Sunday, April 8, 2007

This Year's George Mason

Sure, this year's NCAA Basketball tournament was great and had some upsets. However, to me it was really missing the one thing that makes it truly great. It really was missing a great Cinderella story. It needed that team in the elite 8 or even maybe Final Four which was not, in any way, supposed to be there. Well have no fear and do not hang your head because the sports world has its Cinderella story for the year. This year, rather, it came from the Frozen Four- not the Final Four.

The Michigan State Spartans shocked the hockey world, myself included, by beating the Boston College Golden Eagles on Saturday night. As the number 3 seed MSU was only the 2nd 3 seed to make it to championship (BC last year was a 3), and now the first 3-seed to win it. I didn't get the opportunity to watch this whole game but from what I saw was a really great, hard-hitting, physical, and exciting hockey game. I looked for some videos of the great hitting but this is all i found. So, for those of you who missed the game I hope this will do for now

"We know we're not fancy and we know we're not picked by anybody to win anything. But you know what, what a great, great group of kids. They've wanted so badly to walk around with their heads high, and now they're going home with a national championship,"

--Michigan State Coach Rick Comley--

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stephen a said...

That was such a good game last night. Lerg played awesome. Not to take anything away from those kids but they have to be the worst team to win a title ever. I honestly dont see one kid out there who will be a solid NHL player. That being said, I was rooting for them bigtime