Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Last Stand

Boxing has taken a turn for the worst the last several years. Gone are the days of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, and Bernard Hopkins.

But now it is mainly up to one man, Floyd Mayweather Jr., to help boxing save face. That's if he stays in the game.

Desperate matches have worn down boxing and has turned younger fans away from the sport. Basically Pay-Per-View is the only thing that has saved the sport, barely, but has given fighters a reason to stay in the ring. But it has also taken away many other viewers because some just don't care about it enough to buy the matches.

Mayweather decided to come out of short retirement to face one of the top boxers in Britain, Ricky Hatton. Mayweather completely embarrassed the Brit, knocking him out in the 10th round.

Mayweather is boxing's last hope. He can save the sport before it's too late. He is the best fighter of this era, dominating competition. He won a split decision last year over Oscar de la Hoya, in a fight that was supposed to revive boxing.

If Mayweather puts the gloves down for good soon, boxing will soon be done for. He has been the sports golden child for the last several years now, he's given it hope for many, he's brought money to it's name capturing audiences in fights, he's given kids that live in the ghettos a reason to believe in a future. He's been the pride and joy of the sport (even with his tantrums and childish behavior).

But it's not all up to Floyd, the IBF and USBA need to help him out as well. The people involved with the sport could come to an agreement to set up big matches, maybe even put one of these great fights on cable. Just continue to promote the sport with big fights. Who knows? It could work.

As a semi fan of boxing, yes I'll pay attention to the big fights every now and then. Floyd Mayweather Jr, it's up to you to save the sport that used to be one of America's greatest and most popular past times. It's now or never, because if you hang it up soon, boxing may be doomed for good.

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Anonymous said...

There might be a next mike tyson because gary hyde(promoter)brought a cuban boxer(mike pertez)to our club i recon he will be next world champion he had 3 professional fights already he knocked out his first 2 oponents but hes third fight he left it go all da way tapping round...more than likely ye will be hearing bout him soon enough....-william harrington