Monday, September 29, 2008

C.C Sabathia Deserves the NL Cy Young

If anybody saw what C.C. Sabathia did on Sunday for the Brewers I don't' see how they can not agree with me here.

He single-handedly took the Brewers to the playoffs this season. And to come out and throw like that in the clinching game in his third start in 9 days (3rd straight game on 3days rest!) is just amazing. Not to mention the fact that he was touching 96 on the gun out there in the 9th!

He is a freak and a stud and earned himself some major cashola for next year no matter where he ends up (please not pinstripes).

If he wins he will be the first player to win the Cy Young in the AL and then the NL the next year. Agree? Disagree? Drop a comment. I'm off to dream of a Brewers playoff run!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ole Miss stuns Gators

With my school's team idle today (NDSU Bison) I decided to get up and watch my 2nd favorite college football team play on ESPN 360 this morning.

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Florida went into half-time with a 17-7 lead, not bad but I was expecting a little more than that. Florida couldn't have started the second half any worse than they did. In 4 offensive plays they fumbled twice, which they both lost. Mississippi scored on both of them.
Mississippi took a 31-24 lead in the 4th only for Florida to come back and score, but the Rebels then blocked the PAT.

The defense struggled as well, they couldn't tackle Mississippi RB Dexter McCluster; I was very impressed with McCluster, I've never watched him play before and he's a hard-nosed runner and Florida could not tackle him for their lives.

He ran all over the dismal Gators defense in the 2nd half, he ran for 60 yards on 11 attempts and I think that was almost all in the 3rd quarter. Florida could simply not tackle him.

As I looked up his profile on to find out more about this guy I happened to notice he is from Largo, Florida... seems pretty fitting.

I have to commend Houston Nutt for his play calling, he had the Gator defense on their toes and he used his effective "Wile Rebel" formation and it showed.

As for Florida, Tebow struggled at times, he did throw for 319 yards but still he made some questionable passes and decisions at times and he didn't seem himself. Percy Harvin was Florida's only bright spot as he rushed for 82 yards and a TD and had 186 receiving yards and a TD as well.

The Gators need to get back on track next week with a win over Arkansas, then they have a huge game with LSU, they need to win that game and after today, I don't know if they can.

Best catch ever? I think so

Did you see this catch by Morgan State WR Edwin Baptiste last Saturday? This has to be the best catch ever; I have no idea how he pulled it off. Check it out...

Friday, September 26, 2008

TSF NFL Week 4 Game Pick

Week 1 - BYE

Week 2 - 12-3

Week 3 - 13-3

Total - 25-6 (.806 % !!!!)

Well, after the first couple weeks of picks I am red hot and looking to continue that way in week four!

Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Tennesse Titans beat the Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints beat the San Francisco 49ers

New York Jets beat the Arizona Cardinals

Carolina Panthers beat the Atlanta Falcons

Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Houston Texans

Cleveland Browns beat the Cincinatti Bengals

San Diego Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders

Buffalo Bills beat the St. Louis Rams

Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins

Philadelphia Eagles beat the Chicago Bears

NFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Green Bay Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Gotcha! Now to the real topic...

College Football Weekend Preview

Ole Miss at Florida
Ole Miss is an improved team this season with former Texas QB Jevan Snead at the helm. Snead has been pretty impressive, throwing for 844 yards and 6 TD thus far. The Gators defense has improved drastically compared to last season and part of that has to do with confidence. Brandon Spikes up the middle, Carlos Dunlap on the line, and Major Wright deep in the secondary are all underrated playmakers. Tebow hasn't been quite as impressive as last season yet, but his passing has improved. The Gators speed could be too much for the Rebels.

The Pick: Florida

Wisconsin at Michigan
The Wolverines are just god-awful this season. Rich Rodriguez just doesn't have the players that fits his system. The defense has given up way too many big plays and the QB situation is a mess. Wisconsin, on the other hand, has got the job done. P.J. Hill looks like his old self. The defense has been pretty tough, shutting down a good offense in Fresno St. earlier.

The Pick: Wisconsin

Illinois at Penn St.
This could be an intriguing and high-scoring affair. Penn St. may be one of the most surprising teams thus far. Illinois hasn't been too bad, they just need both sides of the ball to be a little more consistent. It seems like everybody has stepped up for the Nittany Lions, the special teams have, (dare I say it) been special. This game could have some big implications on the Big Ten.

The Pick: Penn St.

