Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is Tom Brady The Greatest Quarterback Ever?

Everyone defines greatness a different way. Some define greatness through records. Some define it through championships. When you think of great quarterbacks some that come right to mind are Unitas, Montana, Marino, Bradshaw, Starr, Staubach, Elway, Farve, Manning, and, whether you love him or you hate him, Brady. On Sunday, Tom Brady has a chance to do what none of the quarterbacks on that list have done, and that is go undefeated. Some already say Brady is the greatest postseason quaterback of all-time and his resume defends that argument very well. Three Super Bowl rings, an undefeated record at home in the playoffs, and two Super Bowl MVPs. Not to mention he is the leader of what might go down as the best football team to ever step on a football field. Not bad for a sixth round draft pick out of the University of Michigan.

What It Really Means To Go Undefeated?

It means you will be glorified in history forever. Everyone knows Don Shula because he was the only coach to go undefeated. No matter how much you hate the New England Patriots, you have to admire the accomplishments that are waiting for them if they can get by the Giants Sunday. They may have "cheated", teams may have let the game slip through their hands, but they are the only team without a loss this season. Us haters may gripe and groan if in fact by the end of Sunday night the Patriots do win, but regardless of the outcome we will have seen history Sunday night. I have already explained what it means to go undefeated, but what if the all-mighty Patriots fall on Sunday? The Giants will have pulled off the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. Whatever happens its a story we can tell our kids, our grandkids, and maybe even our great grandkids. Because being perfect never happens No baseball team has won 173 baseball games, No one wins 98 basketball games, and its hard to find a team that can go undefeated in college football and they play no more than 13 or 14 games. 36 years have passed since the Dolphins went undefeated and it maybe another 36 or more before we seen another great team like the Patriots.

Where does Brady Rank as Far As Greatest of All-Time?

Right now Tom Brady is not the best quarterback to ever play the game, but he is close. I still think San Francisco great Joe Montana is the best quarterback to ever play football. To me its not all about the records, its about stepping up when the light is shined on you. Montana did that better than any quarterback I have ever seen play. He pulled last minute heroics (i:e The Catch against the Cowboys), and he shattered the competition when the experts doubted him (i:e 55-10 Super Bowl drubbing against the #1 scoring defense in Denver). Another thing Montana has four Super Bowl rings. Brady only has three. But Brady has a great chance of surpassing Montana. Why Brady has a chance is because he still rather young. Brady is only 30 years old, and is hitting his prime right now. If he stays in the NFL for 5 or 6 more years he could win more rings and could make more memorable moments. When it is all said and done Brady could be the best player that ever played the game. Thats right not just quarterback but player. In fact Sunday might be the day he passes Joe Montana, because no great quarterback has ever lead their team to an undefeated season. Tom Brady will no doubt be heading to Canton when his career is over, but we will have to wait and see if in fact he will go down as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Never too Early for Brackets

I stumbled across some articles on Yahoo and Rivals. Rivals has an early predictions bracket for which teams will make it and what seed they will be. They have a few more articles about teams on the rise and bubble teams. I always love predictions on the NCAA Tournament, it just gets me more excited and eager for March Madness.

I would like to give a few predictions and some insight myself.

Darkhorse Final Four Candidates you could easily pass up:
Washington St.

My current Final Four Predictions: *(Subject to Change)
Michigan St.

Mid-Majors to keep an eye on:
Rhode Island
St. Mary's
Oral Roberts

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How Quickly and Slowly Three Years Passes

I'm not quite sure if it seems like only yesterday, or if it seems like ages ago that Patriots Linebacker Tedy Bruschi suffered a stoke and experienced a brush with death. I was just thinking about this just the other day and I couldn't believe that the media was too busy talking about Tom Brady's ankle to give a great story like this some pub. Both Stefan and I have been very busy lately and I only got around to it today to see that ESPN had already put out a little piece on Teddy. I had my heart set on it so i had to post it anyways.

I will be completely honest, I don't like the Patriots. I especially dislike the whole cheating/spygate scandal. I've never cared for Bill Belichick, although I consider him to be the best coach in the NFL right now and maybe of all-time. I even will be rooting against the Patriots on Sunday. I've been rooting against them the whole year and will continue to do so. This being said, I have immense respect for Tedy Bruschi and what he's done. I can't even imagine having and stroke and surviving, let alone getting back to playing in the NFL.

"What we've done, is sport, not real life. What Tedy accomplished, it's pretty much a miracle, really. I mean, come on now, the two aren't even close." - SS Rodney Harrison

You can add Rodney Harrison to the list of players I could care less for but he really keeps this one in perspective I think. Not only has Tedy come back he is maybe better than ever. Although he lost maybe a half step he has help up great all year and has good numbers. For a second consecutive season, Bruschi has led all New England defenders in tackles (99) and you can go ahead and throw in 2 sacks for good measure.

You can say what you want about the New England Patriots, because I know that I have. But don't root against this guy. I have immense respect for him and always will. He's a great player and will be my lone personal silver-lining to the Superbowl if the Patriots win it all. I hope that the media can switch their focus over to this remarkable story and one of the greatest comebacks in NFL and sporting history in this week leading up to the Superbowl.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

College Basketball Power Rankings

It's time for our first rankings of the season for College Hoops.

1.(Tie) Memphis & Kansas
It is still tough to tell who is the clear-cut number one. Both Memphis and KU are very similar in many ways. They both play the same type of game, fast paced and rely on their speed and athleticism. Both have some great wins with Memphis beating Georgetown, USC, Arizona, and Gonzaga and KU topping Arizona and USC. Memphis may have a few bigger wins but the Big XII schedule evens it out for Kansas. We may not know who is the "true" number one until one of these team loses or maybe not until they meet in the NCAA Tournament.

3. North Carolina
I'll take UNC over Duke even though the Heels lost to Maryland and Duke beat them. UNC is still one of the best teams in the country with one of the best point guards in Tywon Lawson. We may know more a little more about the depth and toughness of this team after a tough stretch with games vs. Boston College, at Florida St., and a February 6 showdown with Duke.

