Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Youtube Tuesday

NFL draft is coming up and most of my blogging time is being spent researching and preparing some sort of a Mock draft for the readers...so for today, out of utter sloth, I'm going to give you some of my favorite and most recently viewed videos from the Blogosphere.... enjoy em'.

The Joys of a College Education
This video never really gets old for me...I've seen it on a few other blogs out there and just had to add it...it's truly impressive. Also love the music...Rockey can inspire all.
Extreme Mountain Unicycling
Despite being relatively unknown Extreme Mountain Unicycling has apparently starting to catch on..
Foul Ball(s)!
I saw the ball boy in the Padres vs. Dodgers game get hit last night and it got me searching for foul ball videos. I actually remember this from last year, and so yea, for obvious reasons it had to be posted.
Royals OF Joey Gathright can jump a little
This video is so amazingly beautiful in the most idiotic way that it cannot go unnoticed...I've seen this video at The Big Picture and the Sports Videos Blog and it blows my mind. I suppose being able to jump like that makes you a pretty good athlete? PS- Joey Gathright isn't very fast either.
Gotta Love the old SC Commercials
This is my all-time favorite Sportscenter commercial (although there are a lot of greats). You can see a lot of the classics at the Sports Videos Blog as done by Complete Sports' Jon Reed. "Follow me! Follow me to freedom!"
My Pick for the Pack
Yea, so i really wouldn't mind the Packers taking him in the 1st round. In fact, I fully support and here's your Mock Draft preview: I'm picking them to and he probably starts right away.
Prince is a big boy
Video from a game against the Giants last season...I would have to imagine that felt like being tackled by a Refrigerator. As I watch I find my self wondering what is going through Todd Greene's mind as the 260 lb. Fielder comes rumbling around third.
Tim Duncan loses in MYL
So anybody out there who needs clarification MYL stands for Make You Laugh and it's a terribly addicting game that involves being it and trying to get people to laugh and then they have to go. But anyways....Don't mess with Joe Crawford I guess. I don't know I would say let them play the game, to kick a guy out of a game that sitting on the bench is kind of ridiculous. Especially since i view Tim Duncan to be one of the most reserved, soft-spoken, and respectful guys in the NBA. I can't imagine what was so extreme that this ejection, in a pretty important game mind you, was warranted. Apparently Joe asked Tim if wanted to fight?


Mini Me said...

My favorite SC commercial ever.


Hilarious. That and the Hollyfield one.

grittysquirrels said...

And breaking news on the final video i presented...Joe Crawford has been suspended indefinately for his role in the ejections, apparently him asking Duncan to fight was MORE than just a rumor....

This makes that even more ridiculous and I lose infinite respect for him as an official.

Anonymous said...

joe crawford is an idiot. man ppl are very sensitive these days

twins15 said...

Glad to see Crawford got suspended... that stunt he pulled was ridiculous.

BJ said...

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