Monday, April 30, 2007

Wizards top 14ers in O.T. for NBDL Title

The Dakota Wizards took down the Colorado 14ers in OT 129-121. Darius Rice finished with 52 points off the bench as the Wizards added another championship trophy to their organization's trophy case.

The Wizards started off slow once again. The 14ers took advantage early and got off to a quick start, but Dakota turned on the defense in the second quarter and took a 64-56 lead into the locker room.

But as the game wore on the Wizards kept wearing down Colorado's D. Personally, from what I've seen no one in the NBDL (National Basketball Developmental League) can run with the Wizards. They are great at getting out in transition, getting to the rack, and making some quick outside shots. They have just about the perfect personnel to do so.

Darius Rice stepped up big for the Wiz as 4 of their key players went 0-9 from beyond the arc. Rice exploded for a D-League record 11 three pointers.

Colorado took the lead for the first time in the second half at 107-106 with an Elton Brown lay-up with about one minute left. Dontell Jefferson then missed a lay-up for Dakota with 10 seconds left and Pooh Jeter was then fouled. Jeter, then sank two free-throws to put the 14ers up 109-106. Then with about 6 seconds left Darius Rice hit a wide open three! Elton Brown then threw up a heave that rimmed in and out and almost quieted the crowd.

Dakota took control in O.T. nailing some key shots and free throws to capture their 1st NBDL Title, and 4th overall.

I was at the Civic Center to catch the 'ship myself and it was a great game. It was exciting, down-to-the-wire, and the crowd was really into it. Plus, there's nothing like seeing the best semi-pro basketball team in the country throw another banner up in downtown Bismarck.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Glorious Guest Post: They pitch well out in the NL West

Hello, friends. This is Ted, a friend of the boys over at Sports Flow, checking in with some Sunday evening thoughts.

If you take a gander at NL pitching statistics through Sunday afternoon, here's one thing you'll (probably) find: the NL West is pretty good.

ERA? The boys in that time zone account for 5 of the top 14 pitchers overall, including Matt Cain of the Giants at No. 2 (1.54 ERA), Jake Peavy of the Padres at No. 5 (1.67), and Doug Davis of the Diamondbacks at No. 14 (2.79). Among those top 14, you don't even see Brandon Webb, the defending National League Cy Young winner.

Strikeouts? There's Webb, at No. 3 (34 K), right behind Peavy at No. 2 (36 K). That makes sense, because earlier this week, Peavy mowed down 16 guys in one game, including nine in a row at one point. Randy Wolf of the Dodgers, with 31 K, is tied for fifth in the league in said category.

In the other divisions in the National League, you tend to find the same guys clustered near the top of the pitching statistical leaderboards - Cole Hamels and Tim Hudson in the NL East; Jason Marquis, Ted Lilly, and Chris Capuano in the Central, among others. In the West, though, the mound talent is both excellent and vast.

Consider: the Dodgers, who currently lead the division, go with Brad Penny (himself top 12 in ERA), Derek Lowe, and Mark Hendrickson (a burgeoning good to very good strikeout pitcher); the Giants have Cain, Noah Lowry (another young stud), Matt Morris (one of the only 3-0 hurlers in baseball), and Barry Zito, whose two starts prior to his last one contained a run of scoreless innings; the Diamondbacks have Webb and Davis, but also Livan Hernandez (10 years removed from one of the more inspiring postseason performances in history, and still a good pitcher) and Randy Johnson (potentially one of the top ten pitchers in baseball history); and the Rockies, while bottom feeders, have Aaron Cook - he hasn't allowed a run in over 10 innings going into Sunday's game - and Jeff Francis, who shut out the defending champion Cardinals this season.

That's minimum 13 good to very good pitchers in ONE division. You're not likely to find that quality and depth - either in terms of overall baseball lore or just this season - in other divisions in baseball. The NL East and AL East might be close, but this season, if you want to see some high-end pitching, you better make sure you extend your bedtime a little.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

2007 NFL Draft 1st Round Picks, Analysis, and Mock Corrections

Here, I'm going to break down the first round in the same format as my mock draft. I'll give you the picks, some thoughts, and how my mock draft did. My Mock Draft can be located here

1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russel - QB
My Pick Was- JaMarcus Russel - QB
Yea, I knew it. You probably knew it too. Most did.

2. Detroit Lions- Calvin Johnson
My Pick Was- Tampa Bay Buccs- Calvin Johnson - WR
I knew Johnson would go #2 but I thought he would be a Buc. Oh well, I think this guy will be an all-pro reciever for the next 12 years. He's the best player in the draft and I think it was a great pick for the Lions. It's just kind of pathetic that they needed a WR after their extensive history of WR 1st round picking. I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt.

3. Cleveland Browns - Joe Thomas - OT
My pick was- Brady Quinn - QB
When I first saw this pick I thought it was kind of foolish, even though Thomas is a great talent and totally dominates his position. However, since the Browns got their QB in Quinn anyways it looks genius!

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams - DE
My Picks Was-Detroit Lions (trade with Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Gaines Adams - DE
Tampa Bay got their new and improved Simeon Rice type of rusher. With no Calvin Johnson for them this was the best pick they could have made.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Levi Brown - OT
My Pick Was- Joe Thomas - OT
OT was their need and they didn't get their guy but they got the next best guy at that position.

6. Washington Redskins - trade down somewhere
My Pick Was- LaRon Landry - S
"If they decide that they are indeed screwed anyways so they might as well just use the pick then I think they get LSU Safety LaRon Landry to bookend what would become quite the dynamic duo in their secondary." I almost picked it. I knew he was their guy but I really thought that they would realize that without a 3rd, 4th, or 5th round selection they needed to trade this down for more picks. I'm going to give myself the benefit of the doubt again.

7. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson - RB
My Pick Was - Adrian Peterson - RB
Yea, the Vikes didn'treally need a RB that badly. There are a lot more pressing issues with this team like, oh I don't know, QB and WR! I picked it but I disagree with it. This pick, however, means that the Vikes officially like Jackson. He'll have weapons at the RB position. I just can't believe they took him over Quinn. I picked Peterson for them with the idea that Quinn was already gone.

8. Atlanta Falcons - Jamaal Anderson - DE
My Pick Was- LaRon Landry - S
Landry was gone so, being that, this is a good pick. Anderson will probably be able to make a serious impact next year right away...maybe even start.

9. Miami Dolphins - Tedd Ginn Jr. - WR
My Pick Was- Amobi Okoye - DT
With the loss of Wes Welker they probably decided to take the best WR available, and they got him. The only problem is who will be throwing to him next year..? Regardless look for Ginn to make a Devin Hester-like impact returning kicks right away.

10. Houston Texans - Amobi Okoye
My Pick Was- Levi Brown - OT
I would have liked to see the Texans invest in the protection of Schaub somehow but Okoye is a stud. Other than Johnson I think he's the next greatest talent in the draft. Plus, he's only 19!!! (and incredibly intelligent)

11. San Fransisco 49ers - Patrick Willis - LB
My Pick Was- Alan Branch - DT
We all knew Branch would fall but I think he'd catch a snag here with the 9ers...he fell considerably farther. Willis is a stud though and I'm sure the Bills are just steaming that they didn't get him. I think he really could lead the team in tackles next year, much like Hawk did in Green Bay last season.

12. Buffalo Bills - Marshawn Lynch - RB
My Pick Was- Patricks Willis - LB
This made me kind of mad. I really wanted Lynch to be a Packer. I was already fantasizing over the though of buying the Jersey on Ebay. Bills lost their guy Patrick Willis and decided to fill important RB needs.