UCLA does have two losses but they were both to two great teams in Texas and USC. The Bruins have been dealt with some injuries so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Darren Collison finally seems to be 100% and Josh Shipp is one of the best players in the country. Once they're fully healed and everyone is back they will be poised to make a title run.

5. Duke
Duke is a great team but I am not really sure yet if they can hang with Memphis, Kansas, UNC, or UCLA. They don't have a dominating post presence and their guards are pretty weak. I don't know if Jon Scheyer and Greg Paulus can hang with the other top guards on those teams. But Duke has been very impressive with some good wins. They're a young team and if they can knock off UNC next week, they will definitely turn my head.

6. Georgetown
I probably shouldn't admit this, but it will only benefit you with my expertise, but I feel Georgetown will be another legit Final Four team. I was one of a few last year who thought they were a Final Four team at this point in time last season. I don't see any reason for that to change this year. They have the type of offense that can control the tempo of the game, a dominating inside presence with Roy Hibbert and other big men in Vernon Macklin, Pat Ewing Jr., and Dajuan Summers that will just wear you down physically and emotionally. They have some great wins thus far and they always seem to win the close ones.

7. Michigan St.
I really like MSU right now as well. They play great team defense and Drew Neitzel is one of the best and most experienced PG's in the land. Raymar Morgan has been a pretty big surprise so far as he leads the team with 16.6 PPG.

8. Tennessee
Except for the loss to Texas, the Vols have been great. They have balanced scoring with 4 players averaging double figures and 2 more averaging 8.9 PPG. As of right now I really like Tennessee to win the SEC and push for a 2 seed, maybe even a 1 seed with no other top teams being from the SEC this season.

9. Washington St.
WSU is a team that could push UCLA for the conference title. They lost a close one to the Bruins a few weeks back and they showed last year that they are the real deal. They play great defense and are a team that can really control the tempo. Also, they have some depth that will help them make a deep run in March,

10. Texas
Texas has had some tough losses lately, one of them was on a last second shot to Wisconsin. They've shown they can win the big games without Kevin Durant. They have one of the best back-courts in the nation in D.J. Augustin and A.J. Abrams. Their showdown with Kansas will be a good one!

Next Up:
Butler, Indiana, Wisconsin, Stanford, Drake, and Xavier,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Third Time Is A Charm For Tynes and The New York Giants

A 47 yard field goal stood in the way of the New York Giants, and a date with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42. It was that simple. However there was a problem, Lawrence Tynes had missed the previous two fields goals which would of given New York the lead. That and both field goals were closer than the one Tynes was about to attempt. The pressure was on. If Tynes misses this field goal he is the most hated person in the big apple, but if he makes it he redeems himself and is a self proclaimed hero. The snap good, the hold good, the kick straight down the middle. Lambeau field left stunned as the Giants, who basically kept Green Bay in the game down the stretch, went in and upset Brett Farve and the Packers. Now, just like a month ago, the 30 other football teams along with football fans outside of the Boston Massachusetts area will be rooting for the New York Giants as they are the final team in the way of the Patriots and the glory of being undefeated. Why is everyone behind the Giants you ask? Because No one wants to see Bill Belichick to hoist another Lombardi Trophy , no one wants to see Tom Brady win another Super Bowl MVP, and no one wants to see the Patriots go undefeated.

Giant's Playing Lights Out Since Round 1 With The Patriots.
Tom Coughlin deserves a contract extension for making the decision to play his starters in a "meaningless" game to try and stop the Patriots from making history. The Giants were already in the playoffs, and could of rested their starters in order for them to be fresh for the wildcard round of the playoffs. Instead, he looked at the game as a "must win", and pulled out all the trick in order to trip up the Patriots. It didn't look like Eli Manning was playing the Patriots night in late December. It looked like another Peyton Manning/Tom Brady classic battle. In his four years in the league, I have never seen Eli Manning play as good as he did that night. The crazy thing is he has managed to carry that momentum throughout the playoffs, being the only quarterback in the playoffs to not throw an interception. Manning has been rewarded with another shot at the all-mighty Patriots, but this time the game has much more meaning to it. If the Giants lose, the Patriots will be the first team in NFL history to go 19-0 in a season and will have won their fourth Super Bowl title of this decade. But if the Giants win, a sports nation will rejoice. Patriots haters everywhere will bow in front of their television sets, and thank the Giants for beating those damn Patriots.

Eli Proved He Is A Good Quarterback

Ok so if anyone read my last weeks column that said Eli Manning was mediocre, I would like to take that statement back. At the end of my column I said if he was able to beat the Green Bay Packers he would leave me speechless, and as Tynes 47 yard field goal went right down the middle of the goal posts thats what I was. I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that Green Bay was going home. I didn't want to believe that just a year after his older brother Peyton made it to the Super Bowl, that little brother Eli would be playing for his first ring. I didn't want to write this and say hey Eli Manning is actually a good quarterback. Because you have to have a good quarterback in order to win on the road consistently in the NFL, especially in the playoffs. Forget that he played god awful in front of the home town Giants fans, going 3-5 in their 8 home games (including 4 straight). If you saw the Giants road to Super Bowl 42 then you would know that it was anything but a cake walk. The Giants played in three of the toughest stadiums to get there, and three good quarterbacks who were wanting their own playoff success story. They faced a Hall of Fame quarterback destined to end his storybook career with a win in the Super Bowl. They faced a gun slinging Cowboy, who up until the media swarmed him with questions about playing with little blond sticks watching, was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. They faced a traveled veteran who was looking for his chance at playoff stardom. Now the Giants face a man picked in the 6th round of the NFL draft, and might be the most successful playoff quarterback in NFL history. Can the Giants stop Tom Brady and the mighty Patriots? As the Giants have shown us throughout the playoffs, anything is possible.

