Saturday, September 29, 2007

Live Blog: Two Minute Drill - Oklahoma vs. Colorado

-4th Quarter - 1:23 to play...
The Oklahoma Sooners are in a tight one right now with the Colorado Buffaloes. The score is tied at 24 with 1:23 left in the 4th quarter. The Buffs returned a punt earlier to the OU 50.

-37 seconds left
Colorado has been running the ball very well and are now inside OU's 30 yard line.

-2 Seconds left
4th and 3 now for Colorado at the OU 37. Colorado now set to kick a potential game winning FG. OU calls a timeout.

Doesn't appear OU will use it's final timeout; the snap, the hold, the kick, it's GOOD. COLORADO Upsets number 4 ranked OKLAHOMA SOONERS 27-24. What an upset.

Sorry for starting the live blog late. This is something new we have started. Look for a more comprehensive and interactive live blog next time. In case you're wondering, TSF has started a new Live Blog called "Two Minute Drill", where if a big upset is in the potential we will live blog the final two minutes of the game right here at TSF.

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Neil Joshi said...

This has been a crazy weekend of college football, that Oklahome upset was the first of many.

Five of the top 10 have lost this weekend, and it looks like Cal will be ranked 3rd next week, which was unfathomable to me preseason.