Saturday, April 21, 2007

Georgetown top team for next year?

Green eyeing return

Big East player of the year Jeff Green said Tuesday there is a "70-30" chance he will return to Georgetown for his senior season.

Green and fellow teammate Roy Hibbert both declared for the draft last week, but neither hired an agent.

Both players are potential lottery picks, and both said they want to get a good indicator of what their NBA value is and what it might be if they stay in school another year.

Hibbert said it's worth the wait to get picked top 3 in 2008 instead of 8-14 this year. He also said he is about 50-50 on the decision.

I am sure losing in the final four is another factor on leaning towards returning to school. If both Green and Hibbert return, the Hoyas will easily be number one and the favorite to win it all next season.

While I believe Green is a more NBA ready player, both also clarified they wouldn't want to be playing from the end of the bench.

I think both will return, especially if Green does Hibbert most likely will too. With the 4 studs of Florida, Kevin Durant, Gren Oden, Mike Conley, Daequan Cook, Aaron Afflalo, and Julian Wright all leaving early, Georgetown would definitely be the premier team in the nation with everybody returning.

After an interview with the Associated Press Green stated: "School is only going to be here four years. The NBA will be there forever. You can't just give up that. That's a big thought in this process. Either way, I'm going to come back and get my degree."


Anonymous said...

wow terrible post gtown is not the cream of the crop for next season clearly its unc wow what a dumb post you suck at everything you do

ming01 said...

remember when G-Town beat UNC in the tournament? Yeah that's what I thought. It's obvious you have no brain...

field negro said...

Yep, if Green and Hibbert goes back to school they will be up there.

But don't hold your breaths in D.C.

twins15 said...

Yeah if those two return GTown will be extremely tough. Dajuan Summers is a Big East POY in the future, John Wallace was very solid by the end of the year, and Chris Wright and Austin Freeman coming in will add lots of depth in the backcourt to go along with that great potential froncourt (Hibbert, Green, Summers, Ewing). They would be excellent next year, and I would definitely put them above UNC.