Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TSF College Football Power Poll

1. Ohio St.- PR- 3
OSU is no doubt the best team in the country right now. Their offense has been putting up plenty of points and their defense may just be the best in the land. Tough test this week where they travel to Happy Valley.

2. LSU- PR- 1
Yes, they did lose, but it was to a good Kentucky team away from home. They keep getting it done in the end and making the plays. The defense is still one of the best in the nation but they've given up some big plays and a fair amount of points lately. Another tough game for LSU as they play at Alabama in two weeks.

3. Oregon- PR- 9
I wish they would stop with the ugly uniforms. Their latest one looked even worse then any ever on black and white T.V. even. The Ducks are riding the arm of Dennis Dixon and the legs of Jonathan Stewart and it's paying off. I can't wait for their match up this weekend with USC.

4. Boston College- PR- 5
BC hasn't played anyone of significant importance and we shall find out how good this team really is when they face Virginia Tech on Thursday.

5. West Virginia- PR- 8
WVA's Offense and Defense has really picked it up since the loss to USF. This team can still make a run at a national title; must win this week at Rutgers.

6. Oklahoma- PR- 6
OU did struggle last week vs. Iowa St., but their win vs. Missouri was very impressive.

7. Arizona St.- PR- 16
Arizona St. has been sneaking up on everyone and they are a legit threat to win the Pac 10. Their offense can no doubt put up points.

8. Virginia Tech- PR- 12
V-Tech is finally looking like we once all imagined. An impressive win vs. BC this week would jump them up even more.

9. South Florida- PR- 4
Tough loss to Rutgers last Thursday. Rutgers usually plays well at home so I won't punish them Bulls too much.

10. Florida- PR- 13
Definitely the best two loss team. Tim Tebow has been just amazing so far putting up some great numbers. They have a few injury problems with Tebow and true freshman safety Major Wright, but they should be able to go vs. Georgia this week.

11. USC- PR- 10
12. Missouri- PR- 11
13. Kansas- PR- 20
14. Kentucky- PR- 17
15. Virginia- PR- NR
16. Hawaii- PR- 15
17. South Carolina- PR- 7
18. Georgia- PR- NR
19. Texas- PR- NR
20. Michigan- PR- NR

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Erin said...

i was expecting to see an article on the thundering herd!! go bison!!!!!!

stephen a said...

Really, you guys were gonna write an article on Marshall?

Joey K. said...

What were you doing with a black and white T.V. anyway?

Stefan Ming said...

oops, i worded that wrong. i dont have a black and white tv. i meant it wouldnt have looked good on black and white tv.