Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jumping Ship

With tons of big decisions being made all around the NCAA Bball world I just wanna outline some of the biggest and give you guys a prediction as to where I think they will land in the draft.

Greg Oden - Father announced yesterday that he was leaving for the draft. I really thought he would stay but I guess I was wrong.
prediction- Almost positive he'll go #1

Joahkim Noah- I wish he wouldn't scream everytime he does anything but, it's official he has hired his father's agent. He might have gone #1 overall last year but decided to come back...I guess that worked out ok for him in the end.
prediction- top 10

Kevin Durant- How big do you think his shoe deal will be?
prediction- top 2

Julian Wright- said all year that he'd be returning to finish his degree...I guess something changed his mind. It's a bummer for Jayhawk fans everywhere, myself included.
prediction- he'll be a lottery pick

Aaron Afflalo- He declared last year too so I'd say he's in for good now.
prediction- probably anywhere from picks 15-35

Corey Brewer- Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player...he's long and athletic and I think will be great in the NBA.
prediction- lottery pick

AL Horford- He really impressed me in this year's tourney. I think he's great and his size makes him even more valuable.
prediction- goin' top 10

Josh McRoberts- wasted no time in announcing he’ll be leaving Duke for good, despite the fact that his draft stock is not that great following a fairly disappointing sophomore season.
prediction- top 20, probably top 15

Roy Hibbert- best size in the draft other than Oden. I thought he shoulda returned to school. He probably could have reall improved his game and gone even higher next year. Hasn't hired agent yet, could still return.
prediction- top 15 for sure

Jeff Green- Definitely A top-flight guard in the draft...doesn't have an agent yet either so him and Hibbert both could return. I think if one does you can look for the other to follow suit.
prediction- top 10 if he goes

**Sorry It's so short. I have to go to work now....Lemme know your thoughts, predictions and projections**


ming01 said...

I guess Oden is still undecided

grittysquirrels said...

Last night espn reported that his father had said that he was going....and then i heard it on fsr on my way home too.. well if he stays then Durant definately goes #1.

Anonymous said...

first of all horford is type five and mcsoberts will go in teh 20-25 range no team will waste a top 20 pick on that pile of garbage

twins15 said...

I agree for the most part, but a couple disagreements.

Afflalo - I love the guy, but he has no shot of being in the 15 range. I see lower round 1 at best, undrafted at worst.

I disagree with the previous commenter about McRoberts... he's a very talented big man. 15-20 sounds about right.

Hibbert - I think he'll go top 10. He has his problems but 7'2'' skilled big men don't last very long.

Green - He's not really a guard, but I agree for the most part. Although I do think Hibbert will go higher than him.

ming01 said...

just to let everyone know this post was done by grittysquirrels not ming01