13. St. Louis Rams - Adam Carriker
My Pick Was- Ted Ginn Jr. - WR
My pick of Ginn was kind of falsified later last week by the acquisition of the X-factor Dante Hall. I love Carriker and I think he'll start next year for the Rams and create some real havoc.

14. NY Jets- Darelle Revis - CB
My Pick Was- Carolina Panthers - Greg Olsen - TE
He's a playmaker. He'll be great for them. He has some trouble matching up in the slot with big play-making recievers but he'll be fine. He has a nose for the ball and creating turnovers.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Lawrence Timmons - LB
My Pick Was- Paul Posluszny - LB
They must have had concerns with the knee injury. They needed a LB, I just thought it was Posluszny.

16. Green Bay Packers - Justin Harrell - DT
My Pick Was- Marshawn Lynch - RB
Damnit. Harrell's good but quite injury-prone. I think this would have been a great late-round pick. However, I think picking him here was a stretch. Ted Thompson is great with the draft and really won my approval last year so I'll trust him for now.

17. Denver Broncos - Jarvis Moss- DE
My Pick Was- Jacksonville Jaguars - Jarvis Moss - DE
A great explosive pass rusher who fills what looks to be a definite need. I thought Carriker for the Broncos but he got picked much sooner than I thought he would and so they Broncos needed to trade up to make sure that they fill a need.

18. Cincinatti Bengals - Leon Hall - CB
My Pick Was- Darelle Revis - CB
Benglas need a good corner. I liked Revis for them, but he got snatched up. Hall is a good pick thing infact.

19. Tennesse Titans - Michael Griffin - S
My Pick Was- Robert Meachem - WR
He's a great player and I don't have much to say that is wrong with this pick. I just thought they could have thrown Vince a bone here.

20. NY Giants - Aaron Ross- CB
My Pick Was- Lawrence Timmons - LB
Timmons got picked much earlier than I had predicted. Ross has great speed and will probably be their nickel corner next year...I just don't see him starting right away. This isn't a bad pick.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars- Reggie Nelson -S
My Pick Was-Denver Broncos - Adam Carriker - DE
Nelson is a talent. I thought that the Jaguars had greater needs on the DLine but when they're taking a guy like Nelson, it's pretty hard to refute the pick.

22.Cleveland Browns- Brady Quinn - QB
My Pick Was- Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Jarrett - WR
This makes Cleveland's draft look spectacular. They get their guy at QB AND got the best guy to aid in protecting him. I feel a little bad for the kid for falling so far, but he'll be fine. If he starts next year, and he definately could, he'll be shaky. But remember Petyon's first few years? I think he'll be a good Pro Player.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Dwayne Bowe - WR
My Pick Was- Aaron Ross - CB
I thought their D needed an upgrade but as for as offense goes their recieving corps were very weak. Bowe is probably the next best guy, next to Johson, at going up and getting the ball in traffic. He'll be a staple for this offense for many years to come. I just have a feeling.

24. New England Patriots - Brandon Merriweather
My Pick Was- Jon Beason - LB
Well, I picked the wrong guy out of the U. I think Merriweather will play a lot next year. The Pats' starters have durabilty problems and Merriweather is just too talented to sit on the bench all year.

25. Carolina Panthers- Jon Beason - LB
My Pick Was-NY Jets - Jamaal Anderson - DE
He's good value here. He probably won't start next year but will push Na'il Diggs for playing time.

26. Dallas Cowboys- Anthony Spencer- DE
My Pick Was-Philadelphia Eagles - Dwayne Bowe - WR
Spencer is a great player. But in my opinion the 'Boys are already too stacked on the DLine. They could have addressed other needs here.

27. New Orleans - Robert Meachem - WR
My Pick was- Chris Houston - CB
They're just stacking the offense now. I suppose with the loss of Joe Horn this is warranted. They will look D in the mid to later rounds now. In regards to Meachem, remember this: Complete Sports liked him before it was cool to like him.

28.San Francisco 49ers - Joe Staley - OT
My Pick Was-New England Patriots (again) - Reggie Nelson - S
The 9ers do a great job going out and getting a guy who will help protec their franchise face.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Ben Grubbs - OG
My Pick Was- Joe Staley - OT
Staley was their guy but got taken right before. They get the next best guy to fill their OLine need with Grubbs. Plus, with a name like Grubbs how can you not love this guy? If I was Ravens fan I would buy a jersey asap.

30. San Diego Chargers - Craig Davis- LSU
My Pick Was- Mike Griffin - S
This was probably a stretch but they're really weak at WR. Davis and Bowe become the first tandem of WRs from the same college to go in the first round since Moss and Wayne outa the U.

31. Chicago Bears - Greg Olsen- TE
My Pick Was- Ben Grubbs- G
This is an AWESOME pick for the Bears here. I love it. Well, really I hate it because I hate the Bears know what I mean. They need a playmaking TE badly. This may be arguably the bets pick in the 1st round. I didn't see it coming at all.

32. Indianapolis Colts- Anthony Gonzalez - WR
My Pick Was- Justin Harrell - DT
Harrel went WAYYYY earlier than I thought he would (possibly regretably) but Gonzalez is an OK pick here. It may have been a stretch but he will fill Brandon Stokley's shoes almost identically. He'll be a good possession reciever in the pros.

So, there you have it, all of my time, sleep, effort, and research really were almost all for naught. But I wanna know what you thought of the 1st round Saturday. Any thoughts...please drop a comment.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My 2007 NFL First-Round Mock Draft

Almost everybody's got here's mine!

1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russel - QB
In my opinion Calvin Johnson is the best player (most skilled/talented and has the biggest upside) in this draft, BUT the Raiders are going to take JaMarcus Russel. He has a great NFL body, and one of the best arms the game has ever seen (can throw it some ridiculous 40 yrds. sitting on his ass!). The Raiders are building for the future and QB is the spot they need to address because I don't think that Al Davis is content to sit with Andrew Walker right now.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade with Detroit Lions) - Calvin Johnson - WR
I think Johnson is the overall best player in the draft and we all know how bad Tampa Bay wants him. And really, what's not to love about this guy and his game? They need a WR and he is the best that I've seen in a while. They probably could have gotten him with their #4 pick but they want him terribly and can't risk it.

3. Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn - QB
They need a franchise face. I know they like/liked Frye but I don't think they can really pass on Quinn if he's there. I'm saying he is, and they take him.

4. Detroit Lions (trade with Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Gaines Adams - DE
Well if the Lions do trade down like I predict them to, and in doing so pass on Brady Quinn and Calvin Johnson, then I think Gaines Adams is their pick. They need a bigtime threat to rush the passer and Gaines Adams can fill their need. Honestly, the Lions should keep their pick and take Johnson, the best player in the draft, but just out of fear of a flop and their recent trend in receiver picking and ignoring the defense I just don't see how they possibly do it.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas - OT
Thomas was arguably the most dominating player in college football last year. This is the kind of investment that they need to make to protect last year's big investment (Matt Leinert). Thomas is the next step in the Cardinals rebuilding journey.

6. Washington Redskins - trade down somewhere
I think that being as the Redskins don't have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick they are basically screwed as it is. However, the smart thing to do would be to trade this pick for maybe something like a third and a 5th, or a 2nd and a fourth, or really whatever they can get. If they decide that they are indeed screwed anyways so they might as well just use the pick then I think they get LSU Safety LaRon Landry to bookend what would become quite the dynamic duo in their secondary.

7. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson - RB
Yea, the Vikes don't really need a RB that badly. There are a lot more pressing issues with this team like, oh I don't know, QB and WR! If they take a WR it would probably be Ginn Jr. but my pick is Peterson. If he's around they just can't afford to pass on him. It's not very often that a guy like this comes out of college and if he falls into your lap you need to take him whether or not his position is a top 5 need or not.

8. Atlanta Falcons - LaRon Landry - S
This is closely hinged to the proposed idea as to whether or not the Redskins use their 1st round pick or not. I said that they would trade down so that means that the Falcons take Landry and bolster a much needed aspect of their defense. However, if the 'skins pick then Landry is off the board and the Falcons stick defense and go with CB Leon Hall. Wouldn't that be someting!? They would have 2 standout, bigplay, bookend corners with the same last name!

9. Miami Dolphins - Amobi Okoye - DT
Probably, other than Johnson, the biggest stud in the draft. I'm sure you guys all know the story...Okoye steps in a starts and makes an immediate impact. Just think of the damage that Taylor and Okoye could do from the DE positions. This is a guy that I like a lot. I like him more than Gaines Adams who I think will get picked before he does, but oh well. He's a great pick for the 'Fins.

10. Houston Texans - Levi Brown - OT
The David Carr era was plagued with criticism in relation to the shit-poor offensive line that allowed him to get the tar kicked out of him on a weekly basis. Now Schuab, having not many real NFL starts under his belt, is their new go-to-guy and they really don't want to make the same mistake. They need to protect their assets.

11. San Fransisco 49ers - Alan Branch - DT
We've all seen Branch fall considerably over the last couple of months. However, he's got good sive (6'6" and 33`) and he fits their 4-3 set well and the 9ers will still take him.

12. Buffalo Bills - Patricks Willis - LB
There is not a lot not to like about this kid. He excelled in the SEC (11.4 tackles per game) with not a lot of talent around him. His size is great (6"1" and 240) w/ a 4.5 40. He's a talent and the best available pick to fit the need of the bills at #12.

13. St. Louis Rams - Ted Ginn Jr. - WR
The greatest show on turf gets its new heir to the throne. With an aging Isaac Bruce it's about time that the Rams got another above average WR with blazing speed to compliment Mr. Holt. Ginn is basically a perfect fit here. He'll probably see a lot of playing time next year too both returning kicks and catching balls.

14. Carolina Panthers - Greg Olsen - TE
He's the only TE in this year's class that can really stretch the field and that's exactly what the Panthers need. Their offense needs diversity and Olsen can bring it. His 4.5 40 at the combine should definately grab their attention at pick 14.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Paul Posluszny - LB
Steelers are going to use teh Tampa-2 next year and Posluzny would be great for them as Joey Porter is now a Dolphin and they make the transition from less fo a 3-4 to more of a 4-3.

16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch - RB
This makes me excited. I would love for the Packers to take Lynch with the 16th pick. He has good size (5'11" 217), speed (4.46) and very good hands. Favre will love him and I think he'll probably start over Morency - split carries at the very least. Highlights like this make me excited for next year and take away the pain of Ahman boltin' for warmer weather.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jarvis Moss - DE
A great explosive pass rusher who fills what looks to be a definite need. Moss stays in sunny florida to continue to rack up the sacks. -->This is actually a close call as far as DEs are concerned i have Moss and Carriker (Neb.) ranked very close to eachother. Moss has slightly better speed, so I'm going with him but don't be surprised if they take Carriker (who I really like).

18. Cincinatti Bengals - Darelle Revis - CB
Benglas need a good corner. They can't afford do draft anyone with bad character and I think both of these reasons makes Revis their guy. His 40 time (4.39) definately made him a top pick. He'll probably return kicks for them too next year. This would be the perfect pick for Cinci.

19. Tennesse Titans - Robert Meachem - WR
They're starting to get some great talent on this team and it is obvious that they now need someone for Vince to throw the ball to. This guy is highly underrated and overshadowed by Ginn, and Johnson. He'd be a great pick for them here. Plus, Complete Sports liked him before it was apparently cool to so...

20. NY Giants - Lawrence Timmons - LB
Guy comes out of FSU in my eyes as relatively underrated. I think he fills a real need for them and would be a great fit.

21. Denver Broncos - Adam Carriker - DE
I actually like this kid more than Moss at the DE position. I've seen quite a bit of him because I watch a fair amount of Husker's football and I give my personal guaruntee that this kid is definately a pro player. His size and speed are amazing. He's got what you can't teach, and I think I'm a ltitle high on this kid but, nevertheless he will add a lot to whatever defense picks him

22.Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Jarrett - WR
I agree with Complete Sports once again. While many have this kid falling fast I think not. He might be falling and not as good as Ginn, Johnson, and Meachem but I think he'll be a good possession reciever at the pro level. Jerry Jones take him to compliment TO next season. People forget he has great size (6'5" 213) and had 41 career TDs at USC.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Ross - CB
Their D needs an upgrade in a lot of places and corner is definately somewhere that can be addressed. He's fast, intimidating, and creates turnovers... what's not to like about that?

24. New England Patriots - Jon Beason - LB
Comes out of the U and can play ILB in their 3-4 scheme. Idealy I think Posluszny is the guy that the Pats really want here but I just don't think he'll be around. Beason is their next best bet and they'll hafta settle.

25. NY Jets - Jamaal Anderson - DE
They need a pass-rusher and Anderson is definately that. A lot of people might be surprised that I still have Anderson available at this point, but I just feel like he might be a bit overhyped and I think he'll fall. Not out of the 1st round...just into a Jets cap.

26. Philadelphia Eagles - Dwayne Bowe - WR
The Eagles don't have a real especially pressing need in the draft and I think Bowe is a great big receiver that would be an upgrade over a lot of the recievers they have now. Especially with the uncertainty regarding the knee of Mr. Jeremy Bloom (their WR pick last year).

27. New Orleans - Christ Houston - CB
Comes out of Arkansas and can make an immediate impact. They're again quickly and are slow at the corner position. I think he'll come and could probably start next year. He'll be their nickel corner at the very least.

28. New England Patriots (again) - Reggie Nelson - S
He will add a lot of athleticism and versatility to their secondary. He'll be able to play corner if needed and safety too (obviously) so he'll find a way on to the field as much as much as possible next year. He ran a 4.3 40 at the combines and obviously everbody saw what he did to the Buckeyes in January so yea....this is a good pick here for the Pats.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Staley - OT
Comes out a little unknown out of Central Michigan and will be a nice upgrade in both talent and youth to their Oline and can help keep the again McNair out of retirement for maybe a few more years.

30. San Diego Chargers - Mike Griffin - S
They're relatively stacked at LB and DLine secondary needs an upgrade. They really want Nelson but they only get Griffin here....shucks.

31. Chicago Bears - Ben Grubbs- G
They really need a WR here. However, I've got Johnson, Bowe, Ginn, Jarret, and Maechem all off the board here so they have to settle for their next greatest need. Someone to protect that frail little man we call Rex Grossman. Seriously, how is someone with the name Rex so prone to injury?

32. Indianapolis Colts- Justin Harrell - DT
Coming out of Tenn. he looked to be a top 10 pick but he tore his bicepts. I think at this point he is definately worth the risk here for the Colts. In terms of value if they can get Harrell with the 32nd pick it could probably be the best pick in this draft.

So, there you have it. A ton of time, energy, sleep, and research for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to post any comments, changes, or discussion points you may have.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Texting Recruits

The NCAA Division I management council has recommended a ban on text messages, between coaches and recruits. E-mails and faxes would be exempt from the new rule but would be limited by current NCAA guidelines.

