Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My World In Sports: Football is Awesome

Right now my sports life is almost completely dominated by football right now. What else do you expect me to talk about? I've been taking a lot of notes this week so I'm goin' bullet format tonight.

College Football
  • Michigan's sucks and their only hope is winning the Big10.
  • Hawaii's schedule might not be easy enough!
  • Matt Flynn might be able to manage his way to the national championship game
  • Virginia Tech shows that Offense wins games and... victories lead to championships?
  • If Appalatian State goes undefeated (they will) they could crack the top 25.
  • Oregon -along with the Pac10 in general- is overrated
  • Jake Locker is a stud on the field and will bring Washington back to the promise land (plus he's 6'3" and runs a 4.5 40 yrd. dash - that's nearly Reggie Bush-esque)
  • I hope USC vs. Nebraska is a close game
  • Notre Dame vs. Michigan will be a highly contested suck-fest

My Weekend
I'm pretty pumped about my weekend. First I'm getting up and going to watch the Central Washington Wildcats take on my UND Fighting Sioux at home. As soon as the game is over, me and some friends are driving down to Fargo to meet Ming and go watch the NDSU vs. Sam Houston State game. I'm pretty pumped to see Rhett Bomar play in the Fargodome (never thought I'd be saying that). I think UND will dominate C. Washington but NDSU vs. Sam Houston State should be a good game I think!....I also can't wait until UND is D1 next season.


  • There is going to be a lot of defense in the NFC North this season (and lack of offense)
  • Mason Crosby is going to be a great kicker in the NFL (he's got leg)
  • I'm praying for Kevin Everett and his family - that injury was/is one of the nastiest I've seen
  • Jamarcus Russel is a greedy bastard. Atleast we can stop talking about it!
  • I was truly disappointed by Saints vs. Colts
  • Veteran star RBs struggled while some young rookies showed up (Lynch, Peterson)
  • The Patriots will win this year's Superbowl
  • Randy Moss is going to have the second best season of his career this year
  • Too many key and striking important injuries to individually name (other than Everett)


Bryan said...

How dare you insult the Lumberjacks' chances vs App St, how dare you.

Russel just wanted to be paid like the slot said he should be, but for some reason Al Davis drafted a quarterback when he wanted to pay him like a D-lineman. I blame the Raiders.

The Lions will consist of 60% of the NFC North's combined total offense.

Be sure to ask Rhett where you can get a good deal on a car in Norman... I hear he's the guy to ask. That Jackass.

Stefan Ming said...

First off the Pac 10 is not overrated, 2nd best conference in the country.

UND will beat Central Washington, but it could be close. They beat Humboldt as well, 44-0.

NDSU-Sam Houston St. is going to be a great game, 4th ranked team vs. 14th ranked team. If NDSU plays like they did against SFA, they wont win.

grittysquirrels said...

I agree that the PAC10 is the second best team in the country but I think they don't get the credit they deserve.

UND vs. C. Wash will be closer than the Humbolt game but look how UND handled SUU...I think they have nothing to worry about

I'm pumped for NDSU Sam Houston St.
NDSU's Dline needs to turn it up though. They can't afford to give Bomar the kind of time they gave southall otherwise he'll pick them apart otherwise they leave the secondary in a bad spot. Walker can't throw the picks either.

Stefan Ming said...

two of the picks weren't walkers fault, they were tipped. He threw 4 picks all of last season and he already has 4 this year.

You said the Pac 10 is overrated though so why did you say they dont get enough credit?

And SUU is a horrible FCS team. But I will give UND credit for the win. But you guys better not take C. Wash too lightly.

Bryan said...

gotta love the inter-TSF trash talk.