with Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, T.J.Houshmandzadeh, and Rudi Johnson leading the way. I think the defense will be very productive this year, the line is very underrated and the LBs and secondary are loaded with play makers who can create some turnovers and get some big stops.

2. Ravens
The Defense is stellar, including the best secondary in the NFL and will keep them in every game. But the offense seems to be stagnant at times. McNair is old and other than Willis McGahee they lack big play makers on offense.

3. Steelers
The offense will be great with Ben Roethlisberger, Willie Parker, and Hines Ward. I think the Steelers can bounce back but Mike Tomlin won't center the offense around Parker, which is a huge mistake.

4. Browns
It's going to be a long season for the Browns. They have QB problems, not to mention a semi-tough schedule. Brady Quinn will be starting not before too long.

1. Colts
The Super Bowl champs will contend for another title. We all know the offense is great and will be able to put up loads and loads of points, but the defense still needs to improve. I think Anthony Gonzalez will be a great No. 3 WR and Joseph Addai is one of the premier backs in the league. Addai's role will expand and should put up some impressive numbers.

2. Jaguars
The Jags definitely have a solid defense but I dont know how far David Garrard is capable of taking this team. Maurice Jones-Drew is a solid back but they need the WRs to step up.

3. Titans
Vince Young is a good QB but still needs to find some kind of rhythm in the NFL. The offense doesn't have any other big-time threats. Give the Titans one or 2 more years.

4. Texans
Do I really even need to explain?

1. Chargers
The offense is splendid and guess what? Norv Turner said Ladainian Tomlinson will be even more involved in the offense, even though it seemed he was involved in about 90% of their plays last season. The defense will continue to be one of the best in the NFL.

2. Broncos
Denver will be improved from last season, I see Travis Henry rushing for over 1,500 yards. Jay Cutler will be more comfortable behind center and Javon Walker will have one of his best seasons yet.

3. Chiefs
The offense has plenty of holes to fill and will be worse than mediocre. The defense is pretty talented but won't be enough to get them above 5 wins.

4. Raiders
Still have plenty of problems on the offense but the defense is very promising and should help them win a few games. I am still baffled by the recent signing of Daunte Culpepper.

AFC Title Game Prediction:
New England over Cincinnati

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Boo-Hoo Big Blue

Don't say that I didn't sort of call it...(Proof). After possibly the largest upset in college football history what else did you expect me to write about?

First off, hats off to the Appalachian State University Mountaineers! You should be very proud and you are part of a great, great program that I think will become 3-peat D1-AA (FCS) National Champions this season, and you probably belong in the D1-A (BCS).

Next, Wolverine players, coaches and fans you should be ashamed. No D1-AA (FCS) team has ever beaten a top 25 AP ranked team. Now they've beaten a top 5 AP ranked team! Not only was the game just embarrassing for the Wolverines, but I want to know who the hell thought it would be smart to play Appalachian State for a season opener? Did they think it would be a warm-up game like many other top-ranked teams had? That was a HUGE and catastrophic scheduling mistake. There are a lot of BCS teams that they would have been better off playing, rather than just another one of those FCS "push overs".

In my opening paragraph I posed this as the biggest upset in college football history. I'm sure some of you readers cringed there, but I want you to really dig deep into your sports minds and find me a bigger upset. Without being illogical or retarded, you can't. Like I said, a D1-AA team had never beaten a ranked I-A team! There aren't many teams in the Big Ten who can go into "The Big House" and take one from Michigan. I'm calling it the biggest upset in college football history and if you disagree drop it as a comment.

As for Michigan....your season is over before it even began. Chad Henne and Mike Hart must be stoked to have come back for the 2007 season right now, and Lloyd Carr has made a complete fool of himself. This was a huge scheduling mistake and a huge coaching mockery. Carr is lucky to have such a history at Michigan and such a good relationship with his AD, because I think he deserves to lose his job. I've never fancied him as the upper-tier coach many have him thought out to be. I've always found him to be a sub-par coach, but this has sealed the deal for me. Considering that it made no sense to schedule this game, especially as their opener. That along with the actual coaching that went on during the game, and cap it off with the stunning post game conference, where Carr literally didn't know what to say (I looked on YouTube but it's not up yet. I'm sure it's a matter of hours) and I really can comfortably tell you that I don't think Lloyd Carr is a good coach. He is a sub-par coach at best who greatly benefits from having the great, blue-chip, talented prospects that the U. of Michigan draws. Even today, they couldn't save him.

After the upset here is what I know for sure: Michigan won't be ranked next week (or shouldn't anyways), Lloyd Carr is going to face some potent fan dissatisfaction, Michigan's only hope for a BCS bowl is to run the table and win the Big Ten, and you can expect to see a lot of Appalachian State Mountaineers apparel around the Big Ten this year, I was rooting for the Mountaineers all along, I loved every minute of Michigan going down today and took an intensely gratifying and sick pleasure from Michigan's misery.