Thursday, January 3, 2008

Singing the BCS Bowl Blues

I'm not exactly sure why, but I care the least about the bowl season than I ever have before. Maybe, it's because my Hawkeyes didn't make a bowl, or maybe it's because I didn't enroll in enough "bowl pick 'ems". I just feel like they're pointless.

Truth be told the bowl games aren't pointless. They're obviously playing for something (recruiting, respect, love of the game, scholarship money, etc.). However this year the games just seem to lack the great games and strong matchups that the average to above-average college football fan can get into.

I've been especially disappointed with the BCS games. With the first three games all being runaways I've been extremely disappointed. I also don't foresee a very good game tonight between the Hokies and the Jayhawks. To be honest I think the VT's D will stifle KU while gashing the Jayhawks with the run and we could be looking at another potentially lopsided score. The only way the the BCS could save itself here would be if the National Championship game became an instant classic.

To me it sems that college football is in need of a playoff system now more than ever. The BCS bowl games just seem to have last their glamor. The matchups aren't there like they used to be and I'm ready to be done with it. Obviously some of the bowl games have been good. You look at a Wisconsin vs. Tennessee or a Clemson vs. Auburn matchup and you just know it's going to be a good game. The BCS games are bigger. They're higher stakes, and they have a higher draw. Sure, way more people tuned it and attended Hawaii vs. Georgie, or Illinois vs. USC than did Purdue vs. Central Michigan or ECU vs. Boise St, but looking back which would you have rather watched? Do you prefer the bigstage blowout or the great matchup that's fun to watch? At this point I care not about the bowls, which "at large" teams make it, or which conference champs play who. I just want to see a good game. I think the average fan probably feels the same as well. Most college football fans have one or two favorite schools. There are 32 bowl games with featuring 64 teams. So, what is going to make someone want to tune into more than 2 or 3 bowl games? The answer is great games with great matchups.

Oh how I would love to have a Mizzou vs. VTech game, or a WVU vs. USC matchup. But, we can't always get what we want I guess. But for the record, I want a playoff and I want good football.

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grittysquirrels said...

Wow, i'm eating my words here....congrats to the Jayhawks. That was a much better game than the previous BCS bowl games and I enjoyed it.

Can't wait for the national championship. I hope its a great game.