Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Update 8/13

Michael Phelps is a Freak
Michael Phelps cannot be human. Phelps won his 5th gold so far and it is looking like he will indeed break Mark Spitz's record of 7. I truly think he will go 8 for 8 but his biggest challenge could be the 4x100 free relay. The relay is obviously only 25% in Phelps's hands. Phelps isn't as dominant in a 100 free style. A lot of pressure will not only be on Phelps, but his 3 other teammates as well.

Greece awaits the 'Redeem Team'
Remember '06? I am sure most of us do. Greece will give Team USA their biggest test yet. If the US plays like they did against Angola they could easily get knocked off like they did back in 2006 vs. the Greeks. They need Kobe to step up his shooting and their overall outside shooting. The defense is there but they also need to utilize the inside more where Dwight Howard can dominate and give the defense some different looks.

USA Soccer eliminated
The US Soccer team was ousted after losing 2-1 to Nigeria. They played a man down from the 3rd minute on after Michael Orozco was ejected. They did not have had their best team but I was really expecting a better result and effort from the American footballers. I guess I can only hope for a better result in their next big event, the 2010 World Cup.

Spain's Photo
The Spain's Mens BBall team shot a photo with them all using their hands to squint their eyes. Even though they said they didn't mean to offend anyone, I don't get why they did it in the first place? If the Olympics weren't being held in China would they have done it? I doubt it. So I don't really get what the point of the photo was and why would they do it anyways? There has to be something they're not telling us and this happened a day after a heated battle with the Chinese BBall team. Yao Ming and Pau Gasol were going at it all night.

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