Monday, January 14, 2008

T.O. Can't Fool Me

I'm assuming by now that most of you have seen T.O.'s press conference by now. You know, the one where he cries like a heartbroken little leaguer who's just had his season ended and doesn't know what to do with the rest of his summer. Did anybody feel bad for him? Because I most certainly did not. I actually don't buy those fake tears for a minute.

If there's one thing that will always be true it's the fact that T.O. is full of shit. He always wants 100% of the spotlight and 0% of the blame. This remained true after the Cowboy's extremely disappointing and season-ending loss on Sunday. He put on some humongous, ugly sunglasses and fake tears and "defended" his quarterback valiantly. However, he failed to take any of the blame for the big loss. In his defense, the fact that he didn't catch a ball in the entire 2nd half had nothing to do with the loss anyways (pick up on sarcasm). He was in fact the first to bring up Romeo's vacation with Jessica. He's planting the seed. If you're a T.O. fan, ignorant, soft-hearted, or all of the above you don't see that. But I see him planting the seed that will put the spotlight of blame on Tony Romo and keep that blame off of himself, while trying to make himself look like a great teammate.

He destroyed Jeff Garcia, he destroyed Donovan McNabb, he destroyed Drew Bloodsoe and now he begins his work in destroying Tony Romo. Does anybody else see this or am I going over the top with my distaste for T.O.?

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Nate Gonner said...

I agree with most of your article joe. I don't think he is out to destroy tony romo like i thought he was going to after the whole Jessica Simpson comments. I really think he likes Romo. There is only one thing that is more lame right now then T.O's press conference and that is that people are blaming Jessica Simpson for the loss. She wasn't even there. Its like ESPN has turned into Entertainment Tonight.