Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick Thoughts and Headlines

Super fast, lightning strike thoughts and opinions...

Winner Winner, Turkey Dinner
The USA made a mockery of Turkey in an Olympic exhibition game Thursday. Lebron was impressive with 20 points as was Kobe Bryant. This team was just so impressive on the offensive end. They truly showed they were the superior team out manning the Turks with their physicalness and strength inside. But one question in this game was their defense. They gave up way too many points to a mediocre team. But I think they'll be fine and adjust.

Manny is a disgrace to Outfielders everywhere
Speaking as an outfielder myself, Manny is an embarrassment. With his antics in the outfield, like cutting Coco Crisps throw to cut-off man Julio Lugo. Making an unnecessary dive at a ball in LF then diving at it again like a dumb ass and rolling over on it. I swear he just did it for craps and giggles. I really hope he actually tries in Los Angeles instead of embarrassing himself and his teammates.

Time for real NFL News
I am sick of the Brett Favre debacle lately. Can we start to focus on the real sports news? Can we get some reports from team training camps? Player injuries and other reports? I am starting to think Favre is just doing this just for attention and glamour, which is really tough for me to revert to this.

Say what you mean and mean what you say
Is it me lately, or is everybody that says some kind of comment just ending up apologizing for it later? Really, what is the point of making a comment, whether it's controversial, outlandish, or not, if you're going to apologize later? For example, Carson Palmer trash talking Buckeye Nation on the September match up of OSU vs. USC. Seriously, what is the point of making these comments if you're just going to apologize for it? Who cares if you offend anyone... in most cases you have a right to say what you say. Nobody has a guaranteed right to be offended. Why should you care about what others think about you? If you come out and say something, stick with it. (Note: There are exceptions. For example, Don Imus).


Jess said...

If I hear another word about the Brett Farve crap I am going to scream. Seriously. And the Manny drama is starting to get to me too. I'm hoping that will stop now that he's in LA.

thecollegehockeyblog said...

Ming I gotta be honest..your "speaking as an outfielder myself" line was awesome. Funniest thing I've read on here, seriously.

Jess, call me! haha jokes jokes.

Stefan Ming said...

lol, i can't lie though, I'm not a bad softball outfielder though.