Sunday, October 28, 2007

2007 NBA Predictions


1. Denver Nuggets
A very talented team is poised to make a run at an NBA Championship. This team is ready to compete with San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix. Carmelo Anthony is one of the best scorers and players for that matter, in the NBA. If Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin can stay healthy, I have a feeling they will be one of the best.

2. Utah Jazz
Deron Williams is looking to be a great PG in this league and is surrounded with some pretty good talent. As long as Carlos Boozer stays healthy they should be a contender. But they also need more consistent play from Andrei Kirilenko.

3. Portland Trail Blazers
Portland is a very young team and should be playing for next year. With Greg Oden out, LaMarcus Aldridge will have to pick up the slack in the middle. Jarrett Jack is still an iffy point guard. Brandon Roy is a solid player, but I think they are another year away from being a good team.

4. Seattle Supersonics
They lost Rashard Lewis, their main scoring threat. It will be interesting to see how Kevin Durant performs. I say give him a year to build some mass before he becomes a key player for the team; but hey I've been wrong before.

5. Minnesota T'Wolves
I think the Wolves benefited a lot with the Garnett trade. They got some great young talent to help the franchise out, but it may take two or three seasons to get the franchise back on the map.

1. Phoenix Suns
I feel this is the most talented team in the NBA. They will obviously be one of the best again. Steve Nash will put up amazing stats. Shawn Marion is Shawn Marion. Amare Stoudemire should be 100% after the off season. Boris Diaw was out of shape last season and wasn't impressive at all; he could be a key for them to make the Finals.

2. Golden St. Warriors
The Warriors are looking for even more after a solid playoff run last season. Baron Davis can hold his own now and is a great point guard. Monta Ellis turned a lot of heads last year. Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington were two other important parts in the playoff run as well. With balanced scoring and good defense, I expect this team to keep surprising people.

3. Los Angeles Lakers
As long as you have Kobe Bryant on your team you will always be a playoff contender. Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, and Derek Fisher will look to provide Kobe with help again. But the main component here is Andrew Bynum; Will he live up to what Kobe expects of him?

4. Los Angeles Clippers
The play of Corey Maggette and Cutino Mobley will be huge if they want to make the playoffs. I also think Al Thorton will start and be a great attribution to the team. It's just too bad this team doesn't have Elton Brand.

5. Sacramento Kings
This team is getting rather old and they probably should look to adding some younger talent soon.

1. San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs are my favorite to win the title again and continue the dynasty. Tony Parker is just a dazzling play maker and Tim Duncan is the best big man in the league still. They're a championship team because of their defense and most importantly they play as team, unlike most NBA teams.

2. Dallas Mavericks
Avery Johnson has done a great job on the defensive side with this team. They had a letdown losing to the Warriors in the playoffs. Dirk will finally try to lead this team to a championship.

3. Houston Rockets
It's too bad the Rockets play in the best division. They would probably win any other division in the league, except for probably the Pacific. Rafer Alston is a good point man and can make the plays when needed. Tracy McGrady is a stud. They have the ingredients to win a title with a good point man, and shutdown defender ( Shane Battier), a dominating big man (Yao Ming), and a long range shooter in Luther Head.

4. New Orleans Hornets
With the return of Chris Paul I am expecting them to make the playoffs. Tyson Chandler has improved and is great on the defensive side. David West is a force inside. Luis Scola will probably be rookie of the year. Peja Stojakovic will be a big part in how this team fares. Also, a good bench should improve their playoff chances.

5. Memphis Grizzlies
They weren't a good team at all last year. A healthy Pau Gasol will help. But they need more help then that.

Western Playoff Predictions
Suns over Hornets
Spurs over Warriors
Nuggets over Jazz
Rockets over Mavs

Suns over Rockets
Spurs over Nuggets

Spurs over Suns

NBA Finals
Spurs over Celtics
The Spurs are back to back for the first time ever because of 3 things; Defense, Coaching. and team play.

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Luis Scola plays for the Rockets, not the Hornets. Sorry dude!