Wednesday, October 31, 2007

'72 Dolphins Watch Out!

Complete Sports is somewhat commonly known for his Bold Predictions. However, today I've got one of my own. Except, I'm not sure how bold it really is.

I fully believe that the New England Patriots will not lose a game this season. I just don't see them losing. Obviously it would be much easier to make this prediction after the game with Indy this weekend, however I'm making it now. The Colts are really good, but I think the Patriots will win, and probably by double digits.

I just don't see them losing to anyone this year. Bill Belichick has this team playing with a fire I've never seen before. He's also coaching to make a point. He wants to put away any chance of the whole cheating faisco placing any doubt in anybody's minds about how good this team really is.

Their RBs and TEs are solid, and they have the best WR corps in the NFL. Their D is stout and they have some late round draft pick QB named Tom Brady. He's alright I guess. I'm calling that the Pats go undefeated this season.

What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Newfound Respect for Arod...Sort of PS - Register at the new site!

Yesterday was a bittersweet day of baseball for me. I was rooting for the Rockies to beat the Red Sox and try and make a series out of things. This was obviously a disappointment. However, upon finding out that Arod had turned down the Yankees, I was ecstatic and almost proud of him. I thought it was so cool that he was turning down the evil empire to go and play somewhere else. The only problem is in the way in which he did it.

The Yankees were willing to pay Rodriguez the highest salary in history and couldn't even get him to the negotiating table, after his four seasons with the team. I truly admire the fact that he could step away from the money like that, all be it he is financially secure right now (to say the least). However, I agree completely with Buster Olney, the 4th game of the world series was definitely not the appropriate time to make this announcement. This came off to me as a real headline-grabbing, arrogant move to me. The way he did this was totally classless. He had 10 games after the end of the World Series to opt out and he knew that.

I have no idea where Arod will go so I'll try not to speculate too much. The Yankees said they won't pursue him anymore, which is good in my opinion. If i had to guess I'd say he'll go to the Angles, or Giants, However, he could go like anywhere, so please leave a comment letting me know where you think he'll end up. Regardless of where he goes the team that acquires him will have to deal with the good and the bad. The fact that he'll probably go on to break Bonds' record (maybe he should be a Giant!), and the fact that he puts himself before the game.

The New Site!!!
The new site is currently under construction at We are going to continue with the blog for atleast probably another year or so while we transition. What we feel we can offer with the new site is a Sports Talk Forum (community based), and podcasts along with everything else we're doingright now.

I invite everyone to come out to the new site to check it out and register and account so we can start some converstions going in the forums! Hope to see you all there.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

2007 NBA Predictions


1. Denver Nuggets
A very talented team is poised to make a run at an NBA Championship. This team is ready to compete with San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix. Carmelo Anthony is one of the best scorers and players for that matter, in the NBA. If Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin can stay healthy, I have a feeling they will be one of the best.

2. Utah Jazz
Deron Williams is looking to be a great PG in this league and is surrounded with some pretty good talent. As long as Carlos Boozer stays healthy they should be a contender. But they also need more consistent play from Andrei Kirilenko.

3. Portland Trail Blazers
Portland is a very young team and should be playing for next year. With Greg Oden out, LaMarcus Aldridge will have to pick up the slack in the middle. Jarrett Jack is still an iffy point guard. Brandon Roy is a solid player, but I think they are another year away from being a good team.

4. Seattle Supersonics
They lost Rashard Lewis, their main scoring threat. It will be interesting to see how Kevin Durant performs. I say give him a year to build some mass before he becomes a key player for the team; but hey I've been wrong before.

5. Minnesota T'Wolves
I think the Wolves benefited a lot with the Garnett trade. They got some great young talent to help the franchise out, but it may take two or three seasons to get the franchise back on the map.

1. Phoenix Suns
I feel this is the most talented team in the NBA. They will obviously be one of the best again. Steve Nash will put up amazing stats. Shawn Marion is Shawn Marion. Amare Stoudemire should be 100% after the off season. Boris Diaw was out of shape last season and wasn't impressive at all; he could be a key for them to make the Finals.

2. Golden St. Warriors
The Warriors are looking for even more after a solid playoff run last season. Baron Davis can hold his own now and is a great point guard. Monta Ellis turned a lot of heads last year. Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington were two other important parts in the playoff run as well. With balanced scoring and good defense, I expect this team to keep surprising people.

3. Los Angeles Lakers
As long as you have Kobe Bryant on your team you will always be a playoff contender. Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, and Derek Fisher will look to provide Kobe with help again. But the main component here is Andrew Bynum; Will he live up to what Kobe expects of him?

4. Los Angeles Clippers
The play of Corey Maggette and Cutino Mobley will be huge if they want to make the playoffs. I also think Al Thorton will start and be a great attribution to the team. It's just too bad this team doesn't have Elton Brand.

5. Sacramento Kings
This team is getting rather old and they probably should look to adding some younger talent soon.

1. San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs are my favorite to win the title again and continue the dynasty. Tony Parker is just a dazzling play maker and Tim Duncan is the best big man in the league still. They're a championship team because of their defense and most importantly they play as team, unlike most NBA teams.