Nate Gonner is a guest writer for The Sports Flow. He writes his columns every Monday and Thursday for Gonners View. Check his site out here

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Top 5 Rookie peformers in the NBA So Far

Here are a look at the top 5 picks in the NBA Draft last year:

#1 Greg Oden - Portland Trailblazers
Key Stats: N/A - out for the year
#2 Kevin Durant - Seattle Supersonics
Key Stats: 19.3 points 4.2 rebounds 1.14 blocks.
#3 Al Horford - Atlanta Hawks
Key Stats: 8.9 points 9.7 rebounds 1.12 blocks.
#4 Mike Conley Jr. - Memphis Grizzlies
Key Stats: 8.7 points 5.0 assists in 26 minutes.
#5 Jeff Green - Seattle Supersonics
Key Stats: 9 points 4.8 rebounds.

My Top 5 Thus Far:
#1 Kevin Durant - Seattle Supersonics
WOW. While the Sonics have flopped this year Durant has been a definite bright spot! Durant's biggest criticism coming out of college was that he was too lanky, and needed to put on more weight. While this might effect his rebounding ability, his long arms and freakish wingspan have made him difficult to guard on the offense end and have allowed him to block more than a shot a game. He's already averaging nearly 20 points a night as a rookie, expect his game to really flourish in the next 2-3 seasons. Remember he is only 19, as his game and body develop, we are looking at a guy who will eventually be averaging 25+ points, 6-7 rebounds. His game reminds me a little of a taller more athletic Allen Iverson....that's a good thing. This kid is going to be around for a long time!

#2 Yi Jilian - Milwaukee Bucks
I'm not going to lie, I didn't like this pick for the Bucks at all when it happened. However, Yi continues to surprise me with his overall talent level, and as good as Al Horford is, I think Yi would have been a better pick for the Hawks. Yi's got more upside as a scorer, and probably projects better as a shot-blocker, too. Being as he's had to adjust to the American game and culture (unlike Al) suggests that when he figures it out, he'll stand alongside Durant as one of the top two rookies of this class (Greg Oden considered a rookie next season).

#3 Al Horford - Atlanta Hawks
He's real helped to breathe some life into the franchise and he's got them sitting around .500 which is quite an accomplishment. He's had a fine rookie season, already playing big minutes and contributing nearly a double- double a night. He has room to improve and although he's not a prolific scorer he moves great without the ball and has established him down in the paint. and he's a great rebounder He's also a lot quicker than I thought he was.

#4 Sean Williams - NJ Nets
Williams still has a lot of growing to do offensively, but he has a nice turnaround jumper from the block and he can finish strong drives with his left hand. This shows in my mind that he has a solid scoring foundation, and the fact that he has these moves suggests he is not as raw as people think. When I watch Williams, I see a young man who is always around the ball and the rim, keeping balls alive and creating opportunities for teammates and He's one of the fastest guys I've ever seen, in terms of his recovery speed as a basketball player. Overall I'm very pleasantly surprised by when I've seen from Mr. Williams and I think he is on his way to becoming a very good player.

#5 Jamario Moon - Toronto Raptors
This guy is a hustler. He works so hard and is only just starting to get some of the recognition that he deserves. He had a 19-game shot-blocking streak in December and in my opinion Moon has the size, agility and length to be a very good defensive stopper. Right now he might lack the strength to defend some of the league's stronger guards and wings. With his high-energy hustling play I think he has to be accounted for on both ends of the floor.

Point Guard U?

The University of Arizona has produced some talented and top point guards the last decade or so, with some of them moving onto the NBA and some just looking to get their careers started.

It is pretty unbelievable how many great point guards have come through this program. It all started in 1991 with Khalid Reeves who went on to play 6 successful seasons in the NBA for the Heat, Hornets, Nets, Mavs, Pistons, and Bulls.

The very next season in 1992, Damon Stoudamire came along. Every one knows about the short lefty who's been playing in the NBA forever. He helped take the Blazers to numerous playoff runs and a few Western Conference Final Runs. Stoudamire is still in the NBA to this day, playing for the Grizzlies.

Jason Terry and Mike Bibby, both current NBA stars for the Mavs and Kings, have had great careers. They both helped Arizona win the 1997 National Championship.

Gilbert Arenas lead the Wildcats for two solid seasons, his team lost in the national championship to Duke in 2001. Arenas is now one of the top players in the league and may just be the best PG's in the league as well.

Jason Gardner was the last great PG to play for the Wildcats. He may not have had any type of NBA season, but Gardner was solid throughout his year for the U of A.
Nowdays, Jerrid Bayless is poised to follow in the foot steps of the great U of A point guards. Bayless is only a freshman and is not only one of the top freshman PGs, but one of the top PG's in the country.

And the trend is still going, the nations current top high school poing guard, has signed a LOI to Arizona for next season. Some experts compare him to Sam Cassell. Jennings and Bayless are poised to lead Arizona to atop the country once again as the will both continue the great point guard legacy at the University of Arizona.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2007 NFL Championship Weekend Preview

NY Giants at GB Packers

It has been almost a decade since my dad and I got to watch a Packer game this important and I couldn't be more excited! When I look at Giants’ newfound success it seems hard to pinpoint just because it’s so newfound and a little mysterious. When I look at their game against Dallas I find it necessary to mention the fact that they only ran 44 offensive plays in a game. That is ridiculously low. Their longest drive was eight plays long and ended in a punt. Their time of possession was 23:30. The Cowboys actually outgained them by over 100 yards. The G-Men were efficient on offense and scored touchdowns instead of field goals, with no turnovers. But they won with defense, especially that nasty pass rush that had Romo so rattled in the fourth quarter.

