Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TSF College Football Power Poll

1. LSU- PR- 2
LSU had an impressive comeback win over Florida Saturday night. They are the clear number one right now, but looks like the Tigers will have another down to the wire match up at Kentucky this week.

2. California- PR- 3
Cal had a week off but they move up to the 2 spot with USC losing. Cal looks like the favorite right now in the Pac 10. If they can continue to put up points like they've been doing they should win out. I can't wait for their match up with USC on Nov. 10.

3. Ohio St.- PR- 5
With the way OSU has been playing they're definitely one of the top teams in the country. An impressive win over Purdue boosts them even more. Easy game vs. Kent St. before they play Michigan St.

4. South Florida- PR- 6
The Bulls keep creeping up with upset after upset. Although, they didn't play their best vs. Florida Atlantic, they should be ranked at 4 with their win over Auburn and WVA. They should take down UCF this week, then it's time for another big game at Rutgers in two weeks.

5. Boston College- PR- 8
BC has had some fairly easy games lately and Matt Ryan has shown he is one the best QBs in the nation. Although, they do play Notre Dame this week, who happened to beat UCLA, I am expecting BC to win.

6. Oklahoma- PR- 10
After the horrific lost to Colorado, OU is lucky they're this high. The win over Texas was a good win and they may have another chance at the national title if they win out.

7. South Carolina- PR- 13
South Carolina moves ahead of WVA because of their win over Kentucky. SC is a legit SEC Title contender and if they win out, should play in the BCS National Title Game. Well. that is of course if they beat LSU in the SEC Championship.

8. West Virginia- PR- 11
WVA took out their frustration from their loss on Syracuse last week, dismantling them 55-14.

9. Oregon- PR- 12
I believe Oregon is still one of the best teams in the country. They were about a foot away from sending the Cal game into O.T. Dennis Dixon has been resilient with 1238 yards passing and 12 TD.

10. USC- PR- 1
USC was stunned by Stanford late Saturday night, after Stanford's Coach, Jim Harbaugh, proclaimed back in July that this years USC team may be the best team ever.

11. Missouri- PR- 17
I think it's only appropriate that Mizzou is this high because of their undefeated ranking. I think they are the real deal and should win the Big 12 North. Should be a good game against OU this week, which may as well be a preview of the Big 12 Championship.

12. Virginia Tech- PR- 15
V-Tech finally got their act together with a big win over Clemson last week. Maybe this will be the start of the Hokie team we were expecting from the beginning of the season.

13. Florida- PR- 9
Florida gave away the game to LSU, they could have paved their way back to defending their national title. Now it looks like they won't. This wasn't really suppose to be Florida's year, they're a very young team and should only continue to get better though.

14. Cincinnati- PR- 20
Cinci moves up after a win over Rutgers. I think Cinci is the real deal and their offense is pretty explosive, which means there's no reason they can't win the Big East. A win over Louisville would propel them even more.

15. Hawaii- PR- 16
Hawaii's Offense can score at will but can their defense get them to a BCS Game? I think they deserve the 15 spot and should continue to climb as long as they win.

16. Arizona St.- PR- 18
17. Kentucky- PR- 7
18. Illinois- PR- NR
19. Wisconsin- PR- 4
20. Kansas- PR- NR

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twins15 said...

As I mentioned in my post and elsewhere, I don't really understand the BC love. Yes, they're undefeated, but their last 3 games have been UMass, Army, and Bowling Green at home. I don't give them that large of a boost for winning those games, even if some others lost.