2. Dallas Mavericks
Avery Johnson has done a great job on the defensive side with this team. They had a letdown losing to the Warriors in the playoffs. Dirk will finally try to lead this team to a championship.

3. Houston Rockets
It's too bad the Rockets play in the best division. They would probably win any other division in the league, except for probably the Pacific. Rafer Alston is a good point man and can make the plays when needed. Tracy McGrady is a stud. They have the ingredients to win a title with a good point man, and shutdown defender ( Shane Battier), a dominating big man (Yao Ming), and a long range shooter in Luther Head.

4. New Orleans Hornets
With the return of Chris Paul I am expecting them to make the playoffs. Tyson Chandler has improved and is great on the defensive side. David West is a force inside. Luis Scola will probably be rookie of the year. Peja Stojakovic will be a big part in how this team fares. Also, a good bench should improve their playoff chances.

5. Memphis Grizzlies
They weren't a good team at all last year. A healthy Pau Gasol will help. But they need more help then that.

Western Playoff Predictions
Suns over Hornets
Spurs over Warriors
Nuggets over Jazz
Rockets over Mavs

Suns over Rockets
Spurs over Nuggets

Spurs over Suns

NBA Finals
Spurs over Celtics
The Spurs are back to back for the first time ever because of 3 things; Defense, Coaching. and team play.

Friday, October 26, 2007

2007 NBA Predictions


1. Boston Celtics
Yeah, so have you heard of the new and improved Celtics? They are now a team that has 3 superstars and should lead them deep into the playoffs. Those 3 are Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. They're mixed with veterans and young talent, but the PG position could be a problem; Can Rajon Rondo handle the job of being the point man everyday in this league?

2. New Jersey Nets
The Nets have a very good perimeter game with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson. But the question is will their big men be able to stay healthy? If Nenad Krstic can do that he should be able to put up some eye-catching numbers; I feel he is a very underrated player.

3. Toronto Raptors
The Raptors made the playoffs last year and their playoff hopes are still very strong. Chris Bosh is leading the way and Andrea Bargnani should impress. I think their bench was a big reason why they made the playoffs and if they can produce again I don't see why they shouldn't be back.

4. New York Knicks
The Knicks looked a lot better towards the end of last season. Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph up-front will be a stellar combo. If Stephn Marbury, Jamal Crawford, and Quentin Richardson can put up consistent numbers and play they could make some noise.

5. Philadelphia 76ers
A very inexperienced team in Philly. They're about two stud playmakers away from being a very good team again. Andre Igoudala is starting be one of those playmakers. He picked up the slack after Iverson left averaging 18.2 PPG and 5.7 APG and RPG.

1. Detroit Pistons
Still should be one of the favorites in the Eastern Conference obviously. Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, and Rasheed Wallace are still their same old selves. The defense needs to be improved if they want to be a championship team again.

2. Chicago Bulls
The Bulls should be a big threat again. They are a very young and talented team. I think Joakim Noah was a great pick to help up-front with Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas. The guard play should be one of the best in league with Kirk Heinrich, Ben Gordon, and Luol Deng.

3. Cleveland Cavs
The Central can be argued as one of the best divisions in the NBA. It's too bad I have the Cavs this low after making the NBA Finals. Lebron James will put up MVP-like numbers again. Daniel Gibson is an up and coming NBA point guard and if Larry Hughes can stay healthy they'll have another vital scoring option.

4. Indiana Pacers
This team no doubt has a lot of scoring threats. Jermaine O'Neal will look to lead this team to the playoffs, but it will be very tough fighting for a position with the Pistons, Bulls, and Cavs. Danny Granger is another scoring option for Indiana. All, they need is the bench to contribute better and they could be a good team.

5. Milwaukee Bucks
They're a mixed team with young and old players. Michael Redd will be a top scorer in the league again but I don't think they have enough depth to move up in the division.

1. Washington Wizards
I really think this team could have gone deep into the playoffs had Gilbert Arenas been healthy. They can no doubt score but if they want to contend for a title then they need to pick it up on defense. As long as Arenas stays healthy I believe the Wiz will make a run.

2. Miami Heat
Once Dwayne Wade comes back this team will be one of the best in East again. Shaq lost some weight, which should help his own cause and possibly put his numbers back up a bit. Also, Ricky Davis was a great addition to help fill in for Wade while he's out. Davis will be one of the best sixth mans in the league.

3. Orlando Magic
The Magic are a young and up-coming team. With the addition of Rashard Lewis it's just what they were looking for, a top-notch scorer to help out Dwight Howard. The play of Hedo Turkoglu and J.J. Redick will be key in the teams success.

4. Atlanta Hawks
This team has a lot of potential, maybe they can put it all together for a whole season; if they can do that they could possibly make a run at the playoffs.

5. Charlotte Bobcats
Pretty young team, they do have Jason Richardson to help with the scoring, but in the long term run I don't think it was what this franchise needed.

