Monday, October 8, 2007

Questionable Coaching

As I look back on Florida's last two losses, I am starting to question part of Urban Meyer's coaching. I am astounded at his time management after losing two weeks ago to Auburn and LSU on Saturday.

Against Auburn, Florida had one timeout left as the Tigers had the ball around the Gators 35, with around 50 seconds left; Urban Meyer let the clock run all the way down to 3 seconds instead of taking the timeout and having Auburn kick the field goal with about 30 seconds left. I mean, if Auburn makes the field goal, why not give your team a chance to go down and either tie it or win it with about 25 seconds left? Better to have your own teams fate lying in your own hands, instead of the other teams.

Again, Saturday night Urban Meyer did just about the same thing vs. LSU. After a running play on 2nd down, LSU had the ball with about 1:40 left to play, Meyer let the clock run all the way down to about 1:10 instead of taking the timeout right after the play. LSU punched in the eventual winning touchdown with about 35-45 seconds left. Urban and the Gators easily could have had 30 more seconds of time to win the game at LSU.

Urban Meyer is obviously a great coach and in my opinion, the 2nd best College Football Coach in the country. But his time management may have caused his teams chance at repeating as national champions. Florida is a young team this year, talented, but still young. Urban, you're recent coaching didn't help them one bit, and this young team, particularly the defense, needs all the breaks it can get.

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