Friday, April 20, 2007

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.

Let's be honest here, everyone has watched or watches Sesame Street at one point in there life. So let's play. On of these things is not like the other: NFL Draft, NHL Draft, MLB Draft, NBA Draft.

Ok, yea, it's the NBA Draft. I don't like it. The reason why: I like parity and the NBA Draft does not. The NBA Draft has a money-making machine called the Lottery which enables the NBA to get lots of pub, make more money, and destroy true parity in the league.

Rarely do the 2 worst teams get the top two picks...take a look:

2006 1. Toronto #5 2. Chi via NY #2
2005 1. Milwaukee #6 2. Atlanta #1
2004 1. Orlando #1 2. Charlotte #2
2003 1. Clevland #1 2. Det via Memphis #6
2002 1. Houston #5 2. Chicago #1
2001 1. Washington #3 2. LA Clip #8
2000 1. New Jersey #7 2. Vancouver #4
1999 1. Chicago #3 2. Vancouver #1
1998 1. LA Clips #3 2. Vancouver #4
1997 1. San Antonio #3 2. Philadelphia #5

Maybe the Bucks have a shot at Oden or Durant? --You really never know, which is kind of exciting but takes away parity from the NBA. I don't like it. I'm a firm believer in the worst team getting the first pick. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think its parity not parody.

sioux yeah yeah said...

I think the NBA is stupid. But that's just my opinion lol :P

Chim Ridgalds said...

Nothing like removing the barriers that make sure teams don't tank. It's not perfect but it's neccessary. The Celtics don't deserve a top three pick anymore. Otherwise, you actively encourage losing, and the NBA can NOT handle that right now with it's decreasing popularity.

stephen a said...

Actually, I would argue that the MLB draft is most unlike the others. yes there is no lottery, but unlike in other sports there are no trading of picks and teams can lose picks due to signing free agents