Eastern Playoff Predictions:
Celtics over Raptors
Pistons over Nets
Wizards over Cavs
Bulls over Heat

Celtics over Bulls
Wizards over Pistons

Celtics over Wizards

Come back tomorrow for the Western Conference Preview.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Searching for Answers: Tribal Nicknames and Logos

Being that I am a student at the University of North Dakota (UND), I am very well acquainted with the 'Fighting Sioux' nickname/logo lawsuit. It's kind of a big ordeal here on campus, and other campuses nation-wide too. I just wanted to chime in with my 2cents and see what the readers think about it as well.

So most of you probably already know that UND has sued the NCAA to keep the nickname & logo. The lawsuit is just sort of beginning to heat up, although not expected to fully start until December 10th. Just 2 days ago confidential documents in regards to the NCAA's 2006 policy on American Indian nicknames and imagery were decided to remain sealed.

This recent happening, though the info given by the media is vague, gives me hope. See, I am in favor of tribal logos and nicknames if used respectfully. I feel like UND has definitely used the nickname respectfully in its tenure. UND has a beautiful logo designed by a respected American Indian artist and we use the nickname with consummate respect – expecting and getting respect for the Sioux culture from our fans. I also would like to point out that we do not do tomahawk chops, we do not have white guys painted up like Indians, and our fans do not do Indian chants.

The NCAA continues to object to our "mascot and logo". They apparently are unaware that we do not have a mascot, and the logo was designed by an American Indian. At major sporting events a short film displaying the rich culture and tradition of the Sioux Indians and UND's reasoning behind the nickname is played - in which fans respectfully stand and cheer for.

Some may also attack the "Sioux" aspect of the nickname as it translates to "Snake". Many view Sioux to be a derogatory name that was originally used by white settlers. Well, when UND decided to switch over from the flickertails to the Fighting Sioux in the 1930s why wasn't it a problem? UND obviously wouldn't make the change then if there was any disagreement or animosity towards it. The nickname hasn't changed, so why is it all-of-a-sudden a problem now?

UND isn't the only University that's had this issue (obviously). To name a few others: Florida State University (Seminole), Bradley University (Braves), Utah University (Utes), and Illinois University (Fighting Illini) have been under relatively recent fire. The only problem is that a medium-sized University like UND can't simply pay their way out of a problem like this. In my opinion the NCAA is going after UND so harshly so that they can appear to be "sitting on the fence" on the issue. They want to show their commitment to the issue. They're using their zeal in going after UND to mask their leniency with bigger-market teams that make the NCAA more money like the Florida Seminoles, etc. Well, I feel like this is unfair and if they're going to go after UND then they need to go after the big schools this intensely also.

The nickname fiasco also affects UND more harshly than other schools in my opinion. First off the Ralph Engelstad Arena would need much work if we would lose the nickname lawsuit (not to mention the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center as well). The $104+ million dollar facility features over 2,200 Logos (many of which are engravings and marble works). This would be no simple/cheap task to fix. Also not being allowed to host playoffs would affect UND more than other schools. Granted, we are moving D1 and it will be less of a factor, however it still applies to Men's and Women's Hockey (UND's major attraction) and could become a factor again in other sports in 2012.

This is a little off the subject but it also makes no sense to me that a school like the University of Minnesota will publicly refuse to play UND in football or basketball next year because of it's "nickname and logo issue". However, the Gophers will continue to play other teams with Indian names. In November, the men’s basketball team will take on the Central Michigan Chippewas and the Florida State Seminoles. (FSU’s mascot is a white guy in full war paint who brandishes a spear on horseback.) In December, the Gophers women’s basketball team will meet the Utah Utes. These schools, unlike UND, have received the blessing of the NCAA to keep their Indian team names. U of M however, will still play UND in hockey because it's D1 and they make a lot of money off the rivalry.

Basically, I could go endlessly on the issue and a plethora of information can be found online. I personally feel like the issue needs to come to a decisive and permanent end. The issue is divisive in campus and within the university and should be put to rest. I feel like the NCAA and other members need to just get over it. Where does it stop? What about the Fighting Irish? What about a team like the Bison? Will their nickname be under fire from PETA in 10 years?

I feel like UND deserves to be allowed to keep the nickname and logo, in that they use it in the utmost respect (probably more respectfully than schools who have been allowed to keep their nickname *COUGH* FSU). Obviously I'm biased because I'm a student here, but I want to know what your feelings are on the issue.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TSF College Football Power Poll

1. Ohio St.- PR- 3
OSU is no doubt the best team in the country right now. Their offense has been putting up plenty of points and their defense may just be the best in the land. Tough test this week where they travel to Happy Valley.

2. LSU- PR- 1
Yes, they did lose, but it was to a good Kentucky team away from home. They keep getting it done in the end and making the plays. The defense is still one of the best in the nation but they've given up some big plays and a fair amount of points lately. Another tough game for LSU as they play at Alabama in two weeks.

