Monday, July 21, 2008

Redskins Get Jason Taylor

Their first 7 on 7 drill on the first day of practice, and the Washington Redskins watched their 12 year vet and starting DE Phillip Daniels go down in pain. Daniels tore his ACL, which will shelf him for the season. Not the start to training camp which the new Skins coaching staff wanted to see. But it did not take long for Dan Snyder to respond, making a big move for a big time player, Jason Taylor. They got Taylor in exchange for a 2nd round and 6th round pick and it all happened in a little under 9 hours. Taylor's future with the Dolphins was somewhat bleak due to the strained relationship he had with Bill Parcells so the fit was about perfect.

Jason Taylor is still one of the best defensive players in the game, and it was just the year before last in which he was the defensive player of the year. Taylor gives the Skins a major passing rushing threat and a lot of people forget that he is also a great run stopper, which will be very important to their defensive success...just ask the New York Giants what a good pass rush can do, or better yet, ask the Patriots!

Daniels injury certainly was the final cause in making this deal, but it was not the only reason. Daniels is definitely a solid pass rusher and but not a good run stopper at the end position. Washington had been in discussion with Miami prior to this, knowing that they needed help at DE and that the Dolphins were willing to part ways with their long time defensive star.

The Redskins get a future Hall-of-Famer who will immediately boost their Defensive line and defense as a whole. Taylor claims to only have "one year left", but he is on contract for two more years and the Redskins GM said on ESPN radio tonight that he is confident that the Redskins will get "at least two years out of Taylor".

I love this deal for both sides here really. Obviously I think the Redskins were winners here more so than the Dolphins but it really just seems like Taylor needed out of Miami and this was a great opportunity for both teams. Plus, now Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, former teammates and brothers-in-law, are now forced to hate each other as they are Redskins and Cowboys respectively!
For once I think Daniel Snyder got this one right! I think Taylor was a great veteran pickup! Believe me Taylor will not be a Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, and Dana Stubblefield. I think Snyder's starting to figure this whole football thing out!

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