Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ole Miss stuns Gators

With my school's team idle today (NDSU Bison) I decided to get up and watch my 2nd favorite college football team play on ESPN 360 this morning.

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Florida went into half-time with a 17-7 lead, not bad but I was expecting a little more than that. Florida couldn't have started the second half any worse than they did. In 4 offensive plays they fumbled twice, which they both lost. Mississippi scored on both of them.
Mississippi took a 31-24 lead in the 4th only for Florida to come back and score, but the Rebels then blocked the PAT.

The defense struggled as well, they couldn't tackle Mississippi RB Dexter McCluster; I was very impressed with McCluster, I've never watched him play before and he's a hard-nosed runner and Florida could not tackle him for their lives.

He ran all over the dismal Gators defense in the 2nd half, he ran for 60 yards on 11 attempts and I think that was almost all in the 3rd quarter. Florida could simply not tackle him.

As I looked up his profile on to find out more about this guy I happened to notice he is from Largo, Florida... seems pretty fitting.

I have to commend Houston Nutt for his play calling, he had the Gator defense on their toes and he used his effective "Wile Rebel" formation and it showed.

As for Florida, Tebow struggled at times, he did throw for 319 yards but still he made some questionable passes and decisions at times and he didn't seem himself. Percy Harvin was Florida's only bright spot as he rushed for 82 yards and a TD and had 186 receiving yards and a TD as well.

The Gators need to get back on track next week with a win over Arkansas, then they have a huge game with LSU, they need to win that game and after today, I don't know if they can.

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