Sunday, September 16, 2007

My World In Sports: What a Weekend!

Both Stefan and I have been super busy this weekend with our football/college lives. While we do apologize for the lack of posting we hope you enjoyed this weekend's games! I'm gonna get a quick post in now before church and one of us will get back at you a little later.

I saw some absolutely amazing football in person on Saturday
Saturday morning I woke up and ordered some Deek's Pizza (amazing) and set out for the Alerus Center to watch UND take on Central Washington. The game was a lot closer than I figured with the Sioux winning 35-28. Sophomore Ryan Chappell had a historic day setting UND's single-game rushing record at 306 yards! He also went for a couple TDs along with that. It was really fun to watch him do that. It is worth mentioning that he went out with 5 mins left in the 4th quarter with leg cramps, otherwise he would have had even more yards rushing!

After that game I promptly got in the car and drove down to Fargo to see the Sam Houston State Fighting Rhett Bomar's take on the NDSU Bison. This was the best college football game I've ever been to! It didn't take long to realize that Rhett Bomar is still very good and he is basically their whole team. Ming was very right in saying that this was the D1-AA (FCS) game of the week! When NDSU scored the go-ahead TD with 7 sec. left the whole Fargodome went absolutely nuts....I love it. (Rhett Bomar could probably play in the NFL someday)

When Brett Favre Retires from the NFL I Will Retire From Life
Today really reminded me why I love Brett Favre. The game wasn't on FOX because they're retarded and aired ALIAS instead. However, I was able to watch the gamecast online, catch highlights, and listen to it on the radio. Favre was Favre again today. He was putting the ball in places where only his guys could catch it and the Pack really laid it on the Giants at home. IF my calculations are correct (I'm too lazy to look) but I believe he needs 3 TDs to tie and 4 to take the all-time record. He passed Elway today as the all-time winningest QB. I love the Packers Defense and more importantly I love Brett Favre.

Sorry if this disappoints but I need to go to church now.


Stefan Ming said...

yes, def. the best college football game i've ever been to as well. minnesota-ndsu is up there as well.

Bryan said...

"get to church cause you're a good girl"

that's all i'll say besides we meet again atop the NFC North standing for another week my Packer friend, and Farve is also 2 INTs away from that record as well. said...

Ahh I could for some greasy Deek's pizza or a grinder from the Red Pepper..Is slapshot still around?

Thoughts on UND moving to D1? Last time I was in the fargodome I saw Kleinsasser catch a pass from Sean Greenwaldt and burn two NDSU safeties for a touchdown.