3. Oregon- PR- 9
I wish they would stop with the ugly uniforms. Their latest one looked even worse then any ever on black and white T.V. even. The Ducks are riding the arm of Dennis Dixon and the legs of Jonathan Stewart and it's paying off. I can't wait for their match up this weekend with USC.

4. Boston College- PR- 5
BC hasn't played anyone of significant importance and we shall find out how good this team really is when they face Virginia Tech on Thursday.

5. West Virginia- PR- 8
WVA's Offense and Defense has really picked it up since the loss to USF. This team can still make a run at a national title; must win this week at Rutgers.

6. Oklahoma- PR- 6
OU did struggle last week vs. Iowa St., but their win vs. Missouri was very impressive.

7. Arizona St.- PR- 16
Arizona St. has been sneaking up on everyone and they are a legit threat to win the Pac 10. Their offense can no doubt put up points.

8. Virginia Tech- PR- 12
V-Tech is finally looking like we once all imagined. An impressive win vs. BC this week would jump them up even more.

9. South Florida- PR- 4
Tough loss to Rutgers last Thursday. Rutgers usually plays well at home so I won't punish them Bulls too much.

10. Florida- PR- 13
Definitely the best two loss team. Tim Tebow has been just amazing so far putting up some great numbers. They have a few injury problems with Tebow and true freshman safety Major Wright, but they should be able to go vs. Georgia this week.

11. USC- PR- 10
12. Missouri- PR- 11
13. Kansas- PR- 20
14. Kentucky- PR- 17
15. Virginia- PR- NR
16. Hawaii- PR- 15
17. South Carolina- PR- 7
18. Georgia- PR- NR
19. Texas- PR- NR
20. Michigan- PR- NR

More Rankings: Stiles Points

Sunday, October 21, 2007

2007 World Series Predictions

Colorado Rockies vs. Boston Red Sox

I've been pretty accurate in my predictions of the MLB Playoffs thus far and I would like to conclude it with a Rockies over Red Sox in 7 games prediction. Truly, I feel like the Red Sox have the edge in pitching (both starting and bullpen). However, the Rockies' pitching has been surprisingly brilliant this year and I don't see it stopping now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This year's Rockies club is reminding me a lot of the 2003 Florida Marlins....but maybe even better. Winning 21 of 22 games is what I like to classify as MAJOR momentum.

Like I said, the pitching match up is a slight edge to the Red Sox, but not as much as some may think. As far as offense is concerned I think the Red Sox have a very microscopic advantage (it's really tough not to give them the slight edge when they have both Manny and Papi). The Rockies have big time momentum on their side along with baseball fans everywhere who aren't Red Sox fans.

I'm very excited for this series. The Prediction: Rockies in 7!

Friday, October 19, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

Auburn at LSU
Just imagine if Auburn knocked off LSU here and took the SEC West lead. Auburn has been playing pretty well lately, but LSU is looking to avenge their loss against Kentucky from last week. LSU's Defense should give fits to Brandon Cox and Auburn's Offense.

The Pick:

Oregon at Washington
This may be a tough game for the Ducks. Washington usually plays pretty well at home and can match up individually with Oregon. The secondary could give Dennis Dixon some trouble as well.

The Pick: Washington

Texas Tech at Missouri
This is a big game for both teams as each is vying for a Big XII Championship appearance. Texas Tech's Offense can score no doubt on Mizzou but can their defense slow down Chase Daniel and the rest of the Tigers' Offense? Expect a game in the 40's.

The Pick: Missouri

Michigan at Illinois
I would have to say this is a must win for both teams if either of them want to contend with OSU for the Big Ten Title. Michigan has been on a roll lately after their embarrassing start to the season. Illinois's talent and overall athleticism will help them play with Michigan.

The Pick: Michigan

Upset of the Week
Colorado over Kansas
Kansas is a good team but other than Kansas St., they really haven't been challenged this season. Should be a pretty good game in Boulder.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
McNeese St. over Nichols St.
This game will probably determine the Southland Champion.

Game of the Week
Florida at Kentucky

Can Kentucky make it back to back big time wins at home? I have a feeling that the winner of this game will probably be vying with South Carolina for the SEC East Title. Florida desperately needs a win here if they want to play in the SEC Championship or want a BCS Title berth for that matter. We may have another classic here like last weeks game in Lexington.

The Pick: Florida

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buy or Sell: Adrian Peterson as the 2nd Best RB in the NFL Right Now

I'm sure all you readers know that I am far from a Vikings fan. However, almost all of my friends are and I've seen quite a bit of Vikings football and I would like to make an announcement: Adrian Peterson is the REAL DEAL!

I was sceptical at first, thinking that the Vikes should have taken a QB (probably Quinn) in the 1st round. I now believe that they made the best pick in the draft in getting a guy with arguably the most talent to come out of the draft since LT.

Before the season he seemed like a solid/safe choice for NFC ROY being as the Vikings still didn't have much of a QB and a weak group of WRs. In 6 short weeks (5 including a bye) he has proved he is THE pick for NFC ROY, not just a probably candidate.

