Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2007 NLCS and ALCS Predictions

Colorado Rockies over Arizona Diamondbacks in 6 games

While the Dbacks have the pitching edge, the Rockies have the momentum, chemistry, feel-good story, and offense in their favor. They feel a lot to me like 2003 Marlins. They got hot at the right time and they're riding it right now. Depending on what kind of starts the Rockies get out of their pitching I feel like they could potentially end it sooner than 6 games but I feel like 6 is a safe pick. With my Brewers no longer playing all I can say is GO ROCKIES!

Boston Redsox over Cleveland Indians in 7 games
The Redsox have the advantage (in my opinion) in starting pitching, bullpen, offense, and fielding. However, the margin's aren't huge and the Indians are playing very good baseball. I just don't see Cleveland being able to win the series when Boston gets Beckett going twice. The Indians should be able to win some games at home and keep this thing down to the wire for an exciting ALCS. I would absolutely love to see a Rockies vs. Indians World series, however I'm not feeling that bold right now.


Bryan said...

Beckett goes twice, but so does Sabathia, who in my opinion is the Cy Young.

Neil Joshi said...

Beckett has already proven he is more solid in the postseason than Sabathia. CC may have been better in the regular season, but there's no I would rather have in the playoffs than Beckett.