Monday, August 4, 2008

More Favre Talk

I have to work a double shift today and I'm back on at 4 but as I flip on the TV for my hour of relaxation all I hear is more Favre talk. So, I'm going to join in just a little more.

Everyone continues to use the term "Open Competition". That is unnecessary. If you're like me you don't like bullshit and you can smell political correctness from a mile away. I said it then, and i'll say it now. Thompson, Murphy, and McCarthey are playing this very politically correct. Of course they have to fold in and let them "openly compete". They can't afford to just throw Aaron Rodgers under the bus and say, "Oh, Favre wants to come back. Well, we said Rodgers was out guy but now that this is really happening let's just give Favre his job back." They can't afford to piss off the future of the franchise.

This whole thing is a mess, and I truly must tip my hat to Aaron Rodgers for handling this whole situation like a true professional. He might understand what nobody else does. Football is a business. It's all about winning and winning now. Especially in a town like Green bay where the fans actually own the team you can't afford to go with Rodgers in a "win in the future" kind-of mindset. You absolutly have to go with the guy who helps you win now.

This without a doubt is Brett Favre. If you had any doubts Favre could beat out Rodgers I hope you saw Rodgers go 7-20 with an INT and 9 straight incompletions at one point in a scrimmage last night. The sooner that Ted Thompson, Brett Favre, and Mike McCarthy all get over themselves the sooner that this gets solved, and when it does number 4 will be lacing up the cleats September 8th once again.

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