Unlike restrictions on phone calls and in-person visits, there are no coach limits on text messaging.

The Board of Directors must still pass the legislation, and if approved at its April 26 meeting, the ban would take effect in August. Typically, the board passes such recommendations, but if it's delayed or rejected, coaches would go back to their previous policy of no limits.

I am for coaches being permitted to text recruits. It gives coaches a great way to stay in touch with their recruits. It also gives smaller schools a chance to outwork the bigger schools. If the ban is passed, it just gives another advantage to these bigger schools. Texting overall is a great tool for recruiting. It just gives coaches a way to get ahead of others and get an inside track on some recruits.

How is the NCAA going to keep track of all this? High-School coaches will now have to be involved if the ban is passed. I feel the NCAA just doesn't understand this whole texting process. They say it will be a burden on bills for the kids and parents. Well now the kids and coaches will just have to spend more money on traveling all-around.

If the ban is passed, this will all just be a continuing process, next it will be Facebook or some other web-based social networks.

Let's face it, texting needs to be permitted in the NCAA. It's an easy and efficient way to stay in touch with your recruits. Are we going back to the days of writing letters and coaches slipping some dollar bills in the envelopes? The NCAA needs to get with the real-world.

I encourage you to vote in our new poll: Should college coaches be permitted to text recruits?
Also, check out this Fox Sports Article on Coaches and Text Messaging: Text Message Ban Makes Little Sense

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Make-Up Sex In The Bronx

Yea, so in case you haven't noticed Arod seems to have temporarily gotten back together with Yankees fans everywhere this April. For those of you who are oblivious to the sports world he is hitting .400 with 14 HRs, 34 RBIs, and a .453 OBP...slightly amazing.

Just for fun this morning in AP English I was doing some computing and it is worth noting that right now Arod is on pace to hit:.400 with 126 HRs, 306 RBIs, with a .453 OBP. I'd say those would be MVP type of numbers and probably would break just a couple records.

So as the sports world (Yanks fans especially) is/are going crazy with this right now and there is something that I wanted to talk about. I know what it's like to be an avid baseball fan and all, and I'm still jacked about Prince's game-winning bomb last night but Yankees fans need to wake up! As they obsess over Arod's stats and performance as if they had never doubted him since he dawned pinstripes their team is a pathetic 8-10 and is nearly in the cellar of the AL East. Look at your payroll! Look at your lineup! Look at what Mr. Rodriguez is giving you! There is no way that you shouldn't be well above .500 right now!

Now, obviously you nor I really believe Arod will hit .400, 306 RBIs, 126 HRs, so it's fair to say at this point that he's going to cool off. And then the excitement and new found love from the back together make-up sex is all gone. Yankee fans everywhere realize that they don't even have a winning record, have no pitching staff, and are underachieving big-time. Then the break up comes (again) and it's back to the ugly relationship between Arod and NYY fans and sports fans everywhere have to listen to the thought of Arod leaving next season.

Joe Torre owes Arod a big hug right now. Because instead of answering questions like, "why don't you have a pitching staff"" and "What do you need to do to get a winning record?", and "Why the hell don't you have a winning record?" he gets to just answer questions about how great Arod is....I got news for you Joe, it's not lasting forever so you better be ready answer the real questions if the Yanks don't start to turn it around. I know it's early but this is a very tough division and it's quite obvious that your pitching sucks. When you have a guy in the heart of your lineup hitting like this it seems like now would be the appropriate time to be putting some space between you and the Red Sox, not the Red Sox and you (if you know what I'm saying).
Point being, yea everyone is talking this up right now and why not!? He's having the best April in baseball history, but the Yanks are wasting it. And while Yankees fans everywhere seem to have taken Alex back, don't expect it to last...I see a breakup in the future.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Just a little bit of history repeating...

So I just happen to turn on the Yankees-Red Sox game in the bottom of the third inning Sunday night, Yankees were ahead 3-0 and the Red Sox weren't doing much with their bats. And then this happens...

Yeah, yeah I wasn't surprised at all when Manny went yard. I mean the Yankees pitching sucks anyways. Then J.D. Drew of all people goes yard, back to back, impressive! Then Mike Lowell decided to send one deep and I was thinking, man, I didn't know the Yankees pitching sucked this bad! Then finally, Jason Varitek does it, the 4th HR in a row. I was stunned, I couldn't believe it! I definitely won't forget the HR derby that happened Sunday night at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox became only the 5th team in MLB history to hit back to back to back to back jacks along with Milwaukee in 61, Cleveland in 63, Minnesota in 64, and the Dodgers of 06. By the way Drew was a part of that too last season. Now I can say I witnessed a little bit of history repeating.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week Review in Sports

The playoffs got underway Saturday as Lebron James and Co. defeated the Arenas' less Wizards 97-82. Oh Wizards, what could have been...

Larry Hughes had an impressive night with 27 points and 7 boards. While Antwain Jamison paced Washington with 28 points and 14 boards of his own. With no clear-cut favorite in the East, don't be surprised if you see the Cavs in the finals.

Nets 96 Raptors 91
Richard Jefferson scored 28 points, Kidd nearly had a triple-double and the Nets stopped a late rally to beat the Raptors 96-91 on Saturday in Game 1 of the series. The former Raptor Vince Carter was not welcomed on a return trip to Toronto. Carter scored 16 points but shot just 5-of-19 from the field. But Jefferson stepped up to make 11 of 21 shots.

Bulls 96 Heat 91
Chicago stuck it to Miami late in the game to steal the win. Luol Deng scored 33 points, Ben Gordon and Andres Nocioni each hit two free throws in the final 19 seconds, and the Chicago Bulls held off the Heat Saturday in Game 1 of their opening-round rematch. The Heat trailed 92-91 after Dwyane Wade found Udonis Haslem for a layup with 38 seconds left, but Gordon hit two foul shots with 18 seconds remaining. After a timeout, Wade missed a 3-pointer and Nocioni hit two more free throws with 9.8 seconds left for the final score.

Rockets 84 Jazz 75
Tracy McGrady finished with 23 points. Before his outburst, the Rockets relied on Yao Ming, who finished with 28 points and 13 rebounds. Utah led by nine at halftime and was ahead 49-41 before Houston went on an 8-2 run, fueled by seven points by McGrady to get within two. A jump shot by Deron Williams made it 53-49 before a 3 by Shane Battier put Houston within striking distance. Houston then when on to control the rest of the game and never looked back.

Indians get one hit, still top Contreras, White Sox.
C.C. Sabathia pitched 8 powerful innings as his Indians took down the White Sox 2-1. Oh and by the way they got one hit. Sabathia had 5 IP and gave up 5 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, and 10 K.

Meanwhile, Jose Contreras was even more impressive and still lost. He threw 5 IP gave up 1 H, 5 BB, and had 3 K. The Indians' only hit was Grady Sizemore's double in the first off Contreras. Cleveland took advantage of three errors and some walks to take two of three in the series.

Mark Buerhle no-hits Rangers
The Chicago White Sox left-hander faced the minimum 27 batters in a 6-0 victory over the Texas Rangers. Working quickly and efficiently in a dominant performance, Buehrle allowed only one base runner. He walked Sammy Sosa with one out in the fifth inning, then promptly picked him off first base. I was very surprised with this as Buerhle has not been his near self in about 2 seasons. Before this last appearance he's been too jittery with his pitching and K to BB ratio.

Barry Bonds inches closer to Aaron
Bonds hit his 4th, 5th, and 6th HR's of the season against the Cardinals and Diamondbacks. He moved within 15 HR's of the record. Bonds has been as healthy as he's been in about 3 seasons now, which leads me to believe he will hit at least 35 HR's this season.

