Monday, October 1, 2007

TSF College Football Power Poll

Big changes in this weeks power poll with some major upsets this past weekend.

1. USC- PR- 1
USC fell to 2nd in the A.P. Poll, but TSF still believes they are the number one team. Yes, they didn't look like their normal selves against Washington, but LSU struggled for much of the game against TULANE, they are no WASHINGTON.

2. LSU- PR- 2
LSU's Offense looked horrid at times vs. Tulane on Saturday, good thing they have a stellar defense. SEC game of the year coming up this weekend vs. Florida. Too bad the Gators lost, then we possibly could have had a 1-2 or 1-3 game. Florida needs to pick up where their defense left off vs. Tennessee if they want any piece of LSU.

3. California- PR- 6
California beat a good Oregon team and luckily Oregon fumbled it at the 1 foot line to lose. Their offense has been super and De'Sean Jackson put himself back in the Heisman race with his big-time performance.

4. Wisconsin- PR- 8
I will give Wisconsin the benefit of the doubt even though they have struggled all year. But hey they're still winning and that's all that matters right?

5. Ohio St.- PR- 9
OSU has been the most impressive team in the Big 10 so far and it looks like they are probably the favorite to win it. Big game this weekend at Purdue, I anticipate this one to be like the match up of '02.

6. South Florida- PR- 19
USF jumps up 13 spots because of their biggest win in their programs history over West Virginia. The Bulls are the favorite right now to win the Big East, but then again they still have games against Rutgers, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Pittsburgh.

7. Kentucky- PR- 14
Kentucky looks like the 2nd best team in the SEC right now. These next 3 weeks will be very interesting as they take on South Carolina, LSU, and Florida in that stretch.

8. Boston College- PR- 11
BC is the ACC favorite right now. Matt Ryan has put up some amazing numbers with 1545 passing yards and 11 TD. They can take it easy for now with games against Bowling Green and Notre Dame before they head to Blacksburg on October 25.

9. Florida- PR- 3
I haven't seen Florida play that bad in a long time. I guess it was just some growing pains with a young team taking on an experienced team. The defense and partially the offense need to pick it up drastically if they want to top LSU. Tim Tebow, Tony Joiner, Derrick Harvey, Andre Caldwell and Percy Harvin didn't show any leadership on Saturday when their team struggled; that's something they'll need to fix when they visit Baton Rouge on Saturday night.

10. Oklahoma- PR- 4
I cannot believe how OU let Colorado back into the game like that. The annual Red River Shootout should be a dandy once again this Saturday.

11. West Virginia- PR- 5
WVA lost to a good USF team so I am not dropping them back too far. They can still rebound and win the Big East if USF was to lose some games. I really thought WVA would have finished undefeated but their defense has been pretty inconsistent.

12. Oregon- PR- 12
I'm not gonna penalize Oregon much either, actually not at all. They were about a foot away from sending the Cal game into O.T. and they're still a very good team.

13. South Carolina- PR- 15
South Carolina struggled against Mississippi St., they have a big game this weekend vs. Kentucky with the winner inching a little closer to the top of the SEC East.

14. Georgia- PR- 16
Georgia rolled Mississippi last week and looks like they are making a statement after losing to South Carolina. What a surprise, another good and big SEC game this weekend as Georgia clashes with rival Tennessee.

15. Virginia Tech- PR- 17
Virginia Tech is still not the team most of us expected. They only beat UNC by 7 and they have to play at Clemson this Saturday, which is one of the toughest places to play at in the ACC.

16. Hawaii- PR- 18
17. Missouri- PR- 20
18. Arizona St.- PR- NR
19. Texas- PR- 7
20. Cincinnati- PR- NR

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