Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zambrano's No-Hitter deserves an asterisk

Did anybody see anything wrong Sunday night between the Astros-Cubs game? Did anybody see anything wrong with nearly a packed crowd of blue and white everywhere at a Houston Astros home game in Milwaukee?

I did.

Sure... you have to give Carlos Zambrano some credit for throwing that no-hitter. He obviously threw a hell of a game, but what if the game had been played in Houston? Or even Dallas? Would he still had thrown that no-no? Highly doubt it. What if there wouldn't have been clads of blue and white everywhere? What if Hurricane Ike never even happened? We can only speculate.

The no-hitter deserves an asterisk. It's not fair for the Houston Astros to have a home game one hour away from Chicago in Milwaukee.

I watched the end of the game on Sunday night to see if Zambrano could pull off the no-no. It just didn't look right seeing the sea of blue and white everywhere as the Astros looked dismayed.

Not only were the Cubs coming off two straight wins, after losing eight of nine, but the Astros meanwhile, had won 14 of 15.

The Stros were put in a difficult situation with the hurricane and all. They had families and homes to worry about, then they had the pleasure of playing a "home" game in Milwaukee.

Both teams and the MLB were put in a tough situation. In all, Carlos Zambrano should have an asterisk for this no-hitter, it just seems fair.

I am sure some of you will say: "Give Zambrano his due", "He totally earned this". There's no doubt it was a valiant effort and performance on his part; but I guess Mr. Zambrano can thank mother nature for this one.

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Ed The Sports Fan said...

Zambrano pitched a whale of a game but the Houston schedule is bullsh*t, I'd want to be traded if I were a player. Nice article.