Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who should the Minnesota Vikings next QB be?

Although I'm not a Vikings fan, but since I do live in Vikings territory I've heard a lot of debating about who the Vikings QB should be next season. Now I have myself pondering the same thing.

Any NFL fan, not just a Vikings fan can tell you that the Vikings need a new QB (WR as well). The Vikings haven't had a great QB for awhile and have relied heavily on some pathetic ones recently. Tarvaris Jackson just isn't getting it done right now and should not be the starter.


Tarvaris Jackson?
I say give him a few more seasons to get used to the offense, the flow of the game, and gain more experience before starting. He'd be a good back-up for the Vikes.

Donovan McNabb?
Seems like a good fit. But how would the his hometown Chicago Bears fans take it? When Donovan is healthy he is one of the best and most accurate arms in the NFL. He can find the open receiver, run out of the pocket, and lead the Vikes deep into the playoffs, especially if they find a good WR too. But he is injury prone and would the Vikings want to risk that? Word is they could nab McNabb for as low as a 3rd round pick, so looks like a no-brainer to me. I think if he does leave the Eagles though, he will more than likely end up a Bear than a Viking.

Derek Anderson?
Anderson is a restricted free-agent at the end of the season and with his very impressive season and nearly leading the Browns to the playoffs, the Browns might try to keep him. But if they can get a 1st rounder for him they will likely trade him away, especially with Brady Quinn behind him. Anderson seems like a good fit as well with Minnesota, but it seems like the players around him make him more of the player that he really is. He has Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, and Kellen Winslow. Yes, he would have Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, but he would need some good WR's around him as well, which the Vikings don't have.

Steve McNair?
Too old. I think McNair just needs to retire. He's just too old, has lost his step and just doesn't have the cannon anymore. Plus he's lost some of his accuracy, if the Vikings get McNair than they are going backwards even more.

Chad Pennington?
Would it be worth the risk? When was the last time he wasn't injured. Pennington can be a good QB when he is completely healthy, but odds are he never will be. If they get Pennington, then Jackson will be your starter again half way through the season or maybe even earlier.

Matt Ryan?
Should they take their chances on a college QB who has yet to step on a pro field to play? He looks like a pro-style QB, he has the arm, the vision, and the accuracy, but I think the Vikes are in a situation where they desperately need a veteran at QB.

Thoughts? Who should it be?


stephen a said...

The messiah himself, Chad Henne.

Anonymous said...

We're in a rough spot, how about another option of trading our 1st and 3rd for Brady Quinn, with anderson working out there and the Browns having a chance to compete for a superbowl this year Savage would need to consider it!!