Tennessee at Auburn
The Vols were terrible vs. Florida last week, and that's an understatement! They had so many mistakes and mental meltdowns it was unbelievable. The pressure could be looming on Phil Fullmer soon. Auburn is coming off a tough loss at home to LSU. This is a must win for both teams.

The Pick: Auburn

Upset and Game of the Week (Combined for this week)
Alabama over Georgia
Yes, I am starting to jump on the Bama band wagon. They have been so impressive lately and Georgia hasn't been as dominant as I initially thought. I think the Bama offense can put up some points on the Dawgs D. Look for Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno to be contained, but not stopped. This should be one hell of a game.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
Northern Iowa at Southern Illinois

The winner of this should have the early inside track at the Missouri Valley Title.

The Pick: Northern Iowa

Marquese Walker would beat me 1-on-1

So this kid is the "top kindergarten basketball prospect in the world". For whatever that's worth he looks pretty good to me. Here's a video of him dribbling kickballs at age 2.

And here is a freestyle show for the fans culminating in a sick blindfolded layup.

This video is a collection of game clips, Marquese with NBA and college superstars, and Marquese's halftime show for the Grizzlies last year.

I have Freedom of Speech too

To start off, in case some of you don't know what happened, Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard stated this about his country and national anthem at Allen Iverson's charity flag-football event:

"'The Star-Spangled Banner' is going on. I don't celebrate this [expletive]. I'm black …"

I think that is self-explanatory. But when it comes to this, it's rather stupid. I see people on both sides saying, "He's unpatriotic" and "He's a fool for denouncing his country"; and those on the other side that say "Leave him alone" and try to pull the free speech argument.

Sure, he does have a right to free speech. He has a right to say it, but free speech isn't always intelligent speech. Howard should be thanking our founding fathers for protecting his "stupidity".

I recently read an article on Slam Online titled "Leave Josh Howard alone" by Dave Zirin.

Zirin wants everybody to leave Howard alone because he has a right to say what he wants, yet he condemns J.A. Adande of ESPN for slamming Howard, claiming Howard is lucky:

“What makes America the best country on the planet is that you are free to stand or sit for the national anthem, to sing along or to yell in anger at the government as much as you want without getting tossed in jail for your political beliefs.”

Hypocrisy at it's finest. We have people defending Josh Howard for his freedom speech, yet they condemn others who also have that same right to form opinions based on what he says and treat him accordingly.

Josh Howard has a right to say what he wants, but I also have a right to think he's stupid for saying it. I have a right to form an opinion of him too.

There are so many people quick to defend Howard's antics, but yet they don't want to hear the other side. They want to censor other people's opinions about Howard.

I won't be surprised to see Mavs owner Mark Cuban, other NBA players, or Howard for that matter, defend himself, but when Howard hears boos in the crowd, sees ticket sales drop, his paycheck cut, or nobody wants to sign him, then he can only thank a little something called "free speech".

Friday, September 19, 2008

TSF NFL Week 3 Game Picks

Week 1 - Bye (had to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the games)
Week 2- 12-3
My Record: 12-3

Atlanta Falcons beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills beat the Oakland Raiders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Chicago Bears

New England Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins

New York Giants beat the Cincinatti Bengals

Washington Redskins beat the Arizona Cardinals

Tennessee Titans beat the Houston Texans

San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions

Seattle Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams

Denver Broncos beat the New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

San Diego Chargers beat the New York Jets

Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens

UPSET SPECIAL: Minnesota Vikings beat the Carolina Panthers

NFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Dallas Cowboys over the Green Bay Packers

AFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Indianapolis Colts over the Jacksonville Jaguars

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zambrano's No-Hitter deserves an asterisk

Did anybody see anything wrong Sunday night between the Astros-Cubs game? Did anybody see anything wrong with nearly a packed crowd of blue and white everywhere at a Houston Astros home game in Milwaukee?

I did.

Sure... you have to give Carlos Zambrano some credit for throwing that no-hitter. He obviously threw a hell of a game, but what if the game had been played in Houston? Or even Dallas? Would he still had thrown that no-no? Highly doubt it. What if there wouldn't have been clads of blue and white everywhere? What if Hurricane Ike never even happened? We can only speculate.

The no-hitter deserves an asterisk. It's not fair for the Houston Astros to have a home game one hour away from Chicago in Milwaukee.

I watched the end of the game on Sunday night to see if Zambrano could pull off the no-no. It just didn't look right seeing the sea of blue and white everywhere as the Astros looked dismayed.