The Packers can shut down everything the Giants did well in the Divisional Round.
You think Charles Woodson and Al Harris won't eat Little Manning for dinner? Do you think the Packers will sacrifice Favre the way Dallas failed to protect Romo? Will they abandon their game plan in the second half? Mike McCarthy proved his maturity in sticking to the gameplan last weekend when the Packers found themselves in a 14-0 hole early. However he stayed committed and it worked. I was very impressed. New York's defense is very comparable to Seattle’s, and Green Bay embarrassed the Seahawks this weekend. The Packers have an outstanding offensive line and a quarterback whose strength is handling a pass rush. They are equipped to handle everything the Giants do well, and unless Eli turns into Peyton and Tiki Barber un-retires, I don't know how New York is going to match points with the Packers. Am I a homer? Well, I’ve been called one before. Is this a homer pick? NO!
Prediction: GB 34 NYG 21

SD Chargers at NE Patriots
I underestimated San Diego last week, and I hope I'm not doing it again now, but I don't see the Chargers beating New England. I'll even be a little surprised if they keep it close. Forget the injuries — Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Luis Castillo, Nate Kaeding — and the Patriots' substantial home-field advantage in frosty Foxborough. Forget the 38-14 beatdown New England threw down on the Chargers earlier this season and last year's Patriot win in San Diego that knocked the Bolts out of the playoffs. The Chargers, talented as they are, don't have the firepower to keep up with New England.

Their defense didn't look good against Indianapolis, and it probably won't look any better against New England's record-setting offense. Jacksonville's personnel dictated the "nothing cheap and nothing deep" strategy that allowed Brady to set a postseason record for single-game completion percentage, and the Chargers won't do that. Their strength is in a strong rush and pressure on the quarterback. The problem for San Diego is that their defensive backs, as good as Crowmartie and Jammer are, are going to be eaten alive by the Patriots' receivers

On offense, San Diego's weaponless attack — with Tomlinson and Gates gimpy — isn't likely to do much of anything against New England's defense. The Pats' defensive unit isn't what it once was, and there are vulnerabilities, but it's not going to fall apart the way the Colts' did, especially if Billy Volek is the starting QB. I believe New England will win, and win big.
Bring on a SB rematch from 1996-97!
prediction: NE 37 SD 17

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eli Manning Playing Consistent At The Right Time

So anyone who knows me at all knows how hard of a column this is to write for me. I have to swallow my pride and actually give credit to a quarterback who I flat out despise. However, something clicked in the New York Giants locker room after that narrow 38-35 loss to the New England Patriots to end the regular season. Maybe Manning found some type of confidence in himself that he could finally play with those elite teams in the NFL. Maybe they feel they aren't as intimidated to the New York media anymore. Maybe his older brother Peyton said something.

Whatever happened though it turned my perception of Manning as a football player around (I still don't like him as a person) from a horrible quarterback to eh he's not bad. It started with the second quarter of the Giants 24-14 win at Tampa Bay two Saturdays ago. The Bucs had dominated the first quarter and led 7-0. Then the Giants started to get into a groove, scoring 24 straight points. Then last week, Manning led the Giants passed the #1 seeded Cowboys, a team that beat the Giants twice in the regular season. In the two playoff games, Eli has thrown 4 touch down passes and no interceptions.

Still Can't Get Over Draft Day Four Years Ago.
Ok so for the people who don't know me, here is the reason why I dislike Eli Manning as much as I do. Four years ago when Manning was coming into the league, the San Diego Chargers had the #1 pick in the draft. Considering Manning was the number one NFL prospect that year, the Chargers were planning on using their pick on him. When he learned this he went and had a press conference begging the Chargers not to pick him, and told San Diego if they did pick him that he would not sign with them. I really couldn't believe it. Now I am not a Chargers fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought what he did to the Chargers was rather snobbish. That and I absolutely hate players who think they are "too good" for a team. I mean really who do you think you are Eli, your not Joe Montana or Dan Marino. You are the younger brother of Peyton Manning, that doesn't give you the right to choose where you get to play at. I mean you should be privileged to even be getting a chance to play in the National Football League.

Now some say Eli's dad, Archie Manning, had something to do with Eli's decision. While that might be true, this is what I have to say to Eli. Are you going to let your daddy make every decision for you? Freaking grow a pair, and just accept that you were going to be riding the bench for the Chargers for a couple of years. Basically for all of you who don't know what happens the Chargers do pick Manning, but eventually trade him to the Giants for Phillip Rivers and 3 other draft picks, which the Chargers used to draft Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding (the other they traded away for left tackle Roman Oben). So far it looks like the Chargers ended up with the better part of that deal. Until this season, heck until three weeks ago Manning has never lived up to his potential. Both in their fourth season in the league, Rivers and Manning are both one game away from the Super Bowl. The kicker is that Rivers did it in his second year as a starting quarterback, Manning did it in his fourth.

Eli's Chances Of Getting To Super Bowl 42.
The Giants are 9-1 in ten road games this season, while the Packers are 9-1 at home. Something has got to give. If the Giants have a chance to win they will have to limit the turnovers like they have been, and make sure that Brett Farve doesn't get comfortable in the pocket. Ultimately the game is being played in Brett Farve's ice kingdom aka Lambeau Field, and with the tempature expected to be in the teens I think the Packers will pull it out. I do want to bring up that Green Bay won the regular season meeting at the Meadowlands 35-13, and that was without Ryan Grant being the primary running back. If Grant played like he did after the first five minutes of last weeks game, it is going to be hard for the Giants to compete. Bottom line Eli is going to have to pull some of his big brothers heroics if he is going to win on Sunday. Who knows maybe he can. If he does he will lead the Giants to their first Super Bowl appearance since 2001, and that will keep his critics (including me) speechless.

Nate Gonner is a guest writer for The Sports Flow. He writes his columns every Monday and Thursday for Gonners View. Check his site out here

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Last Stand

Boxing has taken a turn for the worst the last several years. Gone are the days of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, and Bernard Hopkins.

But now it is mainly up to one man, Floyd Mayweather Jr., to help boxing save face. That's if he stays in the game.

Desperate matches have worn down boxing and has turned younger fans away from the sport. Basically Pay-Per-View is the only thing that has saved the sport, barely, but has given fighters a reason to stay in the ring. But it has also taken away many other viewers because some just don't care about it enough to buy the matches.

