Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Priceless Birthday Gift

Well not that I like the attention or anything but today is my birthday. I got a lot of sweet gifts and had a lot of fun today but there was one gift that was a special surprise. A gift that I was not expecting at all.

Tom Brady is out for the SEASON! Wow what an amazing gift because I hate the Patriots and I hate Brady! Brady is out for the season and Favre looked like same old Brett in his Jets opener.

So is it a mere coincidence? Is it a gift to me from God? Is it God rewarding Brett for persevering and continuing to believe in himself when Ted Thompson and Co. didn't.

Am I a little bitter about not having Favre on my favorite team? Yes, I will admit it was a little hard watching him sling it around for another team today. But what can i do now but wish for my favorite player of all-time to win?

I don't really know for sure what will come of this. All that I do know is that Mr. Favre and the Jets are looking pretty damn good in the AFC East right now. Maybe Favre will get to go out with a ring afterall!


Stefan Ming said...

way to draw attention to yourself

grittysquirrels said...

god i'm so embarrassed now.

I hope nobody sings the birthday song....

Jay Smith said...

Love your site, thank you for such a good post