Friday, August 8, 2008

Pennington Best in Purple

Well upon being waived after the Jets picked up Favre Chad Pennington is now the most coveted veteran QB on the market. Unlike Favre, he was released and can go really anywhere he wants. Where should he go? Well he's going to have a lot of options. Here's my answer.

Chad Pennington should go to the Minnesota Vikings. I think it's the perfect place for him. Pennington simply isn't an outdoor QB. He is a very smart QB who can sit back and pick you apart with little 15 yd. outs. Well Brad Childress doesn't like any passing plays beyond 15 yards anyways so why not!?

But seriously, Pennington is great in domes (12-1 career I do believe) so why don't the Vikes bring him in? You don't have to start him right away either. Even just so that you have him to put a little pressure on Tarvaris. Then when Tarvaris Jackson doesn't elevate his play and totally sucks anyways you have a veteran guy who can take you into the playoffs.

With Pennington at the Helm to manage the game and hand off the ball to AP I think the Vikings can go deep into the playoffs. Pennington in Purple just makes the most sense for both Chad and the Vikings. As a Packers fan, I hope it doesn't happen though!

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