Mayweather decided to come out of short retirement to face one of the top boxers in Britain, Ricky Hatton. Mayweather completely embarrassed the Brit, knocking him out in the 10th round.

Mayweather is boxing's last hope. He can save the sport before it's too late. He is the best fighter of this era, dominating competition. He won a split decision last year over Oscar de la Hoya, in a fight that was supposed to revive boxing.

If Mayweather puts the gloves down for good soon, boxing will soon be done for. He has been the sports golden child for the last several years now, he's given it hope for many, he's brought money to it's name capturing audiences in fights, he's given kids that live in the ghettos a reason to believe in a future. He's been the pride and joy of the sport (even with his tantrums and childish behavior).

But it's not all up to Floyd, the IBF and USBA need to help him out as well. The people involved with the sport could come to an agreement to set up big matches, maybe even put one of these great fights on cable. Just continue to promote the sport with big fights. Who knows? It could work.

As a semi fan of boxing, yes I'll pay attention to the big fights every now and then. Floyd Mayweather Jr, it's up to you to save the sport that used to be one of America's greatest and most popular past times. It's now or never, because if you hang it up soon, boxing may be doomed for good.

Monday, January 14, 2008

T.O. Can't Fool Me

I'm assuming by now that most of you have seen T.O.'s press conference by now. You know, the one where he cries like a heartbroken little leaguer who's just had his season ended and doesn't know what to do with the rest of his summer. Did anybody feel bad for him? Because I most certainly did not. I actually don't buy those fake tears for a minute.

If there's one thing that will always be true it's the fact that T.O. is full of shit. He always wants 100% of the spotlight and 0% of the blame. This remained true after the Cowboy's extremely disappointing and season-ending loss on Sunday. He put on some humongous, ugly sunglasses and fake tears and "defended" his quarterback valiantly. However, he failed to take any of the blame for the big loss. In his defense, the fact that he didn't catch a ball in the entire 2nd half had nothing to do with the loss anyways (pick up on sarcasm). He was in fact the first to bring up Romeo's vacation with Jessica. He's planting the seed. If you're a T.O. fan, ignorant, soft-hearted, or all of the above you don't see that. But I see him planting the seed that will put the spotlight of blame on Tony Romo and keep that blame off of himself, while trying to make himself look like a great teammate.

He destroyed Jeff Garcia, he destroyed Donovan McNabb, he destroyed Drew Bloodsoe and now he begins his work in destroying Tony Romo. Does anybody else see this or am I going over the top with my distaste for T.O.?

Pete Carroll Would Be An Idiot To Leave USC

When I first heard that Pete Carroll was interested in talking to Arthur Blank about the coaching position for the Atlanta Falcons, I thought it was a joke. I mean you can't be serious right? Carroll wouldn't leave the dynasty he built in Southern California to go coach a disaster that is the Atlanta Falcons right? I understand an opportunity to coach a NFL team is a chance that doesn't come every day, but Carroll seems to have a pretty good job in California. He basically has a NFL team out their in California, especially since L.A hasn't had an NFL team since the Rams left for St. Louis. If I were Carroll, I wouldn't leave USC unless I was offered a job with his old team, the New England Patriots, or the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position. Because in my opinion, those are the only NFL teams that could beat USC year in an year out. Plus with his mediocre NFL coaching record why would he leave?
Carroll/Belichick both benefit from switch.
Who knew that when Carroll left the Patriots in 1999 that him and Bill Belichick would find success. So much success mind you that both coaches teams have the word Dynasty written all over them. Pete Carroll has won 6 straight Pac 10 titles, 2 National Championships, and is 5-1 in BCS games since taking over USC in 2001. His overall record at USC is 76-14. Not to mention he has one of the best recruiting classes year in and year out. Belichick has had the same type of success with New England. Since 2000, New England has only missed the playoffs twice. The Pats have won three Super Bowls, and this season went undefeated in the regular season for the first time since the Dolphins did it in 1972. Belichick's record in the post season is 14-3 including 7-0 in home playoff games. Both teams just don't lose very often. That is why I don't understand why Carroll would flirt with even the thought of coming back to the NFL. His record in the NFL is 33-31. It isn't bad but when you have a great record in the college ranks why leave?

Why Would the Falcons Want A College Coach?

This maybe more mind boggling to me then Carroll thinking about a return to the Pros. Did you not learn from your mistakes Atlanta? You just got screwed over by Bobby Petrino, and your first instinct is to go back to school to find your coach? I know you want a "sexy" name to coach your team after having a year to forget in 2007. However, you just got burned by a college coach, and I wouldn't go to college unless it was my last resort. If they burn you once shame on them, if they burn you twice shame on you Atlanta. Now I am not saying Carroll would leave you in the middle of the season, but he could leave if he didn't find instant success. Plus college coaches usually don't have great success in the pros. Just go out and get a proven winner in the pros. Marty Shottenheimer is still on the market, and we know he is a proven winner in the regular season. Look the Falcons are no where close to winning any playoff games, and for me I want to see improvement. A guy like Shottenheimer would bring some success in 2008. I wouldn't say they are going to go 8-8, but they need to improve on this years 4-12 record. I think it would be good for both Carroll and the Falcons to just shut these talks down and move on.

