Saturday, January 19, 2008

2007 NFL Championship Weekend Preview

NY Giants at GB Packers

It has been almost a decade since my dad and I got to watch a Packer game this important and I couldn't be more excited! When I look at Giants’ newfound success it seems hard to pinpoint just because it’s so newfound and a little mysterious. When I look at their game against Dallas I find it necessary to mention the fact that they only ran 44 offensive plays in a game. That is ridiculously low. Their longest drive was eight plays long and ended in a punt. Their time of possession was 23:30. The Cowboys actually outgained them by over 100 yards. The G-Men were efficient on offense and scored touchdowns instead of field goals, with no turnovers. But they won with defense, especially that nasty pass rush that had Romo so rattled in the fourth quarter.

The Packers can shut down everything the Giants did well in the Divisional Round.
You think Charles Woodson and Al Harris won't eat Little Manning for dinner? Do you think the Packers will sacrifice Favre the way Dallas failed to protect Romo? Will they abandon their game plan in the second half? Mike McCarthy proved his maturity in sticking to the gameplan last weekend when the Packers found themselves in a 14-0 hole early. However he stayed committed and it worked. I was very impressed. New York's defense is very comparable to Seattle’s, and Green Bay embarrassed the Seahawks this weekend. The Packers have an outstanding offensive line and a quarterback whose strength is handling a pass rush. They are equipped to handle everything the Giants do well, and unless Eli turns into Peyton and Tiki Barber un-retires, I don't know how New York is going to match points with the Packers. Am I a homer? Well, I’ve been called one before. Is this a homer pick? NO!
Prediction: GB 34 NYG 21

SD Chargers at NE Patriots
I underestimated San Diego last week, and I hope I'm not doing it again now, but I don't see the Chargers beating New England. I'll even be a little surprised if they keep it close. Forget the injuries — Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Luis Castillo, Nate Kaeding — and the Patriots' substantial home-field advantage in frosty Foxborough. Forget the 38-14 beatdown New England threw down on the Chargers earlier this season and last year's Patriot win in San Diego that knocked the Bolts out of the playoffs. The Chargers, talented as they are, don't have the firepower to keep up with New England.

Their defense didn't look good against Indianapolis, and it probably won't look any better against New England's record-setting offense. Jacksonville's personnel dictated the "nothing cheap and nothing deep" strategy that allowed Brady to set a postseason record for single-game completion percentage, and the Chargers won't do that. Their strength is in a strong rush and pressure on the quarterback. The problem for San Diego is that their defensive backs, as good as Crowmartie and Jammer are, are going to be eaten alive by the Patriots' receivers

On offense, San Diego's weaponless attack — with Tomlinson and Gates gimpy — isn't likely to do much of anything against New England's defense. The Pats' defensive unit isn't what it once was, and there are vulnerabilities, but it's not going to fall apart the way the Colts' did, especially if Billy Volek is the starting QB. I believe New England will win, and win big.
Bring on a SB rematch from 1996-97!
prediction: NE 37 SD 17


Nate Gonner said...

I am hoping for the same outcome as the 1996-1997 Super Bowl too!

Stefan Ming said...

The Pats wont put up 37 on San Diego, their defense is just too good.