Obviously, being a rookie he has a lot to learn. He's not a great pass catcher yet, and he still has room to work on his blocking. However, I do agree with Complete Sports in saying that, "I think that Adrian Peterson is already the most explosive RB in the NFL with the ball in his hands".

Through 5 games he now has 607 yards rushing, 4 TD, and 6.3 YPC. He's also caught 10 receptions for 175 yards and a receiving TD. Go ahead and throw in 248 yards return yards. Through 5 career games, Adrian Peterson has 1030 total yards. That's mind blowing.

With all this said, knowing what I know, seeing what I've seen (especially what he did in the 1st half against the Packers and against the Bears on Sunday) I feel pretty confident in saying that I'm buying Adrian Peterson as the 2nd best RB in the NFL right now - only behind LT. Just imagine what the 5-1 Packers would be like if they were starting Adrian Peterson instead of DeShawn Wynn! From what I've seen he can and will continue to carry the ball and the team on his back (assuming Brad Childress gets him the ball).

Are you buying or selling Adrian Peterson as the 2nd best RB in the NFL right now? If not lemme know why.

Monday, October 15, 2007

NDSU Bison ready to bring it... Again

It's Gopher week here on NDSU's Campus. The fans, students, university, and especially the players have been waiting a year for their revenge on the Minnesota Gophers, after the heartbreaking 10-9 loss last season.

The NDSU Bison are currently ranked 1 in the FCS National Rankings and are looking for more votes and possibly, just possibly some FBS votes as well when they beat the Minnesota Gophers this upcoming Saturday.

The Bison are are 6-0 right now while the Gophers are 1-6. The Bison have looked amazingly impressive while the Gophers, well, that's another story...

In a Minneapolis Star Tribune article today, Minnesota's coach Tim Brewster made some interesting comments. "I know about the little guys in green coming to Minnesota ... a lot of the psycho-drama that [the media] loves to play out," Brewster said. "Well, you know what? We're going to be ready to play."

Well all I have to say is, NDSU will be ready to play to. Last year they smacked a much better Gopher team all over the field. And this years NDSU team looks like they may be better then last year. And Mr. Brewster, one of those little guys, *ahem* Joe Mays, I'm sure you've heard of him, yeah, he'll be knocking some of your players on their ass all day long.

Tim Brewster, you mention that your guys remember last years game and will be ready to play hard. Well, the Thundering Herd remember this as well. They had the game won last year but it slipped away in the closing seconds.

Last year there were about 10K fans in gold and green and I am surely expecting that to be doubled this Saturday.

It will be very tough, Mr. Brewster, to get your program to a national program when at least a quarter of your regular fans won't show up this Saturday.

Have fun looking up in the stands and seeing a good amount of your fellow Gopher fans' seats being given away to Bison fans; and worst yet, it will be even tougher to get your program back to national prominence after you get embarrassed by the little green guys from a state called North Dakota this Saturday.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

NFL Week 6 Quick Picks

Sorry for making you wait so long. I spent last night watching the #1 UND Fighting Sioux dominate the #3 Michigan State Spartans (defending national champs) 6-0 in some Division 1 college hockey at the Ralph. It was awesome. PS I was a respectable 9-5 last weekend.

Bears over Vikings.
Packers over Redskins
Bengals over Chiefs
Browns over Dolphins
Titans over Bucs
Eagles over Jets
Texans over Jags
Ravens over Rams
Panthers over Cardinals
Pats over Cowboys
Chargers over Raiders
Seahawks over Saints
Giants over Falcons

I have a lot of catch-up work to do on my school work so those are just quickpicks. If you want to find out where my rhyme and reason comes from on any of these just drop a comment.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

LSU at Kentucky
We possibly have an upset alert here. With the way this season has been you can no longer look past anyone. Kentucky has the offense to stay with LSU. Andre Woodson and Co. will need to bring their best game so far if they want any piece of the Tigers.

The Pick: LSU

Texas A&M at Texas Tech
The two Texas rivals will square in what is basically an elimination game for a Big XII Title berth. Stephen McGee looks to lead A&M with his arm and legs, while the Red Raiders' high-powered offense will try to make the Aggies keep with the tempo.

The Pick: Texas Tech

Washington at Arizona St.
Washington looks to be Arizona St.'s first "true" test. The Huskies are looking to bust out of their 3 game losing streak.

The Pick: Arizona St.

Wisconsin at Penn St.
A win here would be pretty big for both teams. Wisconsin was finally taken down by upstart Illinois and Penn St. has struggled recently. Loser will most likely be eliminated from Rose Bowl contention.

The Pick: Wisconsin

Auburn at Arkansas
Pivotal SEC match up this week. If any of these two teams want a piece of LSU for the SEC West Title, this is a must win. Darren McFadden looks to continue to be the Heisman favorite and Auburn looks to show the Florida win was no fluke.

The Pick: Arkansas

Upset of the Week
Sorry, no upset for this week.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
Southern Illinois at Northern Iowa
This may as well be the Gateway Conference Championship Game. This is a big match up between the 3rd and 7th ranked FCS teams. Two electrifying QBs will go at it in S.Ill's Nick Hill and N.IA's Eric Sanders.