Gonner is a guest writer for The Sports Flow. He writes his columns every Monday and Thursday for Gonners View. Check his site out here

Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview

SEA Seahawks at GB Packers
This should be a really good game. Matt Hasselback will try to live down the whole, "we want the ball, we're gunna score" thing while trying to get over the .500 mark (sitting 4-4 for his playoff career). I will obviously be rooting for the Packers and, I will admit that I would rather have had them play the Redskins than the Seahawks. However, I'm pretty confident that Favre gets another big win in his playoff career. As long as the Packers can protect Favre from the likes of Kerney, Peterson, and Tatupu they should be victorious. I just think that the Seahawks aren't quite good enough. Shaun Alexander has not been impressive at all and I don't really see him being able to run the ball against the Packers' front 7. Side note: The Seahawks had the easiest schedule in football: their opponents had an adjusted combined record of 100-140. Are they a paper tiger in that sense?.....a little bit.
Prediction: GB 27 SEA 14

NY Giants at DAL Cowboys
Eli Manning led the Giants to a 4th quarter comeback victory four times this season: tied with Tom Brady for the league lead. Just something to keep in mind when you watch Eli struggle in the first half. I dont' see this being much of a game. I would love to see the Gmen beat down Romo and the 'Boys but with that extra week off they're going to be fully healthy and fully prepared. T.O will be back which will spell trouble for the Giants. True, it is difficult for any team to defeat a division opponent 3 times in a season but while I think Eli is progressing nicely, he’ll have to wait another year.
Prediction: DAL 30 NYG 10

JAX Jaguars at NE Patriots
This is the marquee match-up that I have been waiting all week for as the NFL’s top passing offense (New England) and the league’s No. 2 rushing offense (Jacksonville) take center stage. It is no secret that the Patriots are the biggest story so far this season going 16-0 in the regular season (The NFL’s fourth unbeaten/untied season in history and set a league scoring record with 589 points). But Jaguars are also a dangerous dominating bunch as through the Wild Card, they own an active streak of scoring at least 24 points in 11 consecutive games. I would absolutely love to pick the Jags in this one. I absolutely want the Jags to win this one. I will not be picking the Jags to win this one....I just can't. Where a week off hurts a lot of teams, if you have Bill Belichick as your head coach it helps you immensely. I think the Patriots will be beyond prepared in this one. Bill Belichick is 5-0 when the Patriots have a bye week in the playoffs (including Super Bowls 2003 and 2004). Whenever Belichick has time to prepare, he finds success, or success finds him. Again, I’d love to pick the Jags because they can run the ball, they can stop the run, get to the quarterback and they have a quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over. However, I just can't pick against Brady, Moss, and the Patriots right now. That being said, "GO JAGS".
Prediction: NE 31 JAX 20

SD Chargers at IND Colts
Though the Chargers beat the Colts 23-21 in November of this season, this is an entirely different Colts squad. Everyone wants to talk about the Patriots, but most people are sleeping on the 13-win Colts in my opinion. Let’s not forget that this team allowed the fewest points in the league this year on defense (262) and they sport this year’s defensive player of the year safety Bob Sanders. And who wants to debate me that the Chargers are just glad to have finally won a playoff game after squeaking past the beat up Titans 17-6 after trailing 6-0 at the half. I personally feel that with the Patriots undefeated season and all, the Colts got kind of forgotten. Remember, they are the defending champs and they are probably a better all-around team than they were last year when they won it. Now, is everybody else better too. Maybe? Are the Chargers better than the Colts? No. Tony Dungy > Norv Turner .... by a longshot.
Prediction: IND 35 SD 13

Friday, January 11, 2008

Best TV Sports theme songs?

Every network that shows sporting events has music for certain sports. Right now we will look over some of the bone chilling music that gets us excited and ready to watch the sports that we love! No matter what the sport.

The Masters on CBS
Here is the full length version of CBS's theme song for the annual Masters in Augusta, GA. The music is great, they don't play the guy singing for their actual theme song on TV, but I could only find the full version of the CBS Masters Theme Song. One of my favorites...

CBS College Football
Probably my favorite music of any channel for College Football. It just gets me pumped up for the big SEC game. Very catchy...

Just loved the "NBA on NBC" music, especially for the Finals.

I really like the NFL on CBS, very cool, and I like the short version they do right before they go to breaks. We'll get to witness some this weekend.

Monday Night Football
How can you not love this?

CBS College Basketball
Love the College BBall theme for CBS. Just great all-around, especially for March Madness it just adds to the excitement that is the NCAA Tournament. Couldn't post the video. Here's the link:

What are your favorites? Did I miss any good ones?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Answer to Millions of Prayers

The president of the University of Georgia is calling for an eight-team playoff system for college football's top division. This comes on the heels of Georgia being left out of the BCS championship game. The president of the University went on to call the BCS, "a beauty contest that is largely state-managed by the networks." I guess I could have come up with worse analogies and name calling but we'll leave it at that.

In a public statement and a letter to NCAA president Myles Brand, Georgia president Michael F. Adams, who is also chairman of the NCAA executive committee, called for an eight-team playoff to decide the national championship, with the opening rounds to be played in the four major BCS bowl games. He proposed the change be made as soon as the contracts that govern the BCS expire.

This is a lot like an idea that Bloggers alike (myself largely included), along with fans and analysts everywhere have been throwing around for 5 years or more. I could not be happier that steps are being taken in the right direction to make something like this happen.

In his news conference Adams reasoning is quoted as so:
"This year's experience with the BCS forces me to the conclusion that the current system has lost public confidence and simply does not work. It is undercutting the sportsmanship and integrity of the game." - UGA President Michael F. Adams

Under his proposal, the schedule would return to 11 games from its current 12, with playoffs beginning at the major bowl games and extending two more Saturdays. A selection committee would seed eight teams to the four major bowls and if one of those bowls chooses not to participate, another game could be found to fill the void.

The BCS is currently in the second of a four-year, $320 million contract with Fox that runs through the 2009 season and 2010 bowls. The BCS will begin negotiating with Fox on another deal in the fall. Fox has exclusive negotiating rights with the BCS.

I agree with Adams in personally believing that the television networks, along with the BCS, have way too much power and the schools and conferences need to regain control of their teams. I would absolutely love to see something like this happen, especially after such a lackluster bowl season this year. For the first time in my life I guess I can stand up and say, "Go Bulldogs!". Hopefully Georgia can use their personal experience to make postseason play in the FBS right for everyone!
This is a great topic to take to the Forums so I invite all readers to come and discuss! CLICK HERE

Monday, January 7, 2008

LSU Will Win The 2008 BCS National Championship

It is finally here, the BCS Championship Game. In less than 12 hours, a new champion in college football will be crowned. Now the big question, who will that team be? Lets meet the contestants. In the red corner, we have the number one team in the land for most of the 2007 regular season. Weighing in with a record of 11-1, and hailing from the Big Ten conference. The Ohio State Buckeyes. In the blue corner, we have one of the fastest and most athletic teams in the country. Weighing in with a record of 10-2, and hailing from the SEC conference. The LSU Tigers. Controversy yet again swirls over this game as LSU is the first ever two-loss team in the National Championship game. However, despite having lost those two games, LSU will win tonights National Championship Game.

