Monday, April 2, 2007

Gator Nation Continues to Loom Large

The University of Florida Gators basketball team became the first team since 1992 to repeat as champs. They also added to what has become quite a collegiate sports dynasty; having won basketball ('05-'06), Football ('06), and Basketball again in the last year. Although I was really pulling for Ohio St. I wasn't really surprised at all.

Oden had a huge game and dominated the Gators' 3-man rotation of bigmen from start to finish. Florida really thrived off the 3-ball though, and that's what really made the difference. Ohio St. couldn't really make a 3 to save their life.Overall it was a pretty entertaining game. It just kind of disgusts me to see Florida dominate the sports world like this, but I guess I'll just have to get over it.

Mike Conley Jr. didn't have a great game but I still feel like this tournament has catapulted him to the highest tier of PGs in the game. I think it will be really interesting to see what he and Oden do for next year. They both could easily go and both even be lottery picks. However, I would not be surprised at all if they both stayed. Rumor has it that Oden is already enrolled in a few classes next year and has made verbal commentary on staying for another season. I think regardless of what they do they will follow eachother. I just don't see one going and the other staying. If they stay Ohio St. will just be absolutely stacked next year.

Since we're on the topic of leaving for the draft I think you can look for a majority of the Gators team going to the draft. I think Brewer, Horford, Noah, and Green will all leave for the draft and probably get picked pretty high. I think Horford is a top 6 pick for sure, and Brewer and Noah are probably top 10. I also think that their 6th man Richard has a shot to get drafted. With that many kids leaving both from graduation and to the draft it will be truly interesting to see if Billy Donovan opts out for another job - cough, Kentucky, cough-.

So as they Gator chomped in celebration they took a giant bite out of the college basketball record books. Not only as the first team to repeat since '92 but also as the first team to hold both the football and basketball championships at the same time, and honestly they very well may be the only school to ever accomplish this. At least for a long, long time. Now starts the debate...where does this team stack up against the best and most talented of all time? I'm going to leave that up to you, so drop a comment and let me know your opinion.


ming01 said...

First off, I truly do believe Donovan will take the Kentucky job... I mean why the hell not? It's the best coaching job in the country.. top facilities, one of the greatest traditions, winningest program ever, they always land top recruits, also they have arguably the most passionate fans in the nation. Donovan would transform the potentinal that was always there and take them to multiple final fours and possibly even win a few titles.

As for Florida, I believe they're the best team to ever repeat. Kinda hard to put them up against teams like '82 UNC, '79 Michgan St., '90 UNLV, '96 or '98 Kentucky, '99 UConn, or even 01' Duke.

twins15 said...

Florida was spectacular in this ballgame... I mean, was the outcome of that game ever in doubt? Not from what I could see.

grittysquirrels said...

I agree with you Ming. And for anyone who doesn't think that they are the best team to ever repeat or the best team ever even...I think that you have to say that they are definately the most talented. With probably 4 starters as probable lottery picks how can resent that?

Anonymous said...

congratulations, it seems, ala Lee Corso, that if you pick against the Buckeyes 4 times in a row in teh big games, eventually, you will finally be right.

Tennessee, Memphis, Georgetown, why does everyone pick against these kids?

grittysquirrels said...

Mike Conley has already said that he is comming back next year which is huge. This makes me think that Oden will come back too. They've been playing together for so long why stop now? I think they stay connected at the hip: Oden returns...and the buckeyes return to the title game.

Also, this directed to everyone but especially what ming said. Why should Billy Donovan leave? Sure facilities blah, blah that's great and all. But look at what he's done at FLorida already. It's not like he won't be able to get a couple blue-chip prospects winning back-2-back titles. The money would probably be about the same, and the expectations less. Why not be the guy to put Florida basketball truly on the map as a legacy/dynasty kind of school like kentucky is. If I was Billy I'd stay.

ming01 said...

kentucky pays the highest for coaching... even if oden leaves the buckeyes will be one of the top teams next year along with ucla, usc, kansas, unc, and memphis. they landed a great 7'0 recruit who can nail the three his name slips my mind though