Just thought I'd mention the NBDL because of my hometown team Dakota Wizards, who defeated the Sioux Falls Sky Force 115-113 Saturday night. I attended the game myself and I thought they were going to fall after the way they played throughout the game. The Sky Force had a 7-12 point lead for most of the game and whenever the Wizards would get within 5-6 points, Sioux Falls would go down and score again. The Wizards finally tied it up with about 2:48 left in the 4th quarter and held on as Renaldo Major scored 29 points in the win.

The Wizards now advance to the NBDL Championship to take on the Colorado 14ers, which will be held Sunday, April 29. I'll be there and will do a recap of the game right here on The Sports Flow as the game concludes.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Georgetown top team for next year?

Green eyeing return

Big East player of the year Jeff Green said Tuesday there is a "70-30" chance he will return to Georgetown for his senior season.

Green and fellow teammate Roy Hibbert both declared for the draft last week, but neither hired an agent.

Both players are potential lottery picks, and both said they want to get a good indicator of what their NBA value is and what it might be if they stay in school another year.

Hibbert said it's worth the wait to get picked top 3 in 2008 instead of 8-14 this year. He also said he is about 50-50 on the decision.

I am sure losing in the final four is another factor on leaning towards returning to school. If both Green and Hibbert return, the Hoyas will easily be number one and the favorite to win it all next season.

While I believe Green is a more NBA ready player, both also clarified they wouldn't want to be playing from the end of the bench.

I think both will return, especially if Green does Hibbert most likely will too. With the 4 studs of Florida, Kevin Durant, Gren Oden, Mike Conley, Daequan Cook, Aaron Afflalo, and Julian Wright all leaving early, Georgetown would definitely be the premier team in the nation with everybody returning.

After an interview with the Associated Press Green stated: "School is only going to be here four years. The NBA will be there forever. You can't just give up that. That's a big thought in this process. Either way, I'm going to come back and get my degree."

Friday, April 20, 2007

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.

Let's be honest here, everyone has watched or watches Sesame Street at one point in there life. So let's play. On of these things is not like the other: NFL Draft, NHL Draft, MLB Draft, NBA Draft.

Ok, yea, it's the NBA Draft. I don't like it. The reason why: I like parity and the NBA Draft does not. The NBA Draft has a money-making machine called the Lottery which enables the NBA to get lots of pub, make more money, and destroy true parity in the league.

Rarely do the 2 worst teams get the top two picks...take a look:

2006 1. Toronto #5 2. Chi via NY #2
2005 1. Milwaukee #6 2. Atlanta #1
2004 1. Orlando #1 2. Charlotte #2
2003 1. Clevland #1 2. Det via Memphis #6
2002 1. Houston #5 2. Chicago #1
2001 1. Washington #3 2. LA Clip #8
2000 1. New Jersey #7 2. Vancouver #4
1999 1. Chicago #3 2. Vancouver #1
1998 1. LA Clips #3 2. Vancouver #4
1997 1. San Antonio #3 2. Philadelphia #5

Maybe the Bucks have a shot at Oden or Durant? --You really never know, which is kind of exciting but takes away parity from the NBA. I don't like it. I'm a firm believer in the worst team getting the first pick. What do you think?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pre-Draft NFL Notes

I was gunna get drafted in the first round, but then I got high...?
Apparently Calvin Johnson (GTech WR), Gaines Adams (Clemson DE), and Amobi Okoye (Louisville DT) all admitted to having used pot

The admissions came out as part of a standard interview conducted at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine in February. The interview, conducted by a group of representatives from several teams, was videotaped and copies are sent to every NFL team. The interview was done by a committee/group called The Sports Xchange.

All three players are viewed as the best players at their position and I consider Johnson to be the best overall player in the draft. Now, by my understanding they didn't say they were frequent users. They were merely being completely and totally honest in the questioning process. Here's a quote:

"In context, these admissions were extremely honest responses of relatively minor, old events that should have little or no impact on how we perceive these young men at this point in their lives," -One NFL team executive told TSX-

And this is a little alarming for NFL team execs and TSX themselves because the fact that these admissions were revealed may make players far less complaint and honest in coming years. Realistically I don't think this hurts any of these guys at all. Once again you can't refute how amazingly good all of these guys are and they aren't big-time users being as they never tested positive for drugs in tests done by the NFL or in any of the random tests conducted in college by the NCAA. It obviously doesn't hurt their draft status, nor does it help it. Some suggest that it may make them even MORE appealing because of the honestly they showed....I wouldn't go that far. They'll all go high (pun intended) and I don't foresee any Ricky Williams repeats in the bunch...but you never know.

Titans may be in for a rough season for the TItans
Well the madden curse may have found its next victim in Vince Young. With Pacman out for the year already the Titans can't afford to have Kerry Collins man the helm all season. They'll just have to hope that he can get some advice from Ray Lewis on how to avoid it (kind of). The list of those hit includes: Eddie George ('01), Daunte Culpepper ('02), Marshall Faulk ('03), Mike Vick ('04), Ray Lewis ('05), Donovan McNabb ('06), and Shaun Alexander ('07). The full rundown of their injuries and some comic interjections can be found here.

Curse or mere coincidence? You tell me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Look Ahead to the 2007-2008 Men's College Hoops Season

We all know the 2006-2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Season just finished. But there are a lot of us anticipating next season already. With a lot of young talent out there this past season, next year should be just as exciting!

Let's take a look at some of the top teams for 2007-2008:

UNC Tar Heels
The top team for next season definitely has to be the UNC Tar Heels. Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, and Wayne Ellington all announced they were coming back. They have everybody returning but Reyshawn Terry, and the recent recruiting class should help fill that in. Brandan Wright still has to make a decision about his future, but even if he bolts for the NBA, UNC will still be the team to beat.

UCLA Bruins
The Bruins will look to make another run at a Final Four berth with nearly everyone back. Their top scorer Aaron Afflalo already announced he will be entering the NBA Draft. But the Bruins return a solid nucleus with Josh Shipp, Darren Collison, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Lorenzo Mata, Michael Roll, and Alfred Aboya. UCLA lacked a premier post presence this past season, but the addition of 2007 recruit Kevin Love will help and should get immediate playing time. Look for the Bruins to be one of the top teams in the country again and make another Final Four run.

Kansas Jayhawks
The Jayhawks looked like my top team until Julian Wright recently decided to forgo his last two years of eligibility. The Jayhawks also have a great number of players returning and will be the top team in the Big 12. With the return of Mario Chalmers, freshmen sensation Darrell Arthur, Sherron Collins, Russell Robinson, Sasha Kaun, and Darnell Jackson, KU will barely miss a beat. Brandon Rush still needs to make a decision, but if he decides to stay watch out!

Memphis Tigers
A lot people doubted this team in the NCAA Tournament and they nearly topped OSU until the game got out of hand. If Chris-Douglas Roberts stays this team won't be going anywhere but up. With 5 of their top 6 returning, they finally may get over the hump and get into the Final Four. Plus the addition of Derrick Rose isn't bad. This Tiger team was young, but experienced this past season and come next year, they will have an even bigger bite.

Ohio St. Buckeyes
Greg Oden
hasn't officially decided on his future, but if he stays the Buckeyes will no doubt be the number one team for next year. Mike Conley said he's staying, and even if Oden leaves OSU will be a top 10 team again. Conley, Butler, Lighty, and Cook will lead a stacked backcourt and Hunter and Terwilliger will anchor the frontcourt. Also, a great recruiting class will help a lot.

