Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pre-Draft NFL Notes

I was gunna get drafted in the first round, but then I got high...?
Apparently Calvin Johnson (GTech WR), Gaines Adams (Clemson DE), and Amobi Okoye (Louisville DT) all admitted to having used pot

The admissions came out as part of a standard interview conducted at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine in February. The interview, conducted by a group of representatives from several teams, was videotaped and copies are sent to every NFL team. The interview was done by a committee/group called The Sports Xchange.

All three players are viewed as the best players at their position and I consider Johnson to be the best overall player in the draft. Now, by my understanding they didn't say they were frequent users. They were merely being completely and totally honest in the questioning process. Here's a quote:

"In context, these admissions were extremely honest responses of relatively minor, old events that should have little or no impact on how we perceive these young men at this point in their lives," -One NFL team executive told TSX-

And this is a little alarming for NFL team execs and TSX themselves because the fact that these admissions were revealed may make players far less complaint and honest in coming years. Realistically I don't think this hurts any of these guys at all. Once again you can't refute how amazingly good all of these guys are and they aren't big-time users being as they never tested positive for drugs in tests done by the NFL or in any of the random tests conducted in college by the NCAA. It obviously doesn't hurt their draft status, nor does it help it. Some suggest that it may make them even MORE appealing because of the honestly they showed....I wouldn't go that far. They'll all go high (pun intended) and I don't foresee any Ricky Williams repeats in the bunch...but you never know.

Titans may be in for a rough season for the TItans
Well the madden curse may have found its next victim in Vince Young. With Pacman out for the year already the Titans can't afford to have Kerry Collins man the helm all season. They'll just have to hope that he can get some advice from Ray Lewis on how to avoid it (kind of). The list of those hit includes: Eddie George ('01), Daunte Culpepper ('02), Marshall Faulk ('03), Mike Vick ('04), Ray Lewis ('05), Donovan McNabb ('06), and Shaun Alexander ('07). The full rundown of their injuries and some comic interjections can be found here.

Curse or mere coincidence? You tell me.

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