Sunday, October 14, 2007

NFL Week 6 Quick Picks

Sorry for making you wait so long. I spent last night watching the #1 UND Fighting Sioux dominate the #3 Michigan State Spartans (defending national champs) 6-0 in some Division 1 college hockey at the Ralph. It was awesome. PS I was a respectable 9-5 last weekend.

Bears over Vikings.
Packers over Redskins
Bengals over Chiefs
Browns over Dolphins
Titans over Bucs
Eagles over Jets
Texans over Jags
Ravens over Rams
Panthers over Cardinals
Pats over Cowboys
Chargers over Raiders
Seahawks over Saints
Giants over Falcons

I have a lot of catch-up work to do on my school work so those are just quickpicks. If you want to find out where my rhyme and reason comes from on any of these just drop a comment.

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