Thursday, April 26, 2007

My 2007 NFL First-Round Mock Draft

Almost everybody's got here's mine!

1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russel - QB
In my opinion Calvin Johnson is the best player (most skilled/talented and has the biggest upside) in this draft, BUT the Raiders are going to take JaMarcus Russel. He has a great NFL body, and one of the best arms the game has ever seen (can throw it some ridiculous 40 yrds. sitting on his ass!). The Raiders are building for the future and QB is the spot they need to address because I don't think that Al Davis is content to sit with Andrew Walker right now.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (trade with Detroit Lions) - Calvin Johnson - WR
I think Johnson is the overall best player in the draft and we all know how bad Tampa Bay wants him. And really, what's not to love about this guy and his game? They need a WR and he is the best that I've seen in a while. They probably could have gotten him with their #4 pick but they want him terribly and can't risk it.

3. Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn - QB
They need a franchise face. I know they like/liked Frye but I don't think they can really pass on Quinn if he's there. I'm saying he is, and they take him.

4. Detroit Lions (trade with Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Gaines Adams - DE
Well if the Lions do trade down like I predict them to, and in doing so pass on Brady Quinn and Calvin Johnson, then I think Gaines Adams is their pick. They need a bigtime threat to rush the passer and Gaines Adams can fill their need. Honestly, the Lions should keep their pick and take Johnson, the best player in the draft, but just out of fear of a flop and their recent trend in receiver picking and ignoring the defense I just don't see how they possibly do it.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas - OT
Thomas was arguably the most dominating player in college football last year. This is the kind of investment that they need to make to protect last year's big investment (Matt Leinert). Thomas is the next step in the Cardinals rebuilding journey.

6. Washington Redskins - trade down somewhere
I think that being as the Redskins don't have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick they are basically screwed as it is. However, the smart thing to do would be to trade this pick for maybe something like a third and a 5th, or a 2nd and a fourth, or really whatever they can get. If they decide that they are indeed screwed anyways so they might as well just use the pick then I think they get LSU Safety LaRon Landry to bookend what would become quite the dynamic duo in their secondary.

7. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson - RB
Yea, the Vikes don't really need a RB that badly. There are a lot more pressing issues with this team like, oh I don't know, QB and WR! If they take a WR it would probably be Ginn Jr. but my pick is Peterson. If he's around they just can't afford to pass on him. It's not very often that a guy like this comes out of college and if he falls into your lap you need to take him whether or not his position is a top 5 need or not.

8. Atlanta Falcons - LaRon Landry - S
This is closely hinged to the proposed idea as to whether or not the Redskins use their 1st round pick or not. I said that they would trade down so that means that the Falcons take Landry and bolster a much needed aspect of their defense. However, if the 'skins pick then Landry is off the board and the Falcons stick defense and go with CB Leon Hall. Wouldn't that be someting!? They would have 2 standout, bigplay, bookend corners with the same last name!

9. Miami Dolphins - Amobi Okoye - DT
Probably, other than Johnson, the biggest stud in the draft. I'm sure you guys all know the story...Okoye steps in a starts and makes an immediate impact. Just think of the damage that Taylor and Okoye could do from the DE positions. This is a guy that I like a lot. I like him more than Gaines Adams who I think will get picked before he does, but oh well. He's a great pick for the 'Fins.

10. Houston Texans - Levi Brown - OT
The David Carr era was plagued with criticism in relation to the shit-poor offensive line that allowed him to get the tar kicked out of him on a weekly basis. Now Schuab, having not many real NFL starts under his belt, is their new go-to-guy and they really don't want to make the same mistake. They need to protect their assets.

11. San Fransisco 49ers - Alan Branch - DT
We've all seen Branch fall considerably over the last couple of months. However, he's got good sive (6'6" and 33`) and he fits their 4-3 set well and the 9ers will still take him.

12. Buffalo Bills - Patricks Willis - LB
There is not a lot not to like about this kid. He excelled in the SEC (11.4 tackles per game) with not a lot of talent around him. His size is great (6"1" and 240) w/ a 4.5 40. He's a talent and the best available pick to fit the need of the bills at #12.

13. St. Louis Rams - Ted Ginn Jr. - WR
The greatest show on turf gets its new heir to the throne. With an aging Isaac Bruce it's about time that the Rams got another above average WR with blazing speed to compliment Mr. Holt. Ginn is basically a perfect fit here. He'll probably see a lot of playing time next year too both returning kicks and catching balls.

14. Carolina Panthers - Greg Olsen - TE
He's the only TE in this year's class that can really stretch the field and that's exactly what the Panthers need. Their offense needs diversity and Olsen can bring it. His 4.5 40 at the combine should definately grab their attention at pick 14.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Paul Posluszny - LB
Steelers are going to use teh Tampa-2 next year and Posluzny would be great for them as Joey Porter is now a Dolphin and they make the transition from less fo a 3-4 to more of a 4-3.

16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch - RB
This makes me excited. I would love for the Packers to take Lynch with the 16th pick. He has good size (5'11" 217), speed (4.46) and very good hands. Favre will love him and I think he'll probably start over Morency - split carries at the very least. Highlights like this make me excited for next year and take away the pain of Ahman boltin' for warmer weather.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jarvis Moss - DE
A great explosive pass rusher who fills what looks to be a definite need. Moss stays in sunny florida to continue to rack up the sacks. -->This is actually a close call as far as DEs are concerned i have Moss and Carriker (Neb.) ranked very close to eachother. Moss has slightly better speed, so I'm going with him but don't be surprised if they take Carriker (who I really like).

