Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Ten Runningbacks in the NFL

Ed and Kenny from Ed the Sports Fan, Antone at All Hip Hop Sports and myself compiled a list of our top ten running backs in the NFL.

We compiled all of our lists and had a total points system for the final list. Here's the article if you want to check it out: The Top Ten Running backs in the NFL... We think

I wanted to thank Ed the Sports Fan, Kenny, and Antone for this article. It was a great idea and just something new and intriguing to do.

Here's our total rankings:
1. Ladanian Tomlinson
2. Brian Westbrook
3. Adrian Peterson
4. Steven Jackson
5. Clinton Portis
6. Joe Addai
7. Marion Barber
8. Larry Johnson
9. Marshawn Lynch
10. Fred Taylor


Ed The Sports Fan said...

Just for the record, if I had to do this list over, I'd probably take Marshawn and Larry and add Jamal Lewis and Frank Gore. Tough choices man...


mrsFAB said...

Now you know that Barber should be much higher on that list. *Go Cowboys!*