Why The Tigers Will Win?
There is two reason's why LSU will win tonight. One history isn't on Ohio State's side. The Buckeyes are 0-8 lifetime against the SEC in bowl games. Last year, Florida torched Ohio State in the National Championship game. Its going to be the same script, just a different team taking the Buckeyes behind the woodshed. Why they will be taken behind the woodshed is because of Ohio State's layover. Ohio State's last game was against Michigan way back on November 17th of 2007. 51 days have passed since the last time Ohio State played a real football game. In my opinion, its equivalent to the 8 days of rest the Rockies got in this years playoffs before playing in the World Series. Expect Ohio State to come out rusty, and before they get things on a roll it will be too late to make a comeback. I know what your gonna say. LSU has had a long time to rest too. It helps LSU more in my opinion, because they have been beat up on defense all season long. Remember how they killed Virginia Tech 41-7 earlier this season. Thats what LSU's defense can do when they are healthy and they will be tonight. LSU will shut down Chris "Beanie" Wells, and Ohio State will be forced to be a one dimensional football team.

Final Score

I think LSU puts up 45 on the best defense in the country, and wins by a final score of 45-17. Remember tonight at 8pm EST on Fox LSU vs Ohio State for all the marbles.

Gonner is a guest writer for The Sports Flow. He writes his columns every Monday and Thursday for Gonners View. Check his site out here

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who is the best College Hoops team in the country right now?

As I ponder and watch some College Hoops lately, I only think but wonder who is even the best team in the country? We have some good choices out there and it is really a toss-up.

We have 4 legit teams who may be above the rest. North Carolina, Memphis, Kansas, and UCLA have been dominating this season (with the exception of UCLA's loss to Texas). But other than that, these 4 have been damn impressive.

So who is the best?

North Carolina is ranked number one in the polls right now. Can anyone really beat them right now, especially if you can't stop their transition game? Tywon Lawson is just an electric point guard (best in the country) and Tyler Hansbrough is the work-horse that he's always been. The Tar Heels have beaten some good teams this season and have just straight dominated some too. They beat an experienced BYU team by 10, dominated a good Ohio St. team by 11, completely dismantled the WAC favorite in Nevada, and also beat Kentucky. Did I also mention they have one of the deepest benches in the land?

Memphis has beaten some good teams as well, but not nearly quite as dominant as UNC or Kansas has. Memphis has had more impressive wins of any of the top teams with wins over Georgetown, USC, and Arizona. They are very similar to UNC with bruising Joey Dorsey in the middle and athletes at every position in Chris Douglas-Roberts, Robert Dozier, Antonio Anderson. and Derrick Rose. Rose is just as good as UNC soph. Tywon Lawson. They are another quick transition team that is tough to stop and it is also tough to stop them in a half-court offense as well.

Kansas is just an explosive team and just downright killed Boston College today. Plus, great wins over Arizona, USC, and Georgia Tech. Once again, another dominant transition team with similarities of UNC and Memphis. They have pretty good bigs in Darrell Arthur and Sasha Kaun. Another fast point guard who is just slick as butter in Mario Chalmers. They have plenty of athletes too in Brandon Rush, Sherron Collins, Russell Robinson, and Darnell Jackson. Sound familiar?

And lastly, UCLA. UCLA did lose to Texas, but still, it's UCLA. Just a complete experienced and talented team all-around. Here we go, another good transition PG in Darren Collison. Plenty of talented and future NBA players. Where to start? First off there's freshman center Kevin Love, one of the best players in the nation in Josh Shipp, Russell Westbrook, Luc Mbah a Moute, and Alfred Aboya.

So who really is the best team in the country?

The answer is no one; as of right now. These four teams have been just too impressive and so dominant you just can't really compare them right now. They are all too good. They are all very similar in so many ways. Man do we have some good teams in College Hoops this season and I can't wait till March Madness!

Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview

NY Giants at TB Bucaneers
Well the Buccaneers come in having lost 3 of their last 4 games while the G-men were able to avoid their typical folding image by winning 3 of their last 5 games (two losses to the Redskins and the Patriots) to make the playoffs. I'm very leary about picking a team led by Eli Manning on the road, especially in the playoffs. However, Eli played out of his mind against the Patriots last weekend, tossing four touchdowns and almost leading an upset of the greatest (regular season) team of all time. I just feel like with Eli, Jacobs, and Burress the Giants should be able to ride their current momentum to squeak out a rare road win in Tampa. Tampa's just too cold right now and although Garcia doesn't make many mistakes he hasn't played particularly well of late and I like the Giants' D in this matchup.
Prediction: NYG 24 TB 20

WSH Redskins at SEA Seahawks
The Redskins (9-7) are the hottest team in the NFL not named the New England Patriots, having won four consecutive games. They've gotten stronger in the season's final quarter and clearly have been fueled by the loss of a teammate. Meanwhile, Seattle's (10-6) biggest asset in this game might be their home-field advantage (they're 7-1 at Qwest Field this season). I think with the game management of Todd Collins (5 TD and 0 INT since taking over the starting job) and the hottest player in the NFL right now in Clinton Portis. Regardless this is a great coaching matchup. Gibbs is a lock for the HOF and I think when all is said and done Holmgren will eventually get in as well. Should be a very close, well coached game.
Prediction: WAS 20 SEA 14

