Monday, September 29, 2008

C.C Sabathia Deserves the NL Cy Young

If anybody saw what C.C. Sabathia did on Sunday for the Brewers I don't' see how they can not agree with me here.

He single-handedly took the Brewers to the playoffs this season. And to come out and throw like that in the clinching game in his third start in 9 days (3rd straight game on 3days rest!) is just amazing. Not to mention the fact that he was touching 96 on the gun out there in the 9th!

He is a freak and a stud and earned himself some major cashola for next year no matter where he ends up (please not pinstripes).

If he wins he will be the first player to win the Cy Young in the AL and then the NL the next year. Agree? Disagree? Drop a comment. I'm off to dream of a Brewers playoff run!


The Zoner said...

what if he got MVP and Lincecum got the CY?

grittysquirrels said...

i could live with that.
I think Manny has a really strong arguement for the NL MVP though!

Ideally I would think CC deserves the Cy and manny would get the mvp.

I know stefan will disagree with me though!

Stefan Ming said...

pujols should be mvp and lincecum should be CY Young winner, period.

Anonymous said...

Lincecum was the most consistently dominant pitcher this year in the majors. He deserves the award, but writers have a hard time seeing past a win total in the 20's. With that considered, Webb will probably get it(although Tim and C.C. were better). C.C. won't win the MVP; Ramirez has a legitimate shot at it though.