Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fantasy Football Rankings: Running Backs

As TSF starts a new Fantasy Football edition to it's blog, here's our rankings on running backs. Our first projections were on the quarterbacks.

1. LaDainian Tomlinson
LT led the league in rushing yards once again. He should be an even bigger part of the offense as Norv Turner has indicated. He's a threat everywhere, he'll run all over you and catch on you too. LT should be the top pick in every league, he'll rack up the points.

2. Adrian Peterson
After a phenomenal rookie season expect even better numbers from AP. He has a great blocking line in front of him and as the season goes along he will get more and more carries as Chester Taylor's dwindles. He might be the best "runner" of all the running backs out there and he'll be the focal point of a team with a mediocre QB.

3. Brian Westbrook
Westbrook is probably the most complete back out there. He rushed for 1333 yards and 7 TD and caught 90 passes for 771 yards with 5 TD. He's the most consistent back as well as he rushed for over 100 yards 6 times last season.

4. Joseph Addai
Addai comes into the 2008 season as the clear number one back in Indianapolis. With a high-powered offense of the Colts, he will rack up the yards and TDs.

5. Steven Jackson
Jackson had a bit of a down year last season after a torn groin and injured back sidelined him for 4 games. His numbers should improve quite a bit as the Rams offensive line is healthy. As long as he stays healthy himself he should stay atop the fantasy charts.

6. Clinton Portis
The Redskins are an up-start team right now and I expect them to be improved again. Portis is the clear-cut RB in the Skins' offense and he'll get the goal line touches as well. He'll continue to be one of the highest in attempts and touches as Washington looks to boost it's running game even more.

7. Frank Gore
With Mike Martz in for the Niners, look for Gore's numbers to rise. As long as the offense can generate Gore should put up some fantastic numbers.

8. Marion Barber
With Julius Jones out Barber is now the main man in Dallas. Barber is so consistent and he'll get you those extra yards with his strength. Expect Barber's touches to go up even more, which should mean even more scores.

9. Marshawn Lynch
Lynch was a surprise out of Buffalo last season. I took a chance at him and it helped me quite a bit. He's Buffalo's every down back now and with Trent Edwards as the QB expect more of a focus on Lynch.

10. Willis McGahee
Even though he struggled in the beginning of last season he still ended as a top 10 back. Last season he made his first career pro bowl and he caught a career high 43 passes. With his consistency the last 7 games of 2007, Willis looks very promising for this season.

11. Larry Johnson

12. Ryan Grant

13. Jamal Lewis

14. Maurice Jones-Drew

15. Brandon Jacobs


Pun said...

How come no one mentions Thomas Jones? Jets spent a lot of money on there line and have a real chance at turning things around. Good list regardless.

Ed The Sports Fan said...

I think Larry Johnson at #11 is very low. I know he's an injury risk, but he's been a top 4 back when healthy.

What about Willie Parker? I know that Rashard Mendenhall is there now too but, Willie's been a top 8 back in 2005-06.

I think that with a couple of the backs you selected, they are in timeshares, so that makes me weary. Otherwise, this is a great list.

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Stefan Ming said...

Parker has some wear and tear on him. He's had so many carries that the past couple seasons I think it will come back and bite him IMO.

Plus, he just doesn't get into the endzone, he may rack up a ton of yards but that's because he gets just about twice the amount of carries as the avg. back out there.