JAX Jaguars at PIT Steelers

The Steelers are extremely banged up right now. Pittsburgh has a myriad injuries. No Willie Parker. No Max Starks. No Aaron Smith, possibly no Hines Ward (gametime decision) and Big Ben is banged up. The Steelers also haven’t looked the same since going up to Foxborough and getting shellacked by the Patriots in early December. Since that game they’ve lost two of three, including one against Jacksonville at Heinz Field where the Jags racked up 224 yards on the ground, The Jags are healthy and have proved they can get it done on the hellish playing surface at Heinz Field. They're not afraid of the weather and Garrard doesn't make many mistakes. I like the Jags in this one.
Prediction: JAX 13 PIT 7

TEN Titans at SD Chargers
This shouldn't really be much of a game. Vince Young's quad injury has a bit of a question as to who will be taking snaps for the Titans on Sunday.Kerry Collins is a better fit for attacking the Chargers defense through the air. Young is obviously the better option on the ground. It won’t really matter. LT has finally been running with the sense of fury and purpose I expected from Week 1. The Chargers and white hot and will continue to ride this. Their D will play tough of the banged up Titans and you can expect to see Philip Rivers trashtalking like a retard by the middle of the third quarter.
Prediction: SD 31 TEN 13

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Singing the BCS Bowl Blues

I'm not exactly sure why, but I care the least about the bowl season than I ever have before. Maybe, it's because my Hawkeyes didn't make a bowl, or maybe it's because I didn't enroll in enough "bowl pick 'ems". I just feel like they're pointless.

Truth be told the bowl games aren't pointless. They're obviously playing for something (recruiting, respect, love of the game, scholarship money, etc.). However this year the games just seem to lack the great games and strong matchups that the average to above-average college football fan can get into.

I've been especially disappointed with the BCS games. With the first three games all being runaways I've been extremely disappointed. I also don't foresee a very good game tonight between the Hokies and the Jayhawks. To be honest I think the VT's D will stifle KU while gashing the Jayhawks with the run and we could be looking at another potentially lopsided score. The only way the the BCS could save itself here would be if the National Championship game became an instant classic.

To me it sems that college football is in need of a playoff system now more than ever. The BCS bowl games just seem to have last their glamor. The matchups aren't there like they used to be and I'm ready to be done with it. Obviously some of the bowl games have been good. You look at a Wisconsin vs. Tennessee or a Clemson vs. Auburn matchup and you just know it's going to be a good game. The BCS games are bigger. They're higher stakes, and they have a higher draw. Sure, way more people tuned it and attended Hawaii vs. Georgie, or Illinois vs. USC than did Purdue vs. Central Michigan or ECU vs. Boise St, but looking back which would you have rather watched? Do you prefer the bigstage blowout or the great matchup that's fun to watch? At this point I care not about the bowls, which "at large" teams make it, or which conference champs play who. I just want to see a good game. I think the average fan probably feels the same as well. Most college football fans have one or two favorite schools. There are 32 bowl games with featuring 64 teams. So, what is going to make someone want to tune into more than 2 or 3 bowl games? The answer is great games with great matchups.

Oh how I would love to have a Mizzou vs. VTech game, or a WVU vs. USC matchup. But, we can't always get what we want I guess. But for the record, I want a playoff and I want good football.

Who should the Minnesota Vikings next QB be?

Although I'm not a Vikings fan, but since I do live in Vikings territory I've heard a lot of debating about who the Vikings QB should be next season. Now I have myself pondering the same thing.

Any NFL fan, not just a Vikings fan can tell you that the Vikings need a new QB (WR as well). The Vikings haven't had a great QB for awhile and have relied heavily on some pathetic ones recently. Tarvaris Jackson just isn't getting it done right now and should not be the starter.


Tarvaris Jackson?
I say give him a few more seasons to get used to the offense, the flow of the game, and gain more experience before starting. He'd be a good back-up for the Vikes.

Donovan McNabb?
Seems like a good fit. But how would the his hometown Chicago Bears fans take it? When Donovan is healthy he is one of the best and most accurate arms in the NFL. He can find the open receiver, run out of the pocket, and lead the Vikes deep into the playoffs, especially if they find a good WR too. But he is injury prone and would the Vikings want to risk that? Word is they could nab McNabb for as low as a 3rd round pick, so looks like a no-brainer to me. I think if he does leave the Eagles though, he will more than likely end up a Bear than a Viking.

Derek Anderson?
Anderson is a restricted free-agent at the end of the season and with his very impressive season and nearly leading the Browns to the playoffs, the Browns might try to keep him. But if they can get a 1st rounder for him they will likely trade him away, especially with Brady Quinn behind him. Anderson seems like a good fit as well with Minnesota, but it seems like the players around him make him more of the player that he really is. He has Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, and Kellen Winslow. Yes, he would have Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, but he would need some good WR's around him as well, which the Vikings don't have.

Steve McNair?
Too old. I think McNair just needs to retire. He's just too old, has lost his step and just doesn't have the cannon anymore. Plus he's lost some of his accuracy, if the Vikings get McNair than they are going backwards even more.

Chad Pennington?
Would it be worth the risk? When was the last time he wasn't injured. Pennington can be a good QB when he is completely healthy, but odds are he never will be. If they get Pennington, then Jackson will be your starter again half way through the season or maybe even earlier.

Matt Ryan?
Should they take their chances on a college QB who has yet to step on a pro field to play? He looks like a pro-style QB, he has the arm, the vision, and the accuracy, but I think the Vikes are in a situation where they desperately need a veteran at QB.

Thoughts? Who should it be?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blogging Great in '08

I hope you all had a great night last night and I wish all our readers and passerbys a Happy New Year. As we say goodbye to 2007 and usher in '08 I'd like to leave you with what I think of when I think of 2007.

When I think '07 I think of:
-The Florida Gators (basketball and football)
-The Boise State vs. Oklahoma Sugar Bowl game
-College football upsets-galore!
-Patriots spygate and undefeated season
-Favre's rejuvinated play
-Bonds records, and indictment.
-A great year to live in Boston

2007 was a year of scandals, upsets, and comebacks. I can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for the world of sports!

Enjoy the holiday and let me know what you think of when you think of 2007.