Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TSF's Petition for C.C.'s "No Hitter"

For anybody who hasn't been paying attention to baseball in the excitement of the coming football season (I'm a little guilty myself), C.C. Sabathia has remained red hot and Sunday was robbed of a no-hitter against the Pirates.

I don't know if you've seen the play or not but here it is. This was ruled a hit rather than an error to Sabathia:

I mean, for real? C.C. Sabathia is a big guy, he is also an athlete believe it or not. I think that he can make that play 97/100 times for sure, maybe more. John Kruk is right too if you watch the video to the end. Look at where LaRoche is when Sabathia fumbles the ball. He would have been out by a mile had Sabathia fielded that ball cleanly!
It seems pretty obvious to me that the scorer made a mistake and I know MLB doesn't usually go back and change things like this but in this case I believe it should be done. C.C. Sabathia deserves an Error, take away LaRoche's hit, and give C.C. the no-no. It's the right thing to do!
Error or hit? Lemme know with a comment.

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