Sunday, July 27, 2008

Forget it Vikings Fans

Please just stop Vikes fans. Brett Favre is not coming to your team. The Packers won't let him and even if he did, you guys wouldn't win the Super Bowl anyways.

He's not going to any NFC North team, period. The Packers will not do that to themselves. And there is no way he will grant a release from a team to get traded. Why would any team acquire him to release him? Come on people, let's use our heads.

Please Vikings fans, stop with the wishful thinking. Brett Favre is not going to be a Viking, so you can stop obsessing with it now. I am getting sick of it. Since I live in the heart of Viking nation it really gets annoying and old.

It's the same old rhetoric: "This is the Vikings year!" That's what you say every year. "The Vikings are winning the Super Bowl this year." When the Pope becomes Lutheran they will. "Brett Favre will be a Viking and we will win the Super Bowl." It just gets tiring.

It is most likely he will end up a Packer if he plays, mainly because of salary cap issues and the roster turnover that would be required by most teams to fit him under the cap.

If he end ups up anywhere else, three teams make the most sense right now: Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Carolina. You could argue the Jets, but I think they will stick with either Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens.

Favre would be a great fit for the Bucs. They won the NFC South last season. They're loaded with talent and a good defense. They're already contenders. Favre knows Gruden well and he would just about put the Bucs over the top and make them a legit Super Bowl contender.

Kyle Boller just hasn't gotten it done for the Ravens lately and recent draftee Joe Flacco will need a few years to be a backup before he becomes a legit starter. Nothing better than getting Flacco ready and prepared behind one of the greats. Plus, the Ravens still have a good defense with Ray Lewis and one of the best secondaries in the league.

The Panthers need to win now. Jake Delhomme has suffered through many problems of his own and injuries. After underachieving over the years, the Panthers are desperate to win now. Plus, Favre would have targets Steve Smith, DJ Hackett, and Muhsin Muhammad to throw to.

So in the end, Favre will not end up on a NFL North squad, especially the Vikings. The Minnesota fans need to get over their own egos and realize "the answer" has still yet to come.

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Anonymous said...

Vikes don't want Favre. It's a lose-lose. with him, we win the superbowl, packers fans say it was their golden boy that was the only reason. we don't win superbowl. they say "you couldn't even win it with favre, and we could (1 out of 17 years)