Not only were the Cubs coming off two straight wins, after losing eight of nine, but the Astros meanwhile, had won 14 of 15.

The Stros were put in a difficult situation with the hurricane and all. They had families and homes to worry about, then they had the pleasure of playing a "home" game in Milwaukee.

Both teams and the MLB were put in a tough situation. In all, Carlos Zambrano should have an asterisk for this no-hitter, it just seems fair.

I am sure some of you will say: "Give Zambrano his due", "He totally earned this". There's no doubt it was a valiant effort and performance on his part; but I guess Mr. Zambrano can thank mother nature for this one.

Will Firing Ned Yost Stop Brewers Tailspin?

As most of you readers know I am a die hard Brewers fan. As many of you also know the Brewers are doing everything they can to try and choke away their playoff chances. Now, on Monday Milwaukee's principal owner Mark Attanasio fired Ned Yost. With just 12 games left in the regular season this just doesn't seem like the right time to me. I guess I just don't quite see how this is going to help the players turn it on and turn things around in the last 12 games of the season but we shall see.

Granted, if the Brewers missed the playoffs (or maybe even if they made it) Yost would have gotten fired in the offseason. But this just seems untimely (after all it is only the 3rd time ever a MLB manager with a .550+ record has lost his job mid season). However in Attanasio I trust.

He's done so much for my favorite ball club since wretched owner Bud Selig left town. He's totally given this team a new-look making many great trades (think for Sexson and Overbay) and has brought in so much talent and seen through with their grooming (think Fielder, Hardy, Gwynn, Weeks) This team hasn't been to the playoffs in 26 years and if anyone can get them there it's this guy. What does Dale Sveum know and will he be managing beyond the end of this season? Who knows really, I just hope that the players pull their heads out and pour it on this last week and a half. It's been a really fun summer watching these guys and I don't want their season to end.
Was this the right move? My gut says "No" but my head trusts Attanasio completely. What do you think?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

USC vs. Ohio St. Prediction

Here is a quick run down and prediction of the big game tonight...

USC vs. Ohio St.

This won't be a particularly high scoring game at all. Both teams have two of the best defenses in the country. I wouldn't be surprised to see special teams win this game for both. Mark Sanchez will have a tough task ahead of himself with a stellar OSU secondary.

It looks like Beanie Wells will have a limited role today, he may not even play at all. It appears it will be a game-time decision. If Beanie isn't effective, there is no doubt in my mind that USC will win this game. It will be tough to pass on USC if the Buckeyes aren't able to establish the run.

USC has looked very impressive thus far this season, their offense just clicked vs. Virginia. Look for Pete Carroll to try and establish the run and go right at OSU's tough front seven early. With the stable of backs they have I don't see a reason not to. Once they do that look for Sanchez and his talented WRs to be very effective at times.

I think a lot will be on USC's offense tonight, they're going against a very good defense. Can they outscore OSU's offense?

Look for a close game tonight with two offense's trying to grind out points against stellar defenses. Mark Sanchez will be fine against the OSU D and the loss of Beanie Wells will really hurt the Buckeyes as USC will key on Todd Boeckmans arm and the WRs.

The Pick:
USC 26 OSU 24

TSF NFL Week 2 Game Picks

Green Bay Packers over Detroit Lions

Oakland Raiders over Kansas City Chiefs

New York Giants over St. Louis Rams

Tennesse Titans over Cincinatti Bengals

New Orleans Saints over Washington Redskins

Carolina Panthers over Chicago Bears

Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons

New York Jets over New England Patriots

Arizona Cardinals over Miami Dolphins

Indianapolis Colts over Minnesota Vikings

Pittsburgh Steelers over Cleveland Browns

Houston Texans over Baltimore Ravens - NULL

NFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Dallas Cowboys over Philadelphia Eagles

AFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Denver Broncos over San Diego Chargers

UPSET SPECIAL: Buffalo Bills over Jacksonville Jaguars

Friday, September 12, 2008

Congrats to K-Rod

Well I'm so tired from doing homework and it's too late for me to really post now. So I just want to congratulate K-Rod. Today he tied Bobby Thigpen for the record of saves in a season (currently at 57). At this point I'd say he's obviously going to break the record so why not celebrate now!

WHOOOO! I'm going to bed. Back with this weekend's NFL Picks tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stefan's Sports Take: 9/9

Stefan's Take is a new column TSF is adding to the blog. Exploring different sports topics from recent events to the latest breaking news. Stefan's Take will appear every Tuesday.

