Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fantasy Football Rankings: Wide Receivers

1. Randy Moss
With the display Moss put on last season it's hard not to have him in the number one slot. We all know Moss is a tremendous player with skill and talent and as long as he has a good QB he will put up great numbers. Moss should be the first WR pick of every draft.

2. Reggie Wayne
Wayne is somewhat young. He had his best season yet in 2007. With Peyton Manning throwing to him and the Colts' high-powered offense look for Wayne to put great stats again.

3. Terrell Owens
You know Owens is going to get thrown to quite often. He'll have his games where he catches everything and just puts up a boatload of numbers. As long as Tony Romo is himself Owens should be above most.

4. Braylon Edwards
Edwards had a breakout year last season. The Browns are on the rise and with Kellen Winslow a big target and Dontae Stallworth in town, teams won't be keying too much on just him. He may not put up 16 TD again but he is still a top 5 WR.

5. Larry Fitzgerald
Fitz is a two time pro bowler and had another impressive season even after a couple of games with struggling QB Matt Leinart. The Cards have a very explosive offense with many weapons, as long as their QB is producing you know Fitzgerald will too.

6. Andre Johnson
Johnson had an impressive start last year until he suffered a knee injury. The Texans were 2-5 without him and 6-3 with him. Expect Johnson to be a top fantasy WR as long as he stays healthy.

7. Marques Colston
Colston may not have done as well last year than he did in 2006, but you know what they say about 3rd year receivers right? If I were you I would listen to the trend as the 3rd year is a break out year for most WRs. Expect Colston, Drew Brees and the Saints to have a huge year.

8. TJ Houshmandzadeh
TJ "Whosyomomma" was the main target of Carson Palmer after a down year for Chad Johnson. He is coming off his best year yet in which he caught 112 passes for 1143 yards and twelve touchdowns.

9. Anquan Boldin
Another Cards WR who could have either an outstanding season or just an okay one depending on the QB play. Boldin has tremendous talent and you know he will thrive in an offense such as Arizona's.

10. Chad Johnson
Johnson may have struggled last season but we do know what he's capable of. I am expecting him to get back up to par and have another typical "Chad" season. Look for the Bengals to be improved even with all of the off and on field distractions.

11. Plaxico Burress

12. Roy Williams

13. Steve Smith

14. Santonio Holmes

15. Torry Holt


grittysquirrels said...

granted he's suspended 3 games (then again so is Steve Smith) I would like Brandon Marshall over Santonio Homes as a top 15 WR in the NFL.

Stefan Ming said...

Disagree, Holmes is more explosive and he showed that in his sophomore campaign