USC Trojans
Look for USC to be one of the top teams for next year and should compete with UCLA for the Pac 10 Title. I expect Gabe Pruitt to stay. They still have Taj Gibson inside and I heard new signee OJ Mayo is pretty good.

Louisville Cardinals
The Cards nearly knocked off Texas A&M in the Big Dance and could have made a huge run if they did. Louisville returns 7 of their top 8 and should be one of the premier teams in the Big East. Terrence Williams, Edgar Sosa, David Padgett, Juan Palacios, and Derrick Caracter all return and should be one of the best starting five's in the land. Look for Rick Pitino's Cards to make a great run next season.

Other Teams to keep an eye on:
Georgetown, Washington State, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Michigan State, Kansas State, and Marquette.

Today we are all Hokies

As more and more names are released the whole world including the sports world and blogosphere mourn with Virginia Tech students, faculty, and family of those lost in the tragedy- including The Sports Flow.

Granted, it may be a little late but we want you to know that we mourn for you along with the rest of the world and you are all in our prayers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Youtube Tuesday

NFL draft is coming up and most of my blogging time is being spent researching and preparing some sort of a Mock draft for the for today, out of utter sloth, I'm going to give you some of my favorite and most recently viewed videos from the Blogosphere.... enjoy em'.

The Joys of a College Education
This video never really gets old for me...I've seen it on a few other blogs out there and just had to add's truly impressive. Also love the music...Rockey can inspire all.
Extreme Mountain Unicycling
Despite being relatively unknown Extreme Mountain Unicycling has apparently starting to catch on..
Foul Ball(s)!
I saw the ball boy in the Padres vs. Dodgers game get hit last night and it got me searching for foul ball videos. I actually remember this from last year, and so yea, for obvious reasons it had to be posted.
Royals OF Joey Gathright can jump a little
This video is so amazingly beautiful in the most idiotic way that it cannot go unnoticed...I've seen this video at The Big Picture and the Sports Videos Blog and it blows my mind. I suppose being able to jump like that makes you a pretty good athlete? PS- Joey Gathright isn't very fast either.
Gotta Love the old SC Commercials
This is my all-time favorite Sportscenter commercial (although there are a lot of greats). You can see a lot of the classics at the Sports Videos Blog as done by Complete Sports' Jon Reed. "Follow me! Follow me to freedom!"
My Pick for the Pack
Yea, so i really wouldn't mind the Packers taking him in the 1st round. In fact, I fully support and here's your Mock Draft preview: I'm picking them to and he probably starts right away.
Prince is a big boy
Video from a game against the Giants last season...I would have to imagine that felt like being tackled by a Refrigerator. As I watch I find my self wondering what is going through Todd Greene's mind as the 260 lb. Fielder comes rumbling around third.
Tim Duncan loses in MYL
So anybody out there who needs clarification MYL stands for Make You Laugh and it's a terribly addicting game that involves being it and trying to get people to laugh and then they have to go. But anyways....Don't mess with Joe Crawford I guess. I don't know I would say let them play the game, to kick a guy out of a game that sitting on the bench is kind of ridiculous. Especially since i view Tim Duncan to be one of the most reserved, soft-spoken, and respectful guys in the NBA. I can't imagine what was so extreme that this ejection, in a pretty important game mind you, was warranted. Apparently Joe asked Tim if wanted to fight?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Take Your Pick: NDSU Athletics vs. UND Athletics

The Sports Flow has decided to add some local flavor to the blog. Here in North Dakota, the best rivalry in all of sports is NDSU (North Dakota State University) Bison vs. UND (University of North Dakota) Fighting Sioux.

Both schools hate each other with a passion! You could say it's like Duke-UNC (bball), Michigan-Ohio St. (football), or the Yankees-Red Sox... in a North Dakota sense.

But some of it has died down since NDSU's recent move to Division 1. And for the 2008-2009 season UND will begin their transition to Division 1 athletics.

The two schools will renew their rivalry as both will take each other on for the 2008 baseball season. Which could be the first step to the schools playing each other in all sports soon.

But we're not here to just simply talk about the old rivalry. We want to take a deeper look into both school's athletic departments. We'll take an inside look at two different opinions and we'll let you decide for yourself.

Who do you take? NDSU Athletics or UND Athletics?
Let the debating begin...

Ming01's take:
I may be biased towards NDSU. But I have to take NDSU athletics over UND. UND has some great programs, such as men's hockey, women's basketball, and football is decent. But NDSU has quite a few quality programs and really have adapted to Division 1 well.

Let's start off with NDSU Football. NDSU's football program alone speaks for itself. Personally, if you take the top 2 programs for each. UND Hockey vs NDSU Football. Football has the advantage.

First off, it generates more revenue yearly. NDSU football has it's advantages playing some well known teams in D-1AA and last season just started playing some D-1A teams (Minnesota and Ball St.). They had Minnesota on the ropes in their house (the Metrodome) and dominated the Gophers in every aspect of the game (except FG kicking). The Bison made it look like they were the Big Ten team playing an inferior D-1AA team. And come next year, I expect the same, with the Bison coming out on top.

They've had great success over the last few seasons topping some damn good teams and finished the D-1AA rankings ranked 5th.

Lastly, if you take away NDSU's football program, then you have no athletic department. You can't say the same for hockey.

NDSU's Mens Basketball program has come a long way in the last 4/5 years or so. And I mean a long ways. They own the state of Wisconsin. In 2005-2006 they upset 14th ranked Wisconsin 62-55 and this past season upset 8th ranked Marquette 64-60 at Marquette's home tournament. The one they were suppose to dominate. Holding Dominic James to 3 of 11 FG shooting and 8 points.

In the 2005-2006 season the Bison finished with a 16-12 record and this past season finished at 20-8. Next season they will enter the Mid-Continent Conference and won't be eligible for the NCAA Tournament until the 2008-2009 season; where they will have a legitimate chance of making the big dance with Ben Woodside, Mike Nelson, Luke Moorman, Brett Winklemann, and their whole bench returning. But next year they have a shot at making the NIT again. I thought they really should have this year, but at the end they had some disappointing losses.

The Bison Men's Basketball team has been impressive in their transition to Division 1 Basketball. They are now entering a conference and should continue to improve. From here on out, I expect this team to compete in the Mid-Con and fight for a NCAA Tournament bid year in and year out.

In my opinion, overall, UND can't top that. There's no comparison, really. NDSU takes it. Joe and I felt like we needed to do a post on NDSU/UND. Plus, we wanted to do something that could generate some great discussion. And lately, I've been in some intense arguments between the two schools with some of my peers.

NDSU is on the rise and have found their place in D-1 athletics. Other than Hockey, UND still needs to adapt when they get to the D-1 level. Just because NDSU has, doesn't mean they will. No one said it's easy. It's a tough transition, and the Bison have payed their dues. There's only one perfect phrase to describe Bison athletics right now, that is... 'Bring on the competition.'

