Friday, July 18, 2008

Francisco Liriano Needs To Be Called Up

What the HELL are the Twins waiting for? Good Lord! The Twins should consider themselves lucky to be where they are right now. They're starting rotation is not overly talented in the least and Liriano is exactly what they need! While other teams can go out and get a C.C. Sabathia or a Rich Harden for a big boost to their rotation, all the Twinkies have to do is CALL HIM UP!

On July 1, assistant GM Rob Antony said:

“We’re looking more for the seven, eight innings where he doesn’t walk many and he’s a little bit more in control of things. When you string three or four of those together, then you’re on a pretty good roll We told him it’s a two-part thing. He needs to dominate, to pitch better, and then there also has to be a spot, and as long as all these guys are pitching well, we’re not just going to create a spot unfairly to someone else.”

That was very obviously an excuse to keep Liriano at AAA. Since June 20, Liriano hasn’t given up a run, and has struck out 24 and walked 3, in 20 innings. Apparently, that’s just about what the Twins are looking for.

Oh yeah, there’s no room for Francisco Liriano in that rotation, since all our guys are pitching so well! Of course! I mean, it’s not like there’s a guy in the rotation who has the 44th best ERA in the league (out of 46), and has given up the most hits in baseball, and is in fact on pace to give up the most hits in a season since World War 2. If someone were performing that poorly, then perhaps he could be replaced by one of the best young pitchers in the game who happens to be embarassing hitters at AAA!

Maybe it’s just me, but it might be better to at least try to keep the guy happy. He is, after all, “The Franchise.” Call up Liriano. He’s dominating, and he very clearly has “a spot” in the rotation. There is no way that Livan Hernandez should be pitching over him in the rotation. If the Twins want to continue to keep it decently close in the 2nd half Liriano needs to be called up ASAP.

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