Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quick MLB Predictions

Since the dawn of the football season that's basically all we've talked about. So, with the little free-time that I have I want to throw out so MLB Predictions as we approach the end of the regular season.

East Winner= Mets hold off Phillies
Central Winner= Brewers hold off Cubs and I get $5 from twins15! - PS It would be against my code to pick otherwise

West Winner= Padres over-take Arizona with great pitching down the stretch
Wildcard Winner= Arizona Diamondbacks
MVP Winner= Prince Fielder, MIL
Cy Yound Winner= Jake Peavey, SD

East Winner= Boston hold off the Evil Empire
Central Winner= The Indians
West Winner= The Angels...Duh!
Wildcard Winner= The Evil Empire (NY Yankees for all you non-baseball fans out there)
MVP Winner= Alex Rodriguez, NYY
Cy Young Winner= Josh Beckett, BOS

What do you think about these predictions? What are yours?...Back with more orgasmic college football posts later in the week!


twins15 said...

Just give me the $5 right now!

My prediction is that Hanley Ramirez will deserve the MVP, but he won't get it.

grittysquirrels said...


There is no doubt in my mind that Hanley Ramirez is an awesome player and is extremely underrated. However, I don't see how anyone other than Prince will win the MVP, or even really deserves it.

Judging by where the Brewers and the Marlins are sitting right now in regards to making the playoffs I think it's simple to see that Prince has done so much for the young feel-good brewers.

Plus, with a stat line like this:
102R, 158H, 33 2B, 2 3B,47HR, 112 RBI, 76BB, .388 OBP, .619 SLG, .291 AVG

It's hard to make a case against him even if my Brewers narrowly miss the playoffs!

Bryan said...

Utley should get the NL MVP, and I'd like to see that argument for Prince vs. Chase. As far as being most valuable, it was proven how valuable Chase has been. Howard is having a very off year, and Rollins is doing well, but they have no pitching and barely any offense outside of the big 3. Fielder plays in a weaker division, his team isn't rolling JD Durbin out there every 5 days, and his offense is a bit more explosive. Despite all that, the Phillies are in the chase for the much stronger NL East.

Utley gets it for me. I think Jake prefers Peavy, and the Tigers are done for this year. Sadly.

twins15 said...

Fielder is not necessarily a bad choice, I just like Hanley a little more. They get on base at the same rate. Fielder's obvious advantage is his SLG, but he is only 50 points higher in that category.

But Hanley has the ginormous edge on the basepaths, with 50 SB at a solid success rate. He also plays SS, making him more valuable.

And Utley would be a fine choice, but he missed about a month and only has a hsade under 550 PAs. Hanley has about 650, and Fielder has about 625. That's a lot for Utley to make up in terms of value.

1. Hanley Ramirez - 85.2
2. David Wright - 71.8
3. Chipper Jones - 71.3
4. Matt Holliday - 71.1
5. Miguel Cabrera - 65.8
6. Albert Pujols - 65.0
7. Prince Fielder - 64.2

twins15 said...

Let me also mention that I place absolutely no significance on how good each player's team is given that this is an individual award. Just my personal opinion.

Stefan Ming said...

it's for the most valuable playerl not the most valuable on the best team