So first and foremost I just want to put out there that Stefan is planning on going to NDSU next year and I am attending UND...readers beware this rivalry may take The Sports Flow by storm and this post may be incredibly biased....With that said here is my take...focusing on both school's main programs.
  • UND Hockey: is like nothing that NDSU has. Ralph Engelstad Arena in the nicest, most luxurious hockey facility(ies) in NCAA Hockey....maybe in all of Hockey (NHL included). They play at the D1A level...there is nothing higher. In my opinion there is just nothing that NDSU has that can compare, and if you've been to a game you know what I'm talking about. They play on the big stage (played on ESPN2 just a week ago) and are nearly a staple in postseason play and the upper tier of national rankings.
  • NDSU Football: Sure ok, it's D1AA and grosses more revenue than the hockey team but if you are going to play that card then look...UND is having a bit of an exploratory year in D1AA next year and will be fullblown in '08. So with the whole revenue thing look, in 4-5 years UND will be where NDSU is right now and you can go ahead and add that revenue to what the hockey team does for the university too, so let's just go ahead and about make that a nonfactor.
  • UND Football: is a relatively top-flight D2 program. They're consistently highly ranked and had a pretty decent recruiting class this last year. Last season they beat the NIU (Northern Iowa University) Panthers 35-31 in Iowa when the Panthers were the #3 ranked D1-AA team. So really, although the transition won't be easy I don't think it will be terribly hard. So, they've proved they can beat the higher competition and just because they are D2 doesn't mean they can be overlooked. NDSU, yes has a better football program, but UND doesn't lag as far behind as people think. Give them a 3-4 maybe 5 years and we'll have some great rivalry games going on each fall.
  • NDSU Men's Bball: Is where NDSU gets their main advantage. Sure, they lost Tim Miles, but that might not hurt them too much. I've heard great things about some of the assistants he had over there. With basically all your key players back I think NDSU will have a real shot at making the NIT too....they were about 1 big win away this year.
  • UND Women's Bball: is probably way too overlooked. They are another top-flight D2 program that should make a nice transition to D1 in coming years. They lost in the Elite 8 this year and are preseasonally ranked #5 for next season. It is worth noting that a lot of people don't even realize that they were 34-1 in the '05-'06.
Look, I think that both of these programs collectively are very good and both on the rise. It is almost too close to call and that is why it makes such a good "Take Your Pick", however both out of pride and honesty opinions I'm taking UND.

NDSU's advantage in football is not as large as most think, and whatever advantage they have over UND in Men's Bball the UND Women's team negates, which makes hockey the catalyst here. I think the UND's Hockey program wins this for them (in my mind anyways). It's close and everyone is entitled to their opinion but the bottomline is that NDSU has nothing that compares to UND Hockey....period. You can draw parallels of the program to that of what basketball is to Kentucky or Duke. Top players (i.e. Duncan, Oshie, Chorney, Toews, the list could go on), top facilities (the Ralph is amazing), unbeatable environment (if you haven't been you're missing out), and competition at the highest level of play are just something that NDSU can't offer right now.

It's a tough take and everyone is entitled to their own what is your take? Who do you want and why?

Jumping Ship

With tons of big decisions being made all around the NCAA Bball world I just wanna outline some of the biggest and give you guys a prediction as to where I think they will land in the draft.

Greg Oden - Father announced yesterday that he was leaving for the draft. I really thought he would stay but I guess I was wrong.
prediction- Almost positive he'll go #1

Joahkim Noah- I wish he wouldn't scream everytime he does anything but, it's official he has hired his father's agent. He might have gone #1 overall last year but decided to come back...I guess that worked out ok for him in the end.
prediction- top 10

Kevin Durant- How big do you think his shoe deal will be?
prediction- top 2

Julian Wright- said all year that he'd be returning to finish his degree...I guess something changed his mind. It's a bummer for Jayhawk fans everywhere, myself included.
prediction- he'll be a lottery pick

Aaron Afflalo- He declared last year too so I'd say he's in for good now.
prediction- probably anywhere from picks 15-35

Corey Brewer- Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player...he's long and athletic and I think will be great in the NBA.
prediction- lottery pick

AL Horford- He really impressed me in this year's tourney. I think he's great and his size makes him even more valuable.
prediction- goin' top 10

Josh McRoberts- wasted no time in announcing he’ll be leaving Duke for good, despite the fact that his draft stock is not that great following a fairly disappointing sophomore season.
prediction- top 20, probably top 15

Roy Hibbert- best size in the draft other than Oden. I thought he shoulda returned to school. He probably could have reall improved his game and gone even higher next year. Hasn't hired agent yet, could still return.
prediction- top 15 for sure

Jeff Green- Definitely A top-flight guard in the draft...doesn't have an agent yet either so him and Hibbert both could return. I think if one does you can look for the other to follow suit.
prediction- top 10 if he goes

**Sorry It's so short. I have to go to work now....Lemme know your thoughts, predictions and projections**

Friday, April 13, 2007

Oshie back for '08

The Bismarck Tribune provided me with easily the best news of my day yesterday. TJ Oshie will be returning to the University of North Dakota for his Junior season next year instead of signing a 3-year contract with the St. Louis Blues.

"It was hard turning down the money, but that's not the most important thing."
-TJ Oshie-

He didn't quite have as good of a sophomore year as his freshman year, having 17 goals and 35 assists for 52 pts. and a 3rd team all-WCHA selection. I couldn't be happier hearing this. Now I'm hoping that Duncan (having not been drafted) will come back too. I'm also optimistic that Toews will stay but I believe he will leave to the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm afraid he had just too good of a year. Regardless if Toews comes back, at least it'll be fun to watch Oshie play next year.
Now that Oshie is back I think, in my opinion, that it is safe to say that the Sioux can definately make it to the Frozen Four for a 4th straight year...even if Toews doesn't come back.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus=Idiot...but should he lose his job and are we overreacting?

Ok, let's just get this out of the way right away. I do not like Don Imus and I most definitely do not approve of what he said in regards to the University of Rutgers Ladies Basketball team. Nobody deserves to be spoke of in such a horrendously sexist and racist light. I believe that there is no room on syndicated airways in this country for stupidly insensitive things like that to be said.....Now that that is out of the way let's address what I really want to get to here.

I feel like people are making a little too big of a deal with the Imus comment. Stupid things are said every single day. Now, granted this was one of the stupidest and most insensitive but still. Do we really need to continue to carry this on? In my opinion something like this is worth about 30 minutes of one's time, and that's all I'm giving it...when 30 is up I quit writing. Because anything beyond that is just a waste of time and is probably just feeding the monster.

What is the monster? Well, the monster is really a lot of things. All over the airwaves, TV, and even blogosphere stupid and insensitive comments are made every day. This is just one part of it. Another is the media. The sad thing is, is that the more people blow this up the more publicity comes Imus' way. Whether it's good or bad pub, in his line it really makes no difference because its going to bring more listeners to his show (once he gets it back).

There is something in this country that goes on every single day in the media and goes almost always unnoticed. There is a double standard in regard to racism directed towards blacks in the media. Treat yourself to the black comedians, like Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle, for an hour and count the vulgar names directed at black women. Although they may dispute it as much as they want, for blacks to even use the Nword towards each other really has the same degrading effect that it did back when the whites enslaved the blacks and the word took full meaning and as when whites use the word to this day. And even if someone who is black wants to defend their right to use the Nword and not have it be, in reality, just as degrading then look at it this way: It is still feeding the problem.

Imus is a product of the problem right now. Those women did not deserve Imus' comment. It was sexist. It was wrong. But hip hop songs say worse things towards blacks, women, and specifically black women multiple times a day. Sharpton and the others never want to acknowledge this. The point is, if they're going to punish Imus, take a strong look at the true offenders of sexism and racism that our in their own community and culture. The problem needs to be cut down at the root if things are truly ever going to change.

If you turn your attention to MTV, Vh1, or BET and you will hear "ho" more times than you can count. If that's not enough here is another slightly different example. Think of Anderson Cooper on "The Daily show" imitating a Middle Easterner by going "Derka Derka" (like team america)... little to no fuss or complaints. Now is it because they're black? - Maybe. Is it because they are women? -Probably and possibly rightfully so.

