Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks

1. Tom Brady
Who would have said otherwise? Brady was amazing last season throwing for 4806 yards and 50 TDs. I highly doubt he will repeat those numbers or anything remotely close to them but Brady should still be the number one QB. He should put up some freakish numbers again though.

2. Peyton Manning
If you need a QB you can trust it's Manning. He is no risk for injury at all and you know what you're going to get from him. He's going to continue to rack up the yards and TDs as long as he can walk and throw a football.

3. Drew Brees
I really like Brees. He should continue to put up some great numbers with the offense that he's in. I think he'll have an even better season than last year. Now that Jeremy Shockey is in a Saints uniform expect defenses to focus less on Marques Colston and cover more of the middle of the field.

4. Tony Romo
Romo will put up similar numbers again since he has Terrell Owens to throw to. But the Cowboys have such a balanced offense that helps out quite a bit.

5. Carson Palmer
Bearing no injury Palmer should have a somewhat similar season to last year, possibly even better. I think the Bengals will be a tad bit improved, even with all of the off-field problems. With all of the targets there's no reason not for Palmer to improve his stats.

6. Ben Roethlisberger
The Steelers struggled during the early part of 2007 but as the season wore on they looked better and better. Look for the Steelers to continue that momentum in this season. I think Big Ben can start off hot right away, which is also why I am a big fan of WR Santonio Holmes as well.

7. Derek Anderson
Anderson must show that last season was no fluke. I think he will continue his tremendous play. The Browns have a good chance to make the playoffs this season. And with the addition of Dontae Stallworth to go with Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, I don't see why not.

8. Donovan McNabb
If McNabb can stay healthy you know he will put up some good numbers. You know he's capable of putting up some godly stats but he can be too inconsistent as times as well. The Eagles still don't have a big-time WR but they do have quite a few capable ones.

9. Matt Hasselback
Hasselback has always put up some consistent and fairly good numbers. He has a decent WR crew and he always racks up the points at home.

10. Jay Cutler
Cutler should be improved with another year under his belt. He has some good targets to throw to in Brandon Marshall, Darrell Jackson, and TE Tony Scheffler. Expect the Broncos to pass a little more this season.

11. David Garrard
I am a big fan of Garrard. He throws the ball with such consistency and he can run as well. He will get you some rushing TDs of his own here and there and you know he will convert when it counts in the red zone.

12. Marc Bulger
If there's one QB who's high risk/high reward it's Bulger. He could break out and have an amazing season at any time or he could be a bust and get injured like last season. Anyways, I still like Bulger, he's has some deep threats and you know Steven Jackson will take some pressure off him.

13. Eli Manning
I don't know what to expect from Eli after he won the Super Bowl. Who know's how he'll perform. But I think he's a safe bet if you desperately need a QB in the mid to late rounds of your draft. I think the offense will be improved a bit, Plaxico Burress should be solid again and Sinorice Moss will be much improved.

14. Matt Schaub
Schaub has one heck of an arm. He has a great number one target in Andre Johnson. If the Texans can find any sort of run game, the sky's the limit for Schaub and Johnson.

15. Philip Rivers
Rivers should be good again, but not great. All of his numbers were down last season. But he is just putting a lot of pressure on himself and his team with his arrogant ego. But he still has some quality targets in Chris Chambers, Antonio Gates, and Vincent Jackson.

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