The Pick: Southern Illinois

Game of the Week
Missouri at Oklahoma
We may have the Big XII Championship preview on our hands here. Mizzou proved they're one of the elite Big XII teams after pummeling Nebraska and a win here would only propel a potential magic season even more. I expect this FSN game, which should be on ABC or ESPN, to be down to the wire.

The Pick: Oklahoma

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2007 NLCS and ALCS Predictions

Colorado Rockies over Arizona Diamondbacks in 6 games

While the Dbacks have the pitching edge, the Rockies have the momentum, chemistry, feel-good story, and offense in their favor. They feel a lot to me like 2003 Marlins. They got hot at the right time and they're riding it right now. Depending on what kind of starts the Rockies get out of their pitching I feel like they could potentially end it sooner than 6 games but I feel like 6 is a safe pick. With my Brewers no longer playing all I can say is GO ROCKIES!

Boston Redsox over Cleveland Indians in 7 games
The Redsox have the advantage (in my opinion) in starting pitching, bullpen, offense, and fielding. However, the margin's aren't huge and the Indians are playing very good baseball. I just don't see Cleveland being able to win the series when Boston gets Beckett going twice. The Indians should be able to win some games at home and keep this thing down to the wire for an exciting ALCS. I would absolutely love to see a Rockies vs. Indians World series, however I'm not feeling that bold right now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TSF College Football Power Poll

1. LSU- PR- 2
LSU had an impressive comeback win over Florida Saturday night. They are the clear number one right now, but looks like the Tigers will have another down to the wire match up at Kentucky this week.

2. California- PR- 3
Cal had a week off but they move up to the 2 spot with USC losing. Cal looks like the favorite right now in the Pac 10. If they can continue to put up points like they've been doing they should win out. I can't wait for their match up with USC on Nov. 10.

3. Ohio St.- PR- 5
With the way OSU has been playing they're definitely one of the top teams in the country. An impressive win over Purdue boosts them even more. Easy game vs. Kent St. before they play Michigan St.

4. South Florida- PR- 6
The Bulls keep creeping up with upset after upset. Although, they didn't play their best vs. Florida Atlantic, they should be ranked at 4 with their win over Auburn and WVA. They should take down UCF this week, then it's time for another big game at Rutgers in two weeks.

5. Boston College- PR- 8
BC has had some fairly easy games lately and Matt Ryan has shown he is one the best QBs in the nation. Although, they do play Notre Dame this week, who happened to beat UCLA, I am expecting BC to win.

6. Oklahoma- PR- 10
After the horrific lost to Colorado, OU is lucky they're this high. The win over Texas was a good win and they may have another chance at the national title if they win out.

7. South Carolina- PR- 13
South Carolina moves ahead of WVA because of their win over Kentucky. SC is a legit SEC Title contender and if they win out, should play in the BCS National Title Game. Well. that is of course if they beat LSU in the SEC Championship.

8. West Virginia- PR- 11
WVA took out their frustration from their loss on Syracuse last week, dismantling them 55-14.

9. Oregon- PR- 12
I believe Oregon is still one of the best teams in the country. They were about a foot away from sending the Cal game into O.T. Dennis Dixon has been resilient with 1238 yards passing and 12 TD.

10. USC- PR- 1
USC was stunned by Stanford late Saturday night, after Stanford's Coach, Jim Harbaugh, proclaimed back in July that this years USC team may be the best team ever.

11. Missouri- PR- 17
I think it's only appropriate that Mizzou is this high because of their undefeated ranking. I think they are the real deal and should win the Big 12 North. Should be a good game against OU this week, which may as well be a preview of the Big 12 Championship.

12. Virginia Tech- PR- 15
V-Tech finally got their act together with a big win over Clemson last week. Maybe this will be the start of the Hokie team we were expecting from the beginning of the season.

13. Florida- PR- 9
Florida gave away the game to LSU, they could have paved their way back to defending their national title. Now it looks like they won't. This wasn't really suppose to be Florida's year, they're a very young team and should only continue to get better though.

14. Cincinnati- PR- 20
Cinci moves up after a win over Rutgers. I think Cinci is the real deal and their offense is pretty explosive, which means there's no reason they can't win the Big East. A win over Louisville would propel them even more.

15. Hawaii- PR- 16
Hawaii's Offense can score at will but can their defense get them to a BCS Game? I think they deserve the 15 spot and should continue to climb as long as they win.

16. Arizona St.- PR- 18
17. Kentucky- PR- 7
18. Illinois- PR- NR
19. Wisconsin- PR- 4
20. Kansas- PR- NR

More Rankings: Stiles Points

Monday, October 8, 2007

Questionable Coaching

As I look back on Florida's last two losses, I am starting to question part of Urban Meyer's coaching. I am astounded at his time management after losing two weeks ago to Auburn and LSU on Saturday.