College Football:
We've had a fairly interesting College Football season thus far. With some upsets and very good games, it just makes me even more eager for Saturday. East Carolina has been the biggest surprise so far with their upsets over Virginia Tech and West Virginia. The Pirates still have two more BCS conference games playing at NC St. and Virginia. It may be a little early but we could possibly have a BCS Bowl crasher upon us.

Everybody is looking forward to the OSU/USC (Sat. 7 pm ABC) games this weekend. I was going to pick OSU until their game against Ohio, where they trailed heading into the fourth quarter. The defense wasn't too bad, they did give up some big plays, which concerns me for USC. But the offense was not very good at all, maybe the offense's poor showing reflected upon the absence of Beanie Wells, but still it was Ohio they were playing.

Truth be told, I am still expecting a hell of a good game on primetime Saturday night. USC should give OSU fits, but now that Wells is expected to be back for the Bucks, that helps quite a bit. I am expecting a close USC win.

I must comment a little on the BYU-Washington ending on Saturday. Jake Locker scored with 5 seconds remaining to get his Huskies within a PAT. Locker threw the ball up in celebration but was flagged for excessive celebration. This is a 15 yard penalty and caused Wash. to kick a 35 yard extra point. Well, the PAT was blocked and BYU snuck away with a 28-27 win.

Let me say, there is no way you can tell me Locker was trying to show up BYU. Who wouldn't throw the ball up after scoring with 5 tics left? This was a terrible call and the refs lost it for the Huskies. There is no way that was a penalty and now way he was trying to draw attention to himself. Plus, the refs should never, under most circumstances, determine the outcome of a game.

As we all know, Tom Brady will undergo season ending knee surgery. Maybe it was a matter of time because Brady was on the Pats injury report every game last season. They may have all been minor injuries, but there was always something with him and now I think it finally caught up to him; but that's football.

With Brady out, look for the Steelers, Colts, Jags, and Chargers to be the ones vying for the top of the AFC. I know what you're thinking... never say never. Brady could be back to lead the Pats in the playoffs, but I'm going to play the odds. The Jets will probably win the AFC East now or even the Bills, but look for the CHARGERS to be the top team in the NFL this season.

The MLB playoff race is always a marathon coming down the final stretch. It's September and we all know September and October are for baseball (sorry football). The NL East is still up for grabs and it's anybodies game. I think the Phillies will get it done and take the east. The White Sox seem to be pulling away from Minnesota as the Twinkies' bullpen starts to struggle. Look for the White Sox, Devil Rays, Angels, Phillies, Cubs, and Dodgers to win their divisions respectively.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Priceless Birthday Gift

Well not that I like the attention or anything but today is my birthday. I got a lot of sweet gifts and had a lot of fun today but there was one gift that was a special surprise. A gift that I was not expecting at all.

Tom Brady is out for the SEASON! Wow what an amazing gift because I hate the Patriots and I hate Brady! Brady is out for the season and Favre looked like same old Brett in his Jets opener.

So is it a mere coincidence? Is it a gift to me from God? Is it God rewarding Brett for persevering and continuing to believe in himself when Ted Thompson and Co. didn't.

Am I a little bitter about not having Favre on my favorite team? Yes, I will admit it was a little hard watching him sling it around for another team today. But what can i do now but wish for my favorite player of all-time to win?

I don't really know for sure what will come of this. All that I do know is that Mr. Favre and the Jets are looking pretty damn good in the AFC East right now. Maybe Favre will get to go out with a ring afterall!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Ten Runningbacks in the NFL

Ed and Kenny from Ed the Sports Fan, Antone at All Hip Hop Sports and myself compiled a list of our top ten running backs in the NFL.

We compiled all of our lists and had a total points system for the final list. Here's the article if you want to check it out: The Top Ten Running backs in the NFL... We think

I wanted to thank Ed the Sports Fan, Kenny, and Antone for this article. It was a great idea and just something new and intriguing to do.

Here's our total rankings:
1. Ladanian Tomlinson
2. Brian Westbrook
3. Adrian Peterson
4. Steven Jackson
5. Clinton Portis
6. Joe Addai
7. Marion Barber
8. Larry Johnson
9. Marshawn Lynch
10. Fred Taylor

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 NFL Previews - NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints (7-9 in 2007)
On offense Drew Brees stays productive while slicing his interception rate in half. Reggie Bush can improve big time and have a breakout season, becoming the elite RB that many people expected when he was drafted. Robert Meachem should develop into a great No. 2 option to superstar Marques Colston. And the offensive line continues to play at a high level. I also expect Jeremy Shockey to help out Brees a lot settling down in the middle of the field and putting up big numbers this season. He may develop into the league’s top receiving TE with Brees as his QB.