18. Cincinatti Bengals - Darelle Revis - CB
Benglas need a good corner. They can't afford do draft anyone with bad character and I think both of these reasons makes Revis their guy. His 40 time (4.39) definately made him a top pick. He'll probably return kicks for them too next year. This would be the perfect pick for Cinci.

19. Tennesse Titans - Robert Meachem - WR
They're starting to get some great talent on this team and it is obvious that they now need someone for Vince to throw the ball to. This guy is highly underrated and overshadowed by Ginn, and Johnson. He'd be a great pick for them here. Plus, Complete Sports liked him before it was apparently cool to so...

20. NY Giants - Lawrence Timmons - LB
Guy comes out of FSU in my eyes as relatively underrated. I think he fills a real need for them and would be a great fit.

21. Denver Broncos - Adam Carriker - DE
I actually like this kid more than Moss at the DE position. I've seen quite a bit of him because I watch a fair amount of Husker's football and I give my personal guaruntee that this kid is definately a pro player. His size and speed are amazing. He's got what you can't teach, and I think I'm a ltitle high on this kid but, nevertheless he will add a lot to whatever defense picks him

22.Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Jarrett - WR
I agree with Complete Sports once again. While many have this kid falling fast I think not. He might be falling and not as good as Ginn, Johnson, and Meachem but I think he'll be a good possession reciever at the pro level. Jerry Jones take him to compliment TO next season. People forget he has great size (6'5" 213) and had 41 career TDs at USC.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Ross - CB
Their D needs an upgrade in a lot of places and corner is definately somewhere that can be addressed. He's fast, intimidating, and creates turnovers... what's not to like about that?

24. New England Patriots - Jon Beason - LB
Comes out of the U and can play ILB in their 3-4 scheme. Idealy I think Posluszny is the guy that the Pats really want here but I just don't think he'll be around. Beason is their next best bet and they'll hafta settle.

25. NY Jets - Jamaal Anderson - DE
They need a pass-rusher and Anderson is definately that. A lot of people might be surprised that I still have Anderson available at this point, but I just feel like he might be a bit overhyped and I think he'll fall. Not out of the 1st round...just into a Jets cap.

26. Philadelphia Eagles - Dwayne Bowe - WR
The Eagles don't have a real especially pressing need in the draft and I think Bowe is a great big receiver that would be an upgrade over a lot of the recievers they have now. Especially with the uncertainty regarding the knee of Mr. Jeremy Bloom (their WR pick last year).

27. New Orleans - Christ Houston - CB
Comes out of Arkansas and can make an immediate impact. They're again quickly and are slow at the corner position. I think he'll come and could probably start next year. He'll be their nickel corner at the very least.

28. New England Patriots (again) - Reggie Nelson - S
He will add a lot of athleticism and versatility to their secondary. He'll be able to play corner if needed and safety too (obviously) so he'll find a way on to the field as much as much as possible next year. He ran a 4.3 40 at the combines and obviously everbody saw what he did to the Buckeyes in January so yea....this is a good pick here for the Pats.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Staley - OT
Comes out a little unknown out of Central Michigan and will be a nice upgrade in both talent and youth to their Oline and can help keep the again McNair out of retirement for maybe a few more years.

30. San Diego Chargers - Mike Griffin - S
They're relatively stacked at LB and DLine secondary needs an upgrade. They really want Nelson but they only get Griffin here....shucks.

31. Chicago Bears - Ben Grubbs- G
They really need a WR here. However, I've got Johnson, Bowe, Ginn, Jarret, and Maechem all off the board here so they have to settle for their next greatest need. Someone to protect that frail little man we call Rex Grossman. Seriously, how is someone with the name Rex so prone to injury?

32. Indianapolis Colts- Justin Harrell - DT
Coming out of Tenn. he looked to be a top 10 pick but he tore his bicepts. I think at this point he is definately worth the risk here for the Colts. In terms of value if they can get Harrell with the 32nd pick it could probably be the best pick in this draft.

So, there you have it. A ton of time, energy, sleep, and research for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to post any comments, changes, or discussion points you may have.


twins15 said...

Ha... I did like Meachem before it was the cool thing to do! :)

I like most of your top picks there... you do have Landry going twice though. If the Skins stay at 6 I think Okoye will be the pick.

grittysquirrels said...

The whole Landry thing is that I picked the Redskins to trade down (the smart thing to do anyways) but I said if they don't and they use their 1st round pick then they would take Landry...but my prediction is still a trade down somewhere.

So with predicting them to trade down i predicted Landry to go to the Falcons.

ming01 said...

the Eagles will not draft a WR. They already have some great young talent there. Their first pick will be on the defensive side, eith a LB or a SS for the loss of Michael Lewis.

stephen a said...

I'm gonna disagree with your Vikings pick. I dont know when you posted this but AD re injured his collarbone in the Fiesta Bowl, and in any event I think they'd take Landry anyways who has the chance to be a great safety

grittysquirrels said...

My Vikings pick rocked fetch....