Against Auburn, Florida had one timeout left as the Tigers had the ball around the Gators 35, with around 50 seconds left; Urban Meyer let the clock run all the way down to 3 seconds instead of taking the timeout and having Auburn kick the field goal with about 30 seconds left. I mean, if Auburn makes the field goal, why not give your team a chance to go down and either tie it or win it with about 25 seconds left? Better to have your own teams fate lying in your own hands, instead of the other teams.

Again, Saturday night Urban Meyer did just about the same thing vs. LSU. After a running play on 2nd down, LSU had the ball with about 1:40 left to play, Meyer let the clock run all the way down to about 1:10 instead of taking the timeout right after the play. LSU punched in the eventual winning touchdown with about 35-45 seconds left. Urban and the Gators easily could have had 30 more seconds of time to win the game at LSU.

Urban Meyer is obviously a great coach and in my opinion, the 2nd best College Football Coach in the country. But his time management may have caused his teams chance at repeating as national champions. Florida is a young team this year, talented, but still young. Urban, you're recent coaching didn't help them one bit, and this young team, particularly the defense, needs all the breaks it can get.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

NFL Week 5 Quick Picks

It's been a busy weekend. Last weekend I went a mediocre silver-lining was picking the Lions over the Bears. Here they are for week 5.

Titans beat the Falcons
Jaguars beat the Chiefs
Patriots beat the Browns
Cardinals beat the Rams
Saints beat the Panthers
Giants beat the Jets
Lions beat the Redskins
Steelers beat the Seahawks
Texans beat the Dolphins
Colts beat the Bucs
Ravens beat the 49ers
Packers beat the Bears
Broncos beat the Chargers
Cowboys beat the Bills

I'm sorry but that's it. Any changes, arguments, or smack talk should be dropped as comments. Good Night.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

College Football Weekend Preview

Ohio St. at Purdue

With both teams being undefeated this may be the Big Ten Championship, but we won't know till the end of the season. Purdue has been pretty impressive offensively but the defense has been pretty susceptible to big plays and has had a hard time holding it's own. OSU's Offense has been able to put up points and the defense has been electrifying.

The Pick: Ohio St.

Wisconsin at Illinois
Who could have imagined this being a game for me to keep an eye on at the beginning of the season? This Fighting Illini team is the real deal and it looks like Zook finally has this team where he wants it. The talent and all-around athleticism of Illinois will keep them in just about every game. Wisconsin has struggled this season and have been pretty inconsistent on both sides of the ball; They squeaked out another close one last weekend against Michigan St.

The Pick: Wisconsin

Oklahoma vs. Texas
The Red River Shootout isn't as glamorous as it used to be but it's still a big game. Both teams are coming off losses before playing one another since 1999. The winner of this game will likely win the Big 12 South.

The Pick: Oklahoma

Georgia at Tennessee
One of plenty great SEC match ups that I am looking forward to this weekend, I would have to say this is a must win for both teams if they want to win the SEC East.

The Pick: Tennessee

Nebraska at Missouri
This could possibly be the Big 12 North title game, but Kansas St. will have something to say about that. Well, the winner will have the inside track with KSU in the end. It's really a toss up right now. Nebraska has been pretty disappointing lately and Missouri, lead by Chase Daniel, has been very impressive so far.

The Pick: Missouri

Cincinnati at Rutgers
I can't believe I am previewing this match up right now. Cinci looks like the real deal and Rutgers is a good team as well. Cinci's Offense has been putting up point after point while Rutgers' Defense has been off and on the whole season. Expect a close game till the end.

The Pick: Cincinnati

Upset of the Week
Clemson over Virginia Tech
Well, this isn't that much of an upset; V-Tech has underachieved all season long and Clemson has been pretty good all-around. Clemson's Offense, with the exception of the last week, has put up some good numbers with the surprising performance of QB Cullen Harper and the terrific RB duo of James Davis and C.J. Spiller.

D-1AA (FCS) Game of the Week
Youngstown St. at Southern Illinois
The 10th ranked FCS team will take on the 7th ranked team in a showdown of Gateway Conference rivals. The winner will only see their playoff chances increase.

The Pick: Southern Illinois

Game of the Week
Florida at LSU

I've been anticipating this game all season long; if the Gators want any chance at repeating as national champions, they'll need to step up their game and top the number two team in the land in one of the toughest places to play in the country. The defense will need to bring it all night if they want to play with the Tigers.

The Pick: LSU (Sorry fellow Gator fans)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2007 MLB Playoff Predictions (NLDS & ALDS)

Colorodo Rockies over Philadelphia Phillies in 5

My heart says Rockies but my head says Philadelphia. I would give the edge to the Phillies based on pitching. Both have tremendous offenses though. I'm a little late with this and the Rockies have already beat Cole Hammels so I will go out on a limb and stay with my heart on this one. The Rockies ride their momentum and beat the Phillies in 5.

Arizona Diamondbacks over Chicago Cubs in 5
The Cubs were hot down the stretch and have a great line-up but Arizona is built for the playoffs with great pitching and great defense. Their bullpen is leagues better than Chicago's and it will show.