Now, I listened to the coach speak and she struck me as a very intelligent and articulate woman but I think they may have stretched this a bit in the press conference. Thing were said such as: they had been "scarred for life" and that his comment "ruined their moment". This is basically what got me. I think to say these things is an overreaction (keeping in mind the first paragraph of this article). He is a crabby, old, white guy with a crappy radio show who sometimes decides to wear a cowboy hat and look like a really ugly idiot. You just took 2nd place in the national title game after a great season and a great tourney run. Now you must not be too proud to let one comment by one crabby, old white guy on the radio "ruin your moment". Also the scarred for life thing...ok, people will remember this for a while and Imus will probably never shake this one but please. A lot of these girls will go on to have a great college career and maybe even be great pro players. I watched the press conference and some of those girls were good speakers and I have no doubts in my mind that most, if not all of those girls, have bright futures ahead of them even outside of basketball. "Scarred for life" is a major stretch.

That being said should he lose his job? Ok he very well may, it all depends on sponsorship.
Stefan Ming (ming01) says,
"Don't they pay him to do stuff like this, to be controversial? Imus was just doing his job."

I think this is pretty true. If he does lose his job it probably won't be because of the actual comment it will be due to financial reasons. Too many supporters pulled the plug on his show and MSNBC had to drop him...Sharpton is pulling for more and I think he needs to mind his own business and cool it right now. He's being punished, he has said he was sorry, he's been doing crap like this for like what, 5 centuries or something? People are blowing this up and because of this I think it is probably likely that he will lose his job.

The Glorious Guest Post: Pac Man Jones Situation - Can we shift the blame?

Hello, friends. My name is Ted, and I regularly write here, although I also pen things in other places, from time to time. Feel free to stop by my site and leave some love. I need all the help I can get, as a human being.

I'm doing a little guest work for my boys at The Sports Flow this morning, and since Pac Man seems to be on everyone's mind, I figured I'd address it as well. Here goes nothing:

The Pac Man Jones situation is obviously a black eye for both the Tennessee Titans and the National Football League as a whole. Not to restate the facts, because I'm sure most people who would read this site are already aware of them, but Pac Man has been involved in altercations in which the police were also involved ten times in the previous year.

It's the first part of the equation above - the Tennessee Titans - that I'd like to address. Listen, the situation with Pac Man is obviously a terrible one, and something we see far too often as sports fans. A guy with all the talent and ability in the world - stuff that an average Joe couch potato would kill for - either can't handle the pressures associated with athletic fame, or has loyalties too deep to less-than-desirable forces from back home, resulting in trouble. The situation repeats itself over and over again in sports, especially in the NFL, where 50 players have been arrested in the past year (mostly a slew of Bengals and Chargers, although the Chargers arrests are often glossed over, it seems).

The Titans, though, used to represent the pinnacle of sports management. First of all, they embody consistency: Jeff Fisher has been there since 1994, and Floyd Reese, before he walked this January, had been there about 13 or 14 years as well. Their draft process was once the top of the heap: they brought in Steve McNair and Eddie George in back-to-back years, serving as the cornerstones of their eventual AFC Title run and also representing two tremendous character guys. I've never heard a negative word uttered about McNair or George, except by a few disgruntled Titans fans (and maybe a couple of Baltimore ones this January).

Beginning in 2000, though, things began to slide a bit for the Titans. They brought in Albert Haynesworth that year - we all know what happened with him this past season (in the same game where Pac-Man covered T.O. one-on-one in what might represent the most emotionally f'ed up cover scheme in NFL history). They also brought in Pac Man two years ago. Other draft picks during this period include Keith Bulluck, who has never been arrested but seems like he's not entirely on the level.

Since the tragedy of Pac-Man became national news, various stories about his development have seeped out. He came from poverty, and lots of heartbreak; this is common among some top athletes, including Adrian Peterson, a soon-to-be NFL player who saw his brother murdered in front of him and had a dad spend time in jail. The difference is, Peterson doesn't "make it rain," or at least hasn't yet. There's a way to manage your life, and since NFL teams spend millions of dollars evaluating every component of a potential addition to their squad, these things need to be front and center. If the same Titans draft machine can grab Steve McNair, Eddie George, and Vince Young, it needs to be more vigilant on picks like Pac Man and Haynesworth, who are clearly troubled souls with displaced passions. The hot item on Pac Man these days is that when asked if he would choose his boys or the NFL, he replied without batting an eyelash, "My boys."

Now, I'm not trying to make a broad generalization here, although it might come across as such. For two years ('03 - '05), I taught in the inner city of Houston, at the elementary school level. Houston has produced a ton of athletes in the past decade or so, from hoopsters like Emeka Okafor to football guys like Young himself, to baseball players galore. Having worked in what is essentially "the ghetto," I can tell you that athletics in those communities are as important as it gets. The chances of escaping that life based solely on academic achievement or some type of non-sports extracurricular excellence is very rare, based on the way our society is currently structured. Kids play sports in the inner city for two reasons: (1) enjoyment and escape, and (2) a possible ticket out.

When and if you get that ticket out - if your persistence and your skills get to that level - you have a major choice on your hands. A guy like Allen Iverson, who has done jail time, has traveled with a posse / entourage since he was playing for Georgetown, but never got in seriously major trouble, or at least repeated scrapes with the law. He knows how to manage, generally speaking, the fact that when 1 gets a ticket out, everyone else wants to ride with him. Pac Man clearly doesn't, and that's sad - but it's a fact of life. If you throw millions of dollars at someone that might have spent a portion of their childhood going multiple days without eating, there's going to be a breaking point that he has to handle, and maturity doesn't always catch up at the same rate your 40 time does.

But it's the responsibility of the Titans, who hire guys solely to evaluate whether a kid can make these decisions about how to live a life with millions, to separate the "wheat" from the "chaff," if you will. Blaming Pac-Man for his transgressions is valid; he certainly could be a lot smarter with his decision making. Someone, though, needs to turn the harsh light of this situation on Fisher and Reese. How do you let this happen? Two of their first overall draft picks across the past seven years will miss a combined 21 games of man power between September of '07 and September of '09. Sure, they were big talents, but were they worth it?

All I'm saying is, Pac-Man isn't a nice individual, and neither is Haynesworth (seemingly). But is that truly their fault, or somewhat the fault of the men that put them in those situations despite likely having better judgement?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Step in the Right Direction

On the way home from my workout today I was listening to sports talk radio (as any God-fearing man should) and they were talking about the suspension of Pacman Jones. Let me just say right now that this 1-year suspension is what I was pulling for and I totally agree with it. I think it is the best move for the NFL collectively. I don't want to see the NFL turn into the NBA with the whole "thuglife" type of image and whatnot.

"It is a privilege to represent the NFL, not a right."
- NFL Commishioner Roger Goodell-

With 10 run-ins with the police in just 2 years in the league the suspension was more than warranted and I don't think it was too much at all. I think he got what he deserved. I think it was brilliant on the part of the new NFL Commish Mr. Roger Goodell. From what I've seen I love the guy and I think he's going to do great things for the NFL. Hopefully these suspensions get the message across. People will ask if it is wrong to use Pacman to send a message, using him as almost a guinea pig. But, no it isn't. Be smart about things, obviously someone has to be the first one punished and this was the right move so quit complaining and don't throw any of that NFL=No Fun League crap at me. Pacman gets a year and Henry misses half of the season (Incidently both were WV Mountaineers) and rightfully so. But do you think this will get players to change their lifestyles? More importantly will Pacman learn anything and change his ways? If I'm a member of the Tennesse Titans organization in any way I sure hope so.