Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stefan's Sports Take: 9/9

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College Football:
We've had a fairly interesting College Football season thus far. With some upsets and very good games, it just makes me even more eager for Saturday. East Carolina has been the biggest surprise so far with their upsets over Virginia Tech and West Virginia. The Pirates still have two more BCS conference games playing at NC St. and Virginia. It may be a little early but we could possibly have a BCS Bowl crasher upon us.

Everybody is looking forward to the OSU/USC (Sat. 7 pm ABC) games this weekend. I was going to pick OSU until their game against Ohio, where they trailed heading into the fourth quarter. The defense wasn't too bad, they did give up some big plays, which concerns me for USC. But the offense was not very good at all, maybe the offense's poor showing reflected upon the absence of Beanie Wells, but still it was Ohio they were playing.

Truth be told, I am still expecting a hell of a good game on primetime Saturday night. USC should give OSU fits, but now that Wells is expected to be back for the Bucks, that helps quite a bit. I am expecting a close USC win.

I must comment a little on the BYU-Washington ending on Saturday. Jake Locker scored with 5 seconds remaining to get his Huskies within a PAT. Locker threw the ball up in celebration but was flagged for excessive celebration. This is a 15 yard penalty and caused Wash. to kick a 35 yard extra point. Well, the PAT was blocked and BYU snuck away with a 28-27 win.

Let me say, there is no way you can tell me Locker was trying to show up BYU. Who wouldn't throw the ball up after scoring with 5 tics left? This was a terrible call and the refs lost it for the Huskies. There is no way that was a penalty and now way he was trying to draw attention to himself. Plus, the refs should never, under most circumstances, determine the outcome of a game.

As we all know, Tom Brady will undergo season ending knee surgery. Maybe it was a matter of time because Brady was on the Pats injury report every game last season. They may have all been minor injuries, but there was always something with him and now I think it finally caught up to him; but that's football.

With Brady out, look for the Steelers, Colts, Jags, and Chargers to be the ones vying for the top of the AFC. I know what you're thinking... never say never. Brady could be back to lead the Pats in the playoffs, but I'm going to play the odds. The Jets will probably win the AFC East now or even the Bills, but look for the CHARGERS to be the top team in the NFL this season.

The MLB playoff race is always a marathon coming down the final stretch. It's September and we all know September and October are for baseball (sorry football). The NL East is still up for grabs and it's anybodies game. I think the Phillies will get it done and take the east. The White Sox seem to be pulling away from Minnesota as the Twinkies' bullpen starts to struggle. Look for the White Sox, Devil Rays, Angels, Phillies, Cubs, and Dodgers to win their divisions respectively.

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