Sunday, August 31, 2008

Opening Day Thoughts

The first Saturday of College Football has come upon us, here's some thoughts on the day that was...

LSU too domintant
LSU showed the difference between Top 10 FBS and Top 10 FCS teams. App St. could be a middle tier FBS team, but LSU's speed and dominance up front was just too much for the Mountaineers. In the trenches is where it all starts, LSU's D-Line was dominant and too demanding; and their offensive line was all over App St.'s D-Line. LSU's speed was also a big factor, ASU just couldn't keep up. Speed kills...

Fast Florida
Florida is arguably the fastest team in the nation. They stomped all over the Rainbow Warriors 56-10. Their speed truly showed. Brandon James returned a punt for a TD. Major Wright intercepted one to the house, along with Ahmad Black, Chris Rainey had a 33 yard TD run... it was all the speedsters. And Percy Harvin didn't even play! Florida's speed will be evident even more this season.

Pitt is overrated
Why did I give into the hype? I picked Pitt to finish 3rd in the Big East. They got whacked around pretty good by Bowling Green 27-17. BG is a decent team but still, Pitt's defense was supposed to be pretty good this season and they looked horrible and tired.

Not impressed with Clem
Clemson was less than stellar Saturday night. Alabama stomped all over them. Just as I assumed, Clemson's line struggled. They were horrible last season, not protecting Harper, and they had to replace 4 starters. Alabama's defense held Clemson to zero rushing yards. When you have a RB tandem of CJ Spiller and James Davis, you know it's not the RB that are doing bad...

My Top 5:
After watching some of the top teams today, here is my current top 5.

1. Ohio St.-The offense was right on target, just dominant. Chris Wells may be injured but he should be back for USC. The OSU defense just dismantled Youngstown.

2. USC- I questioned their offense with a new QB and lack of starters and experience back; I was proven wrong. Mark Sanchez looked calm and cool in an easy victory over Virginia. USC's defense was just too demanding for a well-coached Cavs team. The USC defense looks like an NFL defense out there.

3. Florida- The Gators speed is just phenomenal. Tebow looked good, but not great. The offense got going from the get-go and the defense looked poised. The special teams truly were "special". That unit will help them go a long way this season.

4. Georgia- Wasn't overly impressed with the Dawgs. They did give up 21 points to Georgia Southern. The Dawgs did play well but they weren't dominant like they should have been.

5. Oklahoma- Just killed Chattanooga. Defense, offense was stellar.

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