On D Sedrick Ellis gives them the fiercest pass rushing DT they need, and Jonathon Vilma regains his 2004 and 2005 form back in the 4-3 defense. I also feel like the Saints FINALLY fill the hole at No. 2 CB with the combination of Tracy Porter and Randall Gay. Their D is looking improved and I think that they might have the overall most talented offense in the NFC.

Key Additions: QB Mark Brunell, TE Jeremy Shockey, G/T Carl Nicks, DT Sedrick Ellis, DE Bobby McCray, LB Jonathon Vilma, CB Randall Gay, CB Tracy Porter

Key Losses: C Jeff Faine, LB Brian Simmons

Prediction: 12-4

2. Carolina Panthers (7-9 in 2007)
I'm just not sold on the Panthers. I'm not entirely sure of what to think of the Williams/Stewart tandem. They have a lot to prove and I guess we'll find out. I'm also sceptical of Delhomme's durability and the Steve Smith suspension doesn't help either. On other sides of the ball their special teams still aren't very good and their D is lacking the experience they've had in prior years (they lost a lot of pieces this year). A lot of people think this team can compete with the Saints for the division but for these reasons I just have my doubts.

Key Aquisitions: RB Jonathon Stewart, LB Dan Connor, T/G Jeff Otah, DT Darwin Walker, FS Terrence Holt, WR Mushin Muhammad, WR D.J. Hackett

Key Losses: DE Mike Rucker, C Justin Hartwig, DT Kris Jenkins, LB Dan Morgan, DT Kindal Moorehead, LB Dan Morgan, SS Marquand Manuel, WR Drew Carter, RB DeShaun Foster, QB David Carr, G Mike Wahle, WR Keary Colbert

Prediction: 9-7

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7 in 2007)
I don't really know what to think or expect out of Tampa (just like last season). I'm putting them losing the tiebreaker to Carolina right now but I feel like they could just as easily be competing for the division crown.

My main concerns are dealing with Garcia and Galloway's age. They played great last season but will they act their age this year? Also I feel like Ernest Graham has a lot to prove this season so I'm not sure what he'll be like either. I feel like he's in for a sophomore slump.

Their D continues to get older while I think Gaines Adams will continue to improve and Aquid Talib fits right into the Tampa 2. Just as a whole I feel like this team is just a step below the Saints and will lose the tie-breaker to the Panthers.

Key Additions: QB Brian Griese, RB Warrick Dunn, TE Ben Troupe, C Jeff Faine, DE Marques Douglas, LB Teddy Lehman, FS Eugene Wilson, CB Aqib Talib, WR Dexter Jackson, OL Jeremy Zuttah

Key Losses: RB Michael Pittman, TE Anthony Becht, T Luke Petitgout, C John Wade, DE Greg Spires, CB Brian Kelly

Prediction: 9-7

4. Atlanta Falcons (4-12 in 2007)
This was a pretty easy call I'm not gonna lie. Although I think this team is moving in the right direction. On the optimistic side I think Roddy White and Michael Turner can be young stars in the league (even with the rookie starting QB). But that's just the thing. The ROOKIE STARTING QB! This team is rebuilding. They really need to improve their offensive line and go out and get a TE of the future in the next draft/free agency period.

On D John Abraham quietly puts in another great year, while 2nd year man Jammal Anderson brings additional sacks to his total. I also think that Michael Boley can be a star linebacker in this league. They just are in for a long rebuilding year and you can't forget that. They will (hopefully) continue to get better and find some surprise talent along the way and hopefully be back in contention in 2 years.

Key Additions: QB Matt Ryan, RB Michael Turner, WR Harry Douglas, TE Marcus Pollard, TE Ben Hartsock, OT Sam Baker, DT Kindal Moorehead, LB Curtis Lofton, DB Von Hutchins, CB Chevis Jackson, S Thomas DeCoud, S Erik Coleman

Key Losses: QB Byron Leftwich, RB Warrick Dunn, WR Joe Horn, OT Wayne Gandy, TE Alge Crumpler, TE Dwayne Blakley, LB Demorrio Williams, CB DeAngelo Hall, S Chris Crocker, CB Jimmy Williams, CB Lewis Sanders

Prediction: 4-12

College Football 2008 Conference Preview: SEC

This is our last of the conference predictions. I know the season just started but I really wanted to get this last one in. My predictions have not changed and all of these are still premeditated.

Predicted Order of Finish
Call me a homer, but Florida will be much improved this season. Their offense is one of the most explosive in the nation. Heisman winner Tim Tebow is back and wants another national title. WR Percy Harvin is electrifying. RB Chris Rainey and Emmanuel Moody will finally give the Gators a consistent running game other than Tebow. The WRs may be fairly young but they are talented and fast. The defense will be much improved after a season of growing pains. The LBs are some of the best in the nation with Brandon Spikes and Dustin Doe. Look for Major Wright to emerge as a top safety in the SEC.

2. Georgia
I really like this team. They're experienced and talented, I just like the Gators to beat them. QB Matt Stafford is one of the best QBs out there and has the best arm too. RB Knowshon Moreno is a top 2 back in the nation as well. The WRs are talented but need to continue to improve. the defensive line is arguably the best in the SEC, which includes Gino Atkins. The LB corps lacks experience but has plenty of youthful talent. The secondary needs some work but they still have the depth there to step up.

3. Tennessee
This Tenn. team won't be any different from the past few years. Not a dominant team, but not one that will back down either. QB John Crompton is a capable QB to fill in for Erik Ainge. The offensive line is decently good and they have a very good back in Arian Foster. The defense should be fine. The secondary will be solid with one of the best DBs in the nation in sophomore Eric Berry.

4. South Carolina
SC fans are still looking for Spurrier to get them over the hump and win a division or conference title. Could this be their year? The QB situation will be interesting throughout the season with Tommy Beecher and Chris Smelley. Look for WR Kenny McKinley to be one of the best in the SEC. The defense should be decent with quite a few starters returning.

5. Kentucky

6. Vanderbilt

1. Auburn
Auburn is switching to the spread which seems fitting in the SEC. They do lose QB Brandon Cox but they have some talented back-ups to help fill that void. The WRs will be talented and help out the new QB. The line will be stellar with 4 starters back there. Watch out for the defense as they have plenty of starters and depth back led by LB Tray Blackmon.

2. LSU
LSU will take a step back after losing some key starters on both sides of the ball. They have a new QB to break-in. The running game should fare well with a solid O-Line and a good stable of backs lead by Charles Scott and Keiland Williams. The defense will have some rough spots, esp. at LB. But look for the D-Line to be arguably the best in the nation with Ricky Jean-Franois and Tyson Jackson.

3. Alabama
This Bama team should be improved this season with loads of young talent. The Tide will have more depth than in recent years. QB John Parker-Wilson is experienced, which is a plus. The WR unit is deep and talented. The defense will need to make stops and step up in order to make some noise at the top of the west.

4. Mississippi St.
MSU is an up-start team after making and winning a bowl game for the first time under Sylvester Croom. They should be improved. They recruited fairly well, which will help with depth.

5. Arkansas
Look for the Razorbacks to take a step back after losing Darren McFadden and Felix Jones.

6. Mississippi

SEC Championship:
Florida over Auburn

Offensive Player of the Year:
Tim Tebow, QB- Florida

Defensive Player of the Year:
Eric Berry, S- Tennessee

Freshman Player of the Year:
Julio Jones, WR- Alabama

Coach of the Year:
Nick Saban- Alabama

Top 3 Games:
Florida vs. Georgia- Nov. 1

Auburn at Georgia- Nov. 15

Alabama at Auburn- Nov. 29

TSF's Petition for C.C.'s "No Hitter"

For anybody who hasn't been paying attention to baseball in the excitement of the coming football season (I'm a little guilty myself), C.C. Sabathia has remained red hot and Sunday was robbed of a no-hitter against the Pirates.

I don't know if you've seen the play or not but here it is. This was ruled a hit rather than an error to Sabathia:

I mean, for real? C.C. Sabathia is a big guy, he is also an athlete believe it or not. I think that he can make that play 97/100 times for sure, maybe more. John Kruk is right too if you watch the video to the end. Look at where LaRoche is when Sabathia fumbles the ball. He would have been out by a mile had Sabathia fielded that ball cleanly!
It seems pretty obvious to me that the scorer made a mistake and I know MLB doesn't usually go back and change things like this but in this case I believe it should be done. C.C. Sabathia deserves an Error, take away LaRoche's hit, and give C.C. the no-no. It's the right thing to do!
Error or hit? Lemme know with a comment.