Boston Red Sox over Las Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 3 games
I think the Red Sox will sweep. They'll probably get Beckett in twice in 4 games if they need him and other than Vlad the Angels have no power. Vlad will be DHing and with Matthews Jr. out their outfield is going to be spread pretty thin. Even though the Angels have K-Rod Scott Shields the Red Sox have much more bullpen depth. Sweep?

New York Yankees over Cleveland Indians in 4 games.
I hate to do it but I don't think the Indians can beat the Yankees. Their pitching is a little better. With Rivera and Chamberlain holding down the 8th and 9th innings their going to be tough to beat. Not to mention their offensive lineup should scare the crap out of the Indians. I hate to do it but I have to pick the Yankees. However, I will be cheering my lungs out for the Indians on this one!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Youtube Tuesday!

You know the drill!

ESPN U Announcer for Iowa vs. N. Illinois

Very funny. I highly recommend it.

NDSU Football- Will You Be There?
I was there for that game and it was the best college football game I've ever been to. Rhett Bomar was the real deal for Sam Houston St. and the comeback by NDSU had me going absolutely crazy in the stands.

I love Taco Bell
Even this doesn't quite do Taco Bell Justince. PS- pay close attentioin to the song and the words throughout.

Absolutely Never Gets Old
I get goosebumps everytime I hear, "He did it! He did it! Flutie did it!" So watch it and be inspired.

Holy Crap
You receive no points and may God have mercy on your soul!

Monday, October 1, 2007

TSF College Football Power Poll

Big changes in this weeks power poll with some major upsets this past weekend.

1. USC- PR- 1
USC fell to 2nd in the A.P. Poll, but TSF still believes they are the number one team. Yes, they didn't look like their normal selves against Washington, but LSU struggled for much of the game against TULANE, they are no WASHINGTON.

2. LSU- PR- 2
LSU's Offense looked horrid at times vs. Tulane on Saturday, good thing they have a stellar defense. SEC game of the year coming up this weekend vs. Florida. Too bad the Gators lost, then we possibly could have had a 1-2 or 1-3 game. Florida needs to pick up where their defense left off vs. Tennessee if they want any piece of LSU.

3. California- PR- 6
California beat a good Oregon team and luckily Oregon fumbled it at the 1 foot line to lose. Their offense has been super and De'Sean Jackson put himself back in the Heisman race with his big-time performance.

4. Wisconsin- PR- 8
I will give Wisconsin the benefit of the doubt even though they have struggled all year. But hey they're still winning and that's all that matters right?

5. Ohio St.- PR- 9
OSU has been the most impressive team in the Big 10 so far and it looks like they are probably the favorite to win it. Big game this weekend at Purdue, I anticipate this one to be like the match up of '02.

6. South Florida- PR- 19
USF jumps up 13 spots because of their biggest win in their programs history over West Virginia. The Bulls are the favorite right now to win the Big East, but then again they still have games against Rutgers, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Pittsburgh.

7. Kentucky- PR- 14
Kentucky looks like the 2nd best team in the SEC right now. These next 3 weeks will be very interesting as they take on South Carolina, LSU, and Florida in that stretch.

8. Boston College- PR- 11
BC is the ACC favorite right now. Matt Ryan has put up some amazing numbers with 1545 passing yards and 11 TD. They can take it easy for now with games against Bowling Green and Notre Dame before they head to Blacksburg on October 25.

9. Florida- PR- 3
I haven't seen Florida play that bad in a long time. I guess it was just some growing pains with a young team taking on an experienced team. The defense and partially the offense need to pick it up drastically if they want to top LSU. Tim Tebow, Tony Joiner, Derrick Harvey, Andre Caldwell and Percy Harvin didn't show any leadership on Saturday when their team struggled; that's something they'll need to fix when they visit Baton Rouge on Saturday night.

10. Oklahoma- PR- 4
I cannot believe how OU let Colorado back into the game like that. The annual Red River Shootout should be a dandy once again this Saturday.

11. West Virginia- PR- 5
WVA lost to a good USF team so I am not dropping them back too far. They can still rebound and win the Big East if USF was to lose some games. I really thought WVA would have finished undefeated but their defense has been pretty inconsistent.

12. Oregon- PR- 12
I'm not gonna penalize Oregon much either, actually not at all. They were about a foot away from sending the Cal game into O.T. and they're still a very good team.

13. South Carolina- PR- 15
South Carolina struggled against Mississippi St., they have a big game this weekend vs. Kentucky with the winner inching a little closer to the top of the SEC East.

14. Georgia- PR- 16
Georgia rolled Mississippi last week and looks like they are making a statement after losing to South Carolina. What a surprise, another good and big SEC game this weekend as Georgia clashes with rival Tennessee.

15. Virginia Tech- PR- 17
Virginia Tech is still not the team most of us expected. They only beat UNC by 7 and they have to play at Clemson this Saturday, which is one of the toughest places to play at in the ACC.

16. Hawaii- PR- 18
17. Missouri- PR- 20
18. Arizona St.- PR- NR
19. Texas- PR